Wednesday, October 14, 2015

lynx final edition under review

hello there

apologies, look you see, for the lack of updates once again. sorry and that, just busy moving, unpacking, cleaning, sorting, driving the length of the country for no apparent reason as it turns out and that sort of thing. i do try to throw something together here when i can, such as now.

to that end, then, another look, or if you like sniff, of the world of lynx deodorants. for previous ones, and i seem to do one every two months or so, clicky if you like here, here, kind of here and here. or just read this one.

it should go without saying that if i am using a deodorant other than lynx excite it's because i've found a variant of lynx which was selling for a little or a lot less than it. this would indeed be the case with something called "lynx final edition 2012", or possibly "lynx 2012 final edition", it's difficult to tell from the way the text is presented on the can.

ah, now that i look again, no it is not difficult; lynx 2012 final edition it clearly is. even in the magic of Commodore 64 mode.

why is it branded as it is? i am going to go out on a limb here and suggest it's to do with all that bull$h!t about how the world was to end on 21 December 2012. this was, you may recall, on the basis of some sort of Mayan calendar "predicting" it. i would suggest that you check this next bit out on a relevant site, but from what i recall the Einsteins that worked out that the Mayans, whoever they are (i think Mel Gibson might have made them u for an historically accurate film), predicted our universal doom on that date "forgot" things like how the Romans and those crazy-ass mentalists the Gregorian Monks had messed with the calendar, and indeed overlooked them leap year things. when someone did it properly, the date which the Mayan calendar ran out was July 1997.

anyway, on to a review of this lynx 2012 final edition deodorant in respect of how it smells, how it performs and basically if it does that which lynx suggests it does in the adverts, which is to turn the wearer into a complete and utter fanny magnet. eventually. first, this.


yes i am indeed going full experimental with all of my body cleansing stuff. that's some fancy new body wash, and one of them ultimate blends shampoo things which does not feature lemon. yes, the selection of all of these was purely financial; they were on offer or if you like on special.

i am particularly excited about trying the japanese spa one, in truth. this is partially due to my growing relationship with the Japanese, but mostly because Spiros has recently joined an exclusive, private Geisha club. i am not 100% sure what a Geisha or related club is, but it sounds exciting. i think it involves Japanese tea, there was a book about a Geisha Girl and her Memoirs, the title of which escapes me, but when i read it i was a different person and i got bored and gave up on it after a few chapters.

so, getting somewhat slightly back on track, what's lynx 2012 final edition like? bland, pointless and ineffective, in truth.

i cannot give my usual description of the scent as i am unable to detect it. it's so unobtrusive, yet weirdly there, that it defies comparison. it's like it is the perfect tribute to the protagonist off of Suskind's novel Perfume; a novel turned into a superb, difficult to watch and not widely seen film and indeed a novel which inspired the song Scentless Apprentice off of Nirvana.

in this respect, i suppose, it can be said that the scent of this is not as offensive as some brands of lynx i have purchased on the cheap. that's a plus.

has wearing this made me any more attractive or alluring to the ladies and gents that i pass as i go about my day? not noticeably, no. i mean, it's difficult to tell. i am resigned to the fact that i am lumbered with being a universally craved, desired and sought after sexual magnet (i know, we all have at least one cross to bear so i don't go on about it), so it's quite tricky to tell if the ladies and gents who throw themselves at me are doing it as a consequence of my natural appeal or if it is because what sort of lynx i have on. to ask them would be to pretend that i am in some way interested in the reason, and that would be, like, totes dishonest of me.

would i suggest or recommend that you get some lynx 2012 final edition yourself? maybe. i mean, my main motivation for purchase was the price - £1.49 a tin is what i think i paid. that's a decent pricing for any lynx deodorant, in truth.

wellm there you go. nice one if this information has been of any use or interest.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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