Friday, October 02, 2015


hello there

well, if it's October, look you see, then i guess it's traditionally the time to make blood sacrifices, lest the gods be angered and punish us. to that end, then, i made something of a blood sacrifice to the gods of safe moving, as you can observe in this picture right here. well, when i say right here, i mean below.

well, ok, when i say i made a blood sacrifice then yeah, it's fair to say i lost an argument with the rigidity of a door frame when i was moving a box, but same thing, sort of. looks sore, i can assure you that yes, indeed it did smart quite a bit when it happened, and i may have - rather out of character - allowed some expletives into my description of my feelings about it when it occurred.

how has the move that caused my delay gone? well, if you are all that interested, the question should be more one of how is the move going, for it's still underway. that said, to answer your question, all about done, and it's gone rather well. the only casualty, bar my hand, has been a mug - one that was old and knacked anyway, and got shipped over from the Africa of the South.

the pine wood off of our bed, now that i think, looks like it might have warped some, or whatever it is a bit of wood does when it changes shape. however, it's been put together and seems to be holding. i shall be testing it just now, but in the mean time here are some elements of bed on a trailer.

i am really tired. i mean, exhausted. like totes. i am worn out and am aching all over. it has been a hell of a week, all things considered, with the physical elements of the move just being a minor part of it.

when i sleep i don't know anything about it until i wake up, and then all i can think is how it would be awesome to still asleep. i assume i dream, as everyone dreams when asleep whether they remember it or not. in those dreams i like to think i am dreaming of sausage and chips.

them there are the sausage and chips what i had for lunch on Wednesday. i was going to have them on Monday, when they are on special and 30p cheaper, but life didn't work out that way. they were really, really good when i have them, and i long to have them again.

just as good as sausage and chips is coffee. here is some coffee action for you, with an image taken mostly to show off our smart new kettle but partially also to give you a fragment of an idea of our new kitchen.

yeah, the Vimto mug is mine, whereas my (considerably) better half uses that there smart Dracula one. i don't, off the top of my head, remember with any accuracy what that coffee was like when i had it, but i would wager that it was one i enjoyed very much. 

this is indeed my most smart, beloved desk chair; the one i have not sat in for close to two years. i still have not, dear reader. it's unpacked and is up in the area which shall be my new working space. i just need to get up there and fix the desk up.

where am i writing this now? sat on the lounge floor, with the pc set up on the glass topped coffee table which arrived in perfect condition from the Africa of the South and survived in storage for however long. it's a temporary measure until i have everything sorted out.

i've done that thing again where i need to come up with some text to wrap around the picture i have aligned to the left. bear with me.

overall, then, it's going well in the new place. we were, are, and always shall be, exceptionally grateful for the first home we had on my return home and the coming home of the 75% of my family that you all actually like. but we had outlived it - the place was far too small for us, and we lived a life of bumping into to each other. not the case at all here where we are now, although we have some serious, top level unpacking to do.

for now, though, i am off to bed. actually, maybe i shall cleanse myself a bit first, as i can assure you that i absolutely stink.

a big thanks to all who have helped us out with the move thus far; the end is near!

more as and when i have the energy!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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