Sunday, February 27, 2005

oh, go on then........................ is the site to visit if you wish to see Paris Hilton's address book and the notes she has made. I would imagine all addresses and numbers have been changed by now, and it is not like she knows anyone class like Robert Downey jnr.

the notes are a revelation. if you can translate her idiotic approach to the English langauge, you can find some humorous comments like :

Chantal baechler alexander on list1347 922 1456 naomi Do you wanna leave soon, ill pretend I hsve 2 go pee and u wait 3 mins than come by yourself to the back entrance407 466 4687 trace 901 876 5007

and even things like this gem :

To create a note of your own, press the Menu button and select "New Note". A blank note will open. Type your note contents, then when finished, press the wheel to save and close your new note.

if any of you phone Vin Diesel, remember to call him a twat off me.

many thanks to Matt for getting the link - nice to see you are updating your blog again, mate!

Episode III update

Anakin Skywalkver vs Count Dooku in Episode III : Revenge Of The Sith.
now, this is a duel we knew would happen, and we even know how it has to end. however, i have selected a pic that does not give too much away of how it all ends!
i would love to share the picture that comes after this one, but i had better not as many of you, michele in particular, want to keep this movie as spoiler-free as possible!

hope you enjoy the new direction / still ill

well, i have decided to change how this blog looks again. i trust that it meets with the satisfaction of all who read it?

feeling quite ill, still. a "head cold", if you will. all i know is that i feel exceptionally bunged up, and lucid hallucinations descend when i drift into sleep. it would be pleasant if self inflicted i suppose, but it is not, and so it is not.

another depraved film on the way??

glamorama, the latest bret easton ellis novel to be turned into a film. made by those who made the rules of attraction, so it will be ace!
i recall this having a very visual content when reading, and i entertained some fantasy of blockbuster by The Sweet as the theme for it.
plot wise and structure wise? not telling! it does not have the brutality of rules of attraction nor the violence of american psycho, but it does have the dark humour.
in respect of returning characters, it centres around Victor Ward, and yes, the Bateman brothers turn up in it.

the return of the great

well, some news to really excite me, which shows what a bookworm i am at heart, i guess. bret easton ellis returns to the world of literature this year, with lunar park scheduled to be published in august.

this will be his first novel since glamorama. to give you a clue how long i have waited for his return, i read glamorama long before i had ever thought of meeting someone called michele.

details of lunar park are sketchy, but it seems the recurring theme of either sean or patrick bateman turning up in it somewhere survives.

it seems that a copy of the manuscript has turned up online, however. i have tried searching for it but with no success. if anyone out there can forward me a link or a copy, i will be thrilled!

hmn, a pirate book? sounds most wierd. anyway, i will be buying and reading in august, which means the hardback, which i normally cannot stand.

all things Burton

last night the BBC screened a semi-impressive documentary on the late, great Richard Burton. semi-impressive? yes, just that. it committed the great folly of being a jack of all trades and master of none. it's name, Taylor Made For Success, suggested that it was to concentrate entirely on his relationship with Ms Elizabeth Taylor. nope, did not do that. sure, it suggested that his fame was down to her, but made it clear that his talent was his own.
the show then spent a lot of time darting between performances in key films in an all too vague manner. this led to some ridiculous consistencies in what was being said. for example, the narrative tone married to the imagery gave the impression that it was Elizabeth Taylor's fault that Burton made Exorcit II and Medusa Touch. now, neither film is a great, but is there any need to blame Ms Taylor for them????

as far as performances go, the only cinematic endeavours that got mentioned were, convenitently, ones in which the documentary makers had someone to interview about. great that we had so much on 1984, with the director there to comment, but no references to Equus???? Look Back In Anger??????? and, for the love of Christ, how can you make ANY documentary on Richard Burton and make no reference whatsoever to Becket?????

so, with the complaints above, why is it for me semi-impressive and not just slated? because the show had access to his diaries, that's why.

how I dearly wish I had had the discipline and dedication to keep diaries like Mr Burton. they are a revelation, and his gift for writing puts to shame his high acting skills. as most of you know, by and large I detest reading non-fiction for pleasure, but these diaries were wonderful. he composed them during some dark, anger filled days and yet they contain the elegance and beauty of anything Shelley or Byron wrote. I shall be keeping a copy of the documentary for the diary insights alone!

right, I guess that has me on a mission to get some of his finer films on DVD! I have a sparse collection at the moment - just 1984 and Where Eagles Dare. more to follow!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


heya everyone

well, my birthday went well - managed to fulfill a lifelong ambition and drank a pub dry of Boddington's!!!!!

needless to say, the day after was pretty much a write off, except for Richard calling in for Karaoke DVD's. trust me, I do not believe you want to know......

thank you for all the good wishes from around the world! they are greatly appreciated!

ho hum, as usual busy as ever at work. there seems to be no let up whatsoever, no light at the end of the tunnel. well, that's not true, I have some leave due in March.

nice one Skype! this software is ace, letting all and sundry phone the world for next to nothing! I reccomend you head to and get it for yourself!

anyway, I am too tired to really think of anything intelligent to post.

be excellent to each other!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

10 to midnight.........

well, as the hour of my 32nd birthday approaches, this birthday already looks like it will be class.

Michele, bless her, has renewed my subscription to Viz for another year, AND has ordered me the class Sledge Hammer! box set. nice one, lass!!

to top it all, I got a most smart email from CD Wherehouse. it turns out I have won a Rolling Stones contest I entered in December 2004, the prize for which is, if I recall, a copy of Live Licks, the CD set of their most recent tour. All I had to do was name what I thought was their best album. as it features Monkey Man and Gimmie Shelter, I went for Let It Bleed, and wrote a brief comment on it.

I will be getting contacted to go and collect it. I wonder if that means some publicity shots or something?

Boro march on in Europe! 2-2 is not bad, but we had the lead twice!

oh well, just about time for bed, and indeed time to see what the birthday fairies have brought me!

be excellent to each other!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

verk, verk, more verk

Hi Everyone

well, hardly time to breathe at work, let alone sit down, compose my thoughts and write them up!!

hope you all had as class a Valentine's Day as we did. Michele got me a most class pen, the DVD Where Eagles Dare starring the class of Richard Burton, a new edition of Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho and some other stuff that I am not going to tell you about :)

ho hum, birthday this friday. I turn 32, I think. will check and try to let you know.

I now have a class new cellphone, one that allows me to load up mp3's as ringtones. I have the Miami Vice theme as the ringtone, and Bowie's Speed Of Life for messages. well, what were you expecting?

I wish there was something exciting to mention, but it is one long stream of sleep and work. hmn, Travis Bickle syndrome? nice one!!

Michele is hard at work at her studies. not right now, obviously, not with CSI on TV!!

anyway, will try and set aside some time to write properly.

be excellent to each other!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

delayed update

good morning

well, time has been on the low side, and when I have tried to post an update, I've been getting errors. either the post before this one repeated itself 3 times (or thereabouts), or you have not heard from me for a while. sorry for whichever outcome!

it has been busy, but I am not at all sure that there is all that much to report on the subject, in all honesty. just werk, for the most part.

a big well done to Mr Chris Bates of the UK - he has sent me six sterling CD's, featuring ultra rare Manics footage, as well as Manics, Morrissey & Smiths gigs. my car shall soon be the site of homage to some of the greatest music ever played.

I was rather amused to read that the Pope had responded "did Christ step down from the crucifix?" when asked if he was to leave his position due to ill health. it is difficult to imagine someone else getting away with such a statement, is it not?

oh dear, people are arriving at work, so I guess I had better get ready to go and do some stuff.

be excellent to each other!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005, more like it

interesting - Hello Peter, the site linked here, have taken to removing my comments on the basis that I have issued "too many" and it is "unrealistic to have so many complaints".

talk about hypocrisy - they are now issuing the kind of bad service they claim to be champions against!

firstly, if there are a number of complaints, then so be it! it IS possible to have more than one complaint against a company, especially if DSTV are involved.

secondly, a large number of the "complaints" were in fact COMPLIMENTS about a number of companies. perhaps someone literate should have read them first before deleting?

and finally, why do you think they send me follow up survey emails about my comments when they have done nothing with my comments??

I think I smell a big, big sell out. yet again, someone is trying to claim to be doing something good and yet end up doing the opposite. yet again, someone has misjudged my intellect somewhat.

I am leaving their link here for now. feel free, in the light of the above, to contact them about all of this. please feel free to quote my name.

not much else, so be excellent to each other! at the least, be more excellent than hello peter has been to me!, more like it

well, of all the oddities in the world! this - a supposed champion of the right to complainm free speech and all that, is in fact a rather big fan of regulations and censorship.

I have had numerous messages removed or not put up there, as someone there has decided that I have issued "too many complaints", and it is unrealistic to have so many queries.

Well, if some genius there had read them, they would have noted that I also issued several compliments, none of which have been posted either. And I can only assume that the same person or people did not think that it would be unwise to send me follow up emails about my queries when no one ever got to see them and nothing was ever done!

To show that I am better than them, I shall leave their link on my site for now. By all means feel free to bombard that web page, or indeed their comments email :, with questions as to why and for what reason they decide not to print valid complaint and criticisms. by all means refer to me if you do so.

Much of the content of the SA Press is not, as is widely believed, influenced by the Government. It is in fact in the hands of the advertisers, who threaten to pull their finance if certain stories are run. One cannot but help wonder if certain web pages have been lured by cash.......

otherwise, just really busy times, kids. I am really sorry that I have not done a proper update lately, and all the more sorry that my only decent update of late (this one) has been a complaint about someone yet again insulting my intelligence.

hello to my good friends in Denver, who are going really well with their new baby daughter. a class gift should be landing on Friday!

anyway, time for bed.

be excellent to each other, as long as each other somewhat obviously does not involve certain sites mentioned here.......

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Richey Manic

well, it's 10 years ago today that Richey Edwards disappeared. I think that probably speaks for itself.

a hell of a hectic time at work these days, hence the lack of updates. sorry, kids.

Michele's text book has arrived, so I guess she has no excuse to not start the studies!

hope to post a decent update in the near future!

be excellent to each other!