Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

hey everyone

well, the batteries in the camera somehow managed to stay charged up long enough for a few snaps this weekend, so here we got with the usual, somewhat regular update on how James and William are coming along!

first up, here's James doing his best to encourage William to smile for a picture. a nice gesture, considering how frequently James does not wish to smile for pics, and indeed how often he tries to stop me taking pictures of William!

yes, that's James on a Sunday afternoon still in his Ben 10 pyjamas. well, it is a Sunday, and you just try getting them off him!

moving on, here are the fruits of James' efforts to encourage his brother to smile. it might not be a full-on, classical smile in the traditional sense, but all the same William looks just as cute as ever in this one!

those of you with an eye for the finer details will have observed that William is sat on our new couches - many thanks once again, Mum & Dad!

moving away from the new couches, here's William in his pram, doing his wild and wide eye thing!

and finally, moving back to the new couch, here's a fantastic one of the two boys together!

hope you all had a most splendid weekend!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad Graces The Fourth Estate....

hey everyone

just a quick, in current slang terms, "big up" for my Dad and his recent appearance in the newspaper!!

nice one Dad, good luck with all of that!

beyond this, i am led to believe that my Dad has invested in that most luxurious of items, a shed. looking forward to getting the pics to put here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ashes To Ashes Series 3

hey everyone

well, this is a spoiler free update on the return of this ace series! i just couldn't resist loading up this picture, for somewhat obvious reasons!

if the reasons are not obvious, well, welcome and i hope you have enjoyed your first visit to my site. for everyone else, oh yes, i really hope they sell these shirts!

oh, go on then, here's a pic for all you Gene Hunt purists!

fire up the Quattro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Hurt Locker

The Oscars, bless them, are a strange affair. all film fans want to see "the right" films get rewarded. whether it's your personal favourite or the film more or less everyone saw or heard about, that's what you want to see celebrated on the one and only night glitz and glamour can go mercifully guilt-free. it's always a frustrating conversation when they get the big awards wrong. The Hurt Locker, sadly, is one of those moments of frustration.

considering it's a bit of a con that it even qualified for the 2009 awards, seeing as it made and released in 2008, it's rather curious that a film so few had actually seen made it to the nomination stage, let alone win the big awards. as of last weekend, The Hurt Locker had made $26,500,000 at the American box office. this, comparatively, is not a lot of movie ticket sales for 8 or so months, and certainly indicates very few saw it. not that the biggest money maker should win the award, mind.

well, i gave it a watch as open-minded as i could. the conclusion, alas, is that this is the worst Oscar decision since Peter Finch got the Best Actor award for Network on the basis that he died before the awards, and thus got sympathy votes that should have been celebratory ones for the amazing work the likes of De Niro and a young Sylvester Stallone did that year.

there will be *** SPOILERS *** ahead. this is worth pointing out as not many have clearly seen the film, but then again i suspect not that many will be off to watch it.

ostensibly, The Hurt Locker follows a bomb disposal unit during the last month and a bit of their current tour of duty in Iraq. their "explosives expert", played by the brilliant Guy Pearce (more on him later), gets blown up and so for the last few days the team has to contend with a new, somewhat maverick expert played by Jeremy Renner. that's it.

if you leave to one side the "been there, done that" thoughts of this story line, you are still left with a problem in that there's not a great deal to the story. no, i am not belittling the service men and women in the real world, before you start. but if you are making a film to inform or (as the first poster for the film, right at the bottom shows) entertain, a good idea is to come up with something of substance for the two hour duration. this doesn't have that.

Jeremy Renner has been getting applause for his role in the film, and to a degree this is justified. unfortunately, he looks good by comparison rather than in his own right, outside of the two "cameo" appearances there's little in the way of competition on screen for him. characterization in this film is threadbare to the point of needing that massive Hubble telescope to see it. characters walk around in some sort of minimalist silence for the most part, only for every 40 minutes or so for them to deliver a deluge of dialogue. when those moments come along, you really wish they didn't - for the most part the soldiers dialogue sounds like it was written by someone whose entire experience of what the troops should say was based on a number of screenings of the end bit of Rambo : First Blood Part II, as well as watching and not quite understanding Platoon.

the notion that this features anything to make it the Best Picture or the best directed film of the year is bewildering. the director lacks the courage of her convictions - half the time we have "shaky cam", made to look good in the Bourne films and dire in all others that have copied it, for the rest we are treated to visuals which wouldn't be out of place in a lesser day time soap opera. how odd, just as one example, that the year Tarantino proves that he really is a gifted director with the dazzling Inglorious Basterds he gets overlooked for someone who makes a film that appears to be worse made than even the laziest of his efforts (Death Proof, Kill Bill 2 spring to mind.).

i have a theory that The Hurt Locker started off life as a "mockumentary", very much along the lines of Reno 911! and This Is Spinal Tap. vast chunks of the film look like they were filmed "documentary style" in a way to play for laughs, only to be re-edited into a more serious "fictional documentary style" when it was clear that the subject matter was no laughing matter and the film certainly wasn't funny.

in regards of this idea, it would explain the brief appearance of two quality actors in a cameo role, Guy Pearce and Ralph Fiennes, only to be killed off within five minutes of appearing. let's also consider the first posters for this film, before it was given such oh, so serious reviews. an example below.

now, does that look like a poster for a serious film, or does it look like some sort of humour being injected to promote some kind of action film? exactly.

The Hurt Locker appears to have won the awards because politically it seemed a good idea to recognize a woman for making a film about America's armed conflicts around the world, to show that films don't have to make lots of money to get recognized because the Oscars are about "art", and/or just because they really didn't want James Cameron to win. i defy anyone to show how this film was even close to being as good as, let alone better, than a number of films released in 2009. off the top of my head, Inglorious Basterds and Moon would have been better choices, given a few moments i bet i could list more. and i dare say you could, too.

it's rare that i would say don't bother with a film, but 2 or so days after seeing it the status of it in my mind has changed, with some thinking, from "average" to "a waste of two hours". if the curiosity of seeing the "best film" of "last year" gets the better of you, well, you've been warned.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in defence of John Grisham

there exists in this world a most curious type of "critic". they tend to be exceptionally elitist, patronizing and on the whole exceptionally pompus and full of themselves. they hate the idea of being seen in any way endorsing or applauding anything that's "popular" or sells well, instead apparently needing to show how clever they believe they are by only celebrating the obscure, complicated and seldom seen works of art. this is seldom more obvious that in the world of book reviews.

i grow very tired, for instance, of people who do things like comment on the film The Hurt Locker as though they have seen and understood it and yet discuss a film set in Afghanistan and write pretentious articles to impress their chums containing lines like "oh, i only bought the new Dan Brown to see if he has worked out how to write yet.". the mind boggles, then, as to why people who are so anti-popular tend to force their views on the popular world at large through the media. maybe it's a comfort thing.

i have more degrees in literature than is usually considered enough, but i really don't need to wave them about unless it is in jest. the likes of Dan Brown, John Grisham, Jilly Cooper, Tom Clancy and any other writer that has sold millions that you care to name keep the majority wildly entertained with their usually addictive novels. so what if they don't reconstruct some sort of metaphysical, post-modernist ideals of the human condition? is it such a crime to entertain and be entertained? methinks not.

the above, granted, might be a bit of an excessive introduction to say how much i have enjoyed the latest John Grisham paperback, The Associate, but i am sure you will forgive the dig at those types mentioned above that just can't bring themselves to enjoy a damned good book.

it's been over a year since the hardback appeared of The Associate, but i would imagine the majority of John Grisham readers are like me and just wait for the paperback edition to read in bed, on a plane, train or anywhere else. i am delighted to say that this book sits very nicely indeed in the top half of the 20 or so books Mr Grisham has written, and marks something of a return to form.

whereas the novel before this (i think), The Appeal, was pretty good, before that one he had published two right clangers. The Last Juror should have been a rollicking tale of revenge against the members of a jury but instead spent considerable time discussing the relative merits of the many fine churches of Mississippi. It was The Broker, however, that nearly made me quit John Grisham books. what should have been an ace tale of intrigue and espionage between lawyers and the government instead turned into page after page of how Italians eat pasta and when they drink coffee.

The Associate escapes the trappings of superfluous details that dominated the last two books mentioned above and gets right into the action, thankfully. i wouldn't wish to spoil any of the plot, but the book is basically about a soon-to-be qualified lawyer who is blackmailed into working for a law firm that's handling one of the biggest cases in legal history. the rest i will let you find out, not long after you start reading it really.

it's an addictive, enjoyable read, as a few late nights from my side can testify to. if you, like me, have felt somewhat let down by the last couple of books you have read by Grisham, pick this up without hesitation - he's back to what he does best.

and you should really read the book before the film version hits. Grisham has refused to sell the film rights for his last few books, so i was surprised to see him sell the rights for this one. in particular as the considerably unpopular yet oddly big money making Shia LaBeouf has been cast in the lead. LaBeouf is the reason the last Indiana Jones film will never be considered as great as the original three, and rumours abound that it's his "acting" display that has led to Wall Street 2 being delayed for a few months to allow some furious re-editing. the protagonist of The Associate, Kyle, isn't the most likable of characters, but he doesn't deserve the LaBeouf interpretation.

when Martin Scorsese, in the days before The Departed, was asked about if he was frustrated at never winning the Oscar, he gave a wonderful answer. "movie making is not about awards", he stated, "it's about making money. every film you make has to make enough money to let you make the next one.". i would imagine a similar approach is true of John Grisham. as nice as it would be to impress those la-dee-da darlings i mentioned at the start, it's no match for writing stories that entertain you and many millions of readers. and long may he continue to do so!

happy reading!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy birthday Neeharika!!

hey everyone

well, on this Monday afternoon of a long weekend i really should be laid on the couch having a lovely nap, to be honest. it has been a busy three days, but all the same incredibly fun! in particular on the fun front, today James & i were lucky enough to go along to his good friend Neeharika's 4th birthday party at a superb place called Horse Haven.

James and all of Neeharika's guests ran themselves ragged having a wonderful time, for there was absolutely no shortage of things for them to do!

beyond the obvious pony rides (which James wasn't doing for love nor money), a big winner for James was the amazing tarmacked track to ride around on bikes. it features a big hill to go up and down, with a "cave" underneath. James spent quite a bit of his day on this!

now, doesn't that pic above just scream of the Quadrophenia lifestyle? nice one James! or Dr Jimmy, recalling the album's protagonist!

it wasn't always the case that James rode his bike down looking so cool and smooth, though. every now and then it appeared to be a fun idea to race the bike down!

there was also a fantastic, well crafted jungle gym with a brilliant tree house sat on the top of it.

when it was time for the party to be finished there was a concerted effort from a number of the children to barricade themselves into this house to prevent being taken away!

now then, one of the best things ever that you can have at a kids party is easily a jumping castle. this party was no exception at all, and all the children had an ace time on it!

and i do mean on it - this is one of the few instances of James jumping on it as intended, for the most part he just tried to climb on to the yellow top bit for a lie down!

the one thing to get everyone inside, briefly, was the prospect of birthday cake and sweets, of course. here's the birthday girl blowing out the candles on her cake, and no prizes for guessing who has sat down as close to the cake as he can!

well, a fantastic day to round off a fantastic long weekend. something of a tiring one, though, so you will excuse me for the moment in not writing a good deal more!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

visiting Ouma

hey everyone

well, two things tend to happen in March. one is occasional, which would be Michele being pregnant, and the other is a constant, which would be my dear Mother-In-Law Monica celebrating her 29th birthday. i am, in some ways, delighted to report that we went off to celebrate the latter today.

when Monica came to visit William not long after his birth he did more or less sleep through her visit, so it was wonderful that he was alert and awake whilst we went over to see her today! here he is being fascinated with Ouma!

as it's her birthday i am supposed to say only nice things about my very dear Mother-In-Law. it's tempting to leave it as simply stating she is easily the best legal mother-in-law i have ever had, but i must say she is a wonderful lady beyond that!

moving on, here's the ever proud young Uncle Dylan with William!

it is a credit to Dylan that, despite the pile of Ben 10 books and discs i gave him today, all he really wanted to to do was spend time with William and James. i have been lucky to have wonderful Uncles too, i am glad that William and James have the same from Dylan and indeed "daft" Uncle Richard.

and the boys certainly are not lacking in the Auntie and cousin department, either! here's William being held lovingly by Auntie Natasha, as cousins Skyla and Jade flank him to ensure they are in the pic!

i think Tasha intends to show off the above pic to people without saying who the baby is, and when they ask respond "oh, didn't i tell you?". should be good fun!

and finally from today, Michele surrounded by as many as could get into the picture!

we tried to get all and sundry to pose, but what's the point? the above type of pic is far more fun and honest!!

well, we've had a fantastic Sunday, i really hope that you did too, wherever you are in the world dear reader!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!

the boys at the weekend

hey everyone

as per my promise to try and update every week on how William and James are getting along, erm, here's a weekly update on how William and James are getting along!

first up, here's James the morning of the concert for Grandparents at his school, also known as Saturday morning!

now, i don't recall exactly why James has covered up his mouth, but i suspect it's because he was requested to smile for the picture. he was clearly saving all his many good looks for the stage that morning!

he may have been saving his good looks for the stage, but not all of his most excellent dance moves. behold an image of James dancing away, with a glimpse of William observing him with a look of love, awe, admiration and indeed confusion!

and just what is it that James is dancing to? well, ever since he saw it, and indeed the many viewings since, James has been rather eager to replicate the dance moves conducted by a Mr Will Smith in his splendid music video for the song Men In Black. James is getting the moves down rather nicely, which is no surprise - this time last year, lest we forget, he could recite the scene where Darth Vader meets Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Death Star verbatim.

James is taking quite a shine to this 'Men In Black' business, to the extent that frequently he walks around in his sunglasses and "blanks the memory" of Michele and i with whatever device comes to hand that looks like the "temporarl neuro" stick thing that Tommy Lee Jones has in the film. just in case you needed visual evidence of this.....

as for William, well, it's fair to say that his happy life has been made even more happy by the arrival of what we have christened "doo doo", a lovely teddy-bear blanket number from New Zealand (thanks again!). doo doo is an important name for teddy bears in our family, if you were interested. perhaps not, but i am sure you will love as we do the smile on his face when he has doo doo at hand!

wow, talk about big smiles! it is rather tricky to get doo doo from William, tricky to the extent that we have decided, outside of bath time, not to bother trying to separate the two.

and finally, another pic of William. this one was selected by Michele as she says that this is William showing off his "pixie face".

having not met or otherwise encountered one of these "pixie types" i cannot comment on the specific validity of Michele's claim, but boy are we lucky to have two wonderful, healthy and handsome sons!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Metro

hey there

many, many thanks to Gillian, Grant, Katie and Daniel for the wonderful gifts they sent back from New Zealand with Mum. i am particularly taken, however, with the ambition my sister has to turn me into some sort of fashion conscious "metro man" with the gift of a rather splendid item i am led to believe is called the "man bag".

and very ace it is too! i suspect it got purchased for me more for Che being on it than any actual notion of my life being one massive, empty void and people shunning me for not having a "man bag", but i assure and promise you that i shall use it!

nice one to Grant for rounding off the look with a splendid cap for a certain German car manufacturer!!

by the way, i am reading the in-flight magazine from the plane my Mum took, looking at the circles around the films she watched. i was impressed to see that she watched Law Abiding Citizen. very impressed indeed; i am compiling a list of other class films where people get dismembered with power tools for her enjoyment.

right, that's enough pics of me for one month (possibly year), will make sure i put the boys in the next one!!!

thanks again, New Zealand!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!

The Concert For Grandparents

hey everyone

well, we are 2/3 of the way through what is proving to be a rather busy and fun long weekend here. before i fall asleep, i thought i'd better try and do something of an update, in particular for family and friends around the world, not to mention those wonderful people at Michele's place of verk!!

James' school / creche / daycare / whatever name you care to give it had a special concert on Saturday, just for Grandparents and other special relatives. that meant that we could not go, but we knew that Grandad would capture the moments on his trusty camera!

first off, here's James looking as lovable as he always does, messing around before the concert all starts!

James had to learn one line of a poem for his age groups' part of the concert. he did learn that line, as well as the whole poem. and the poem for the class above him. and the one below. any old teachers of mine, and indeed my family, must be loving this - my reputation as a "know it all" is being revisited somewhat!

Grandma and Grandad reported back that the concert was wonderful, and indeed the breakfast for them was fantastic. no pictures of the breakfast (glad to see Dad puts the camera down to eat), but here's James performing with some of his classmates. erm, see if you can spot him.....

award yourself a coconut or something else carried by swallows if you saw him!

the concert ended with one of James' favourite things, a performance of the "chicken dance", sometimes known as the "birdie dance". and before any of you write to tell me that the chicken dance and the birdie dance are two different things, kindly note that i am not particularly interested.

what is interesting, however, is that the dance was not limited to the children.....

go Grandma!!!!!

well, it certainly seems that a sensational time was had by one and all! roll on the next event, who knows perhaps us parents will be allowed entry!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Five Fab Facts About Benmore Florists

hey everyone

well, i know that often my complaints don't go down all that well with some of you readers, but alas life is hardly free from complaint. in this instance, i really don't complain on my behalf; instead it's a matter of some shocking, awful "service" given to my Dad.

Benmore Florists have been given two opportunities to explain, apologize and make amends for their error - three chances if you include the initial order placed, one at a premium as they are hardly competitively priced.

as they have failed to give a satisfactory answer, here's some amazing facts about them. i trust they will help you decide where, if in this day and age you can afford such luxuries, to purchase or order flowers from.

The Customer Comes Last

The “lady” working in the store was having a wonderful conversation with a gentleman who had sprawled himself across the chairs in the store. He was making a few calls, ones that the lady employed by Benmore Florists was rather interested in – certainly more interested in than assisting a customer, since she ignored my Dad, stood at the counter, for several minutes.

The Staff Either Have No Interest In Their Job Or Are Illiterate

My father gave the “lady” a printed email with the details of the message to go with the Mother’s Day flowers. The “lady” was either unable to write, or just was not interested, as she insisted my Dad fill out their forms himself. This lady also insisted that my Dad write “16 March” as the date for Sunday, an important part to remember later.

The response from Ms Margaret Glover to the above two points is “Thank you for showing us that perhaps one of the staff in the front of the shop would need more training.”. Unless “training” means “replacing” in some languages, she appears to have a rather high tolerance threshold for incompetence in her business.

They Do Not Know That Calendars Are Global

The “lady” claimed that Sunday was on 16 March 2010. She did not bother to check this. In fairness my Dad did not double check either, but I do not see how this justifies the response from a Ms Margaret Glover of Benmore Florists : “I thought the 16th was early for the next weekend which could have been Mothering Sunday in the UK”. I see, so the date for Sunday in the United Kingdom might have been the 16th, might it? What a preposterous answer.

If They Are At Fault They Will Make It Your Fault

They claim that the whole matter is the fault of my Dad as he wrote 16 March on the form. As per the above comment, he only wrote it because the “lady” working in the store insisted that he fill out all the forms.

The Glass Is Always Half Full

I hand you over again to Ms Margaret Glover and her odd logic. Her view on the matter is, and I quote her from an email sent to me and my Dad, “I hope the Grannies enjoyed their Tuesday blooms which will now out last the Mother Day deliveries.”. That’s just brilliant, isn’t it? I wonder how many other people they have told that it is good that the flowers arrived late so that they outlasted the day they were intended for. Would you be happy if your flowers arrived late for any sort of event, such as a wedding or perhaps a funeral?

The debate over whether the “lady” working, and in the loosest sense of the word do I use the phrase “working”, is either illiterate or just not interested is in many respects answered by this further quote from Ms Margaret Glover in her email :

I am sorry our success story at delivering your flowers overseas this year, was marred by this date issue, but I hope over the many previous years we had a more successful pass rate.”.

If you can make any sense out of that statement at all, or work out how it explains anything about the horrid, shocking manner in which they served my Dad, please let me know.

sending flowers is a beautiful, if somewhat expensive, gift idea. it is rather puzzling that someone who does this for a living would do it in such a way that they rule out repeat business, but there you go.

Monday, March 15, 2010

errata - the Spiros Marshmallow Trick

hey everyone

for some, possibly inexplicable, reason, Michele is quite keen to let it be known that she is the one who took all the photographs for this demonstration of chummyhood.

Trigger, my usual official photographer, is away on a much needed, well deserved holiday at this time, and it's unlikely that he would have taken pictures of this nature anyway.

i am delighted to give my beloved wife all the credit she wishes for these pictures.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Dinosaurs Of China

hey everyone

well, as a very nice thank you for coming to Robbie's party, Linda put together some most excellent party packs. very excellent indeed, really - although for somewhat obvious reasons the majority of them were missing the marshmallows.

James was very, very excited indeed when he got his - behold, a set of two 3D models of dinosaurs! well, at least that's what it said on the box.....

before we go on to what was actually in the box, let's try and have a look at the classic example of what they call "Chinglish" on the cover, shall we?

hope you can read most of that!

moving along, and James and Michele were quite excited about opening up the box and making the dinosaurs illustrated. except it seems that there was something of a mix up in downtown Shanghai, and the wrong model kit would appear to have ended up in the box.....

erm, yes. it's either a mix up, or the Chinese are unsure of what does and does not constitute a dinosaur. ho hum, James is very happy with it anyway, and a very big well done indeed to Michele for making something this complicated with next to no instructions!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spiros and the Special Marshmallow trick

hey everyone

OK, this is one of those posts where i have to refer to Duncan as Spiros, and under no circumstances must i mention that Linda is married to him, or even knows either of us. erm, do me a favour and please pretend that you did not read this part if Linda ever asks you.

right, when Spiros and i get together we are, more often than not, tempted to celebrate our "special friendship" which has endured many a year. as luck would have it, on this occasion of our meeting Spiros had discovered that if you slightly dampen one end of a marshmallow you can, with relative ease, stick it about the attire you are presently wearing.

i think the effect is quite dazzling, really. OK, so the look we have got here might not be as legendary as the classic glam rock pose of Bowie kneeling down to (ahem) accept into his mouth the howling guitar of Mick Ronson, but we are happy with it.

as you can see, we are very comfortable indeed with our "special friends" relationship. i mean, sure, it's not always as "very" and certainly not as "special" as Spiros would hope, but we are content with it and our wives don't seem to mind. i sometimes think that they hope the two of us one day end up living in a shed as much as we do, really.

now then, on the grounds of good decency and taste, the next picture has had to be edited slightly.

it's not me in the edited parts, and i shall allow you to let your imagination run wild with details of just how many marshmallows are missing from the picture.....

if you have any class ideas as to what to do with marshmallows it would be greatly appreciated if you kept them to yourself!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Robbie!

hey everyone

well, what a lovely way to spend a weekend! young Robbie turned 5 last week, and thus it was time for a lovely party, courtesy of Duncan and Linda, the latter asking to mostly remain anonymous in any posts that feature me and Duncan doing very me and Duncan things.

anyway, dinosaurs were the theme for the party, the centerpiece being an absolutely massive, very ace inflatable jumping castle in the shape of a dinosaur. what am i saying? of course it's inflatable, exactly what kind of jumping castle would it be sans air? erm, moving on, here's James in his top spot for it, very much at the top!

it was indeed massive - those trees in the background are not short, and if Duncan stood on my shoulders i doubt we would have touched the top of it! nice one!

William also had a wonderful time at the party. he likes nothing more to visit new people, have a bit of a look around and then stretch out for a nice sleep in their gardens.

here's the birthday boy (who Duncan nearly got away with christening Falco, by the way), pointing away at his magnificent birthday cake.

and why is he pointing at it? because James is stood right in front of the cake. i am not kidding, every birthday party we go to and there's James muscling in front row centre on the cake action!

anyway, Robbie eventually went off to join him and admire the splendid volcano cake!

thanks once again to Duncan, Linda and Falc...erm, Robbie for a lovely day. we hope you all liked the presents!

righty-ho, the next post from the party is probably going to be one of those that Linda would prefer her name didn't feature in.............

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Graves

hey everyone

well, sad news today with the passing of Peter Graves.

whereas he probably should be best remembered as the original James Phelps from Mission : Impossible, there's one role, considerably briefer, that we will all remember him fondly for.

"Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?"

Captain Oveur, you will be fondly remembered.

That's Clarence Oveur. Over.