Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Spiros and the special bus towards sex

hello there

i would say that i got an exciting message off of Spiros today. however, to do so would, look you see, in some way imply or otherwise indicate that such a thing as a message from Spiros that was not exciting could be possible. it isn't, frankly. the life he leads is one bereft of any change or prospect of things being dull, ordinary or melancholy.

there are, of course, variations and degrees to what it is that he sends that cause the excitement - it is not, after all, simply the case that every message he sends features him starting a fight with a taxi driver after he has spent a day on the cider. well, ok, mostly yes it is, but today was different.

today was a day that Spiros got on a bus. it was not any normal, standard or well maintained bus, such being the kind TfL are known for, but rather it was the special bus that usually members of the public are not permitted to be on.

what was the bus? it was the hush hush, top secret Silk Road bus that Spiros got on. if you are asking if he was brave enough to take a picture, the answer is, like, totes yes.

as is rather well known, Londoners have too much pride to add graffiti to buses themselves, and when wandering tourists do it TfL usually burn the bus and issue a new one straight away. that this one escaped such a fate means that they have deliberately left these numbers on. Spiros said there were 8 or 9 different numbers, all offering different services; the kind which are normally only available on that whole "dark web" thing. this bus, then, must be intended for the exclusive use of guests of TfL that wish to engage in vices.

Spiros was quite excited about the prospect of calling all the numbers that he saw for the services listed, but these two caused him much merriment. as it turned out, being able to contact both what seems to be a gay boy (presumably a very happy chap) and a dealer (presumably of the art variety) as he travelled to a very specific public restroom allowed him to "time manage" and "multi task" his day. nice one, man.

do i suggest you call either or both of those numbers? absolutely not, but if you did, i would imagine letting them known that you know Spiros will see you obtain favourable terms.

anyway, more later. whatever you are doing, i can only hope your day was as much fun and had as much "win" as the one Spiros had dans le bus.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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