Thursday, October 29, 2015


hello there

today i did that which forces have conspired to make all but impossible in 2015. i, look you see, purchased an actual new CD single what was recorded and released this year. this month, as point of fact.

indeed that is the new Bond theme, Writing's On The Wall, by someone called Sam Smith. don't worry so much about the U2 disc in the background; it's the 18 collection featuring a very badly thought out selection of singles that i had not bothered with but figured what the heck as part of the 2 for £5 deal.

have i seen this new Bond film, Spectre? no, but i believe it's good. i shall settle down and watch it on a shiny disc when it comes out in early 2016. do i at least like the theme? not particularly. i mean, i hated it at first, but after a couple of listens it sort of grew on me. no, i do not have a f*****g clue who or what Sam Smith is, but i do know my (considerably) better half likes who or whatever he is, and she suggested that it would be wise for me to get this. so i did.

 from what i can work out this Writing's On The Wall has been a big-ish hit, joining Duran Duran's A View To A Kill and Adele's Skyfall as one of the biggest selling Bond themes of all time. charts are not so simple any more, though - things like "streaming" and "on demand services" mean that technically songs "sell" all the time, just for no money. the result is a song can now stay in the Top 40 for a year or so.

speaking of Adele, i believe her new song, something of a misguided tribute to Lionel Richie's Hello (presumably written in minutes to cash in on his Glastonbury glory), is "selling" something called "downloads" at a rate of 50,000 a day. as these "downloads" seem to sell for 99p per track, that;s £49,500 a day the lady is "earning", although she will only get a fraction of it.

not bad, but for most of October and some of November 1995, Oasis (mostly Noel) was earning £4million a week off of the sales of the Wonderwall single. times have changed some.

speaking of everyone's favourite middle of the road, decidedly in it for the money alone musician, i see that Noel Gallagher has clocked that mentioning The Stone Roses is a gateway to getting his name in the newspapers. well, that and guesting with U2.

i didn't see it myself, but the NME are reliably informing everyone that Noel said that The Stone Roses were "blooming", which has been taken as a massive hint that they will be "doing something" soon, possibly involving new music. exactly why Noel would know this is baffling, since he's merely intimated that he didn't like the idea of them reforming since they did in 2011; a view that i am sure is unconnected to the fact that they requested Liam and not him do a support slot for them.

would i like some new music off of The Stone Roses? yeah. i mean, the Heaton Park gig was amazing, and it was incredible to be there, to be part of it. but now, 3 years later, i am missing Ian Brown's solo music, i am missing Mani being in Primal Scream, i am missing John Squire issuing a reunion denial every year and, most importantly, i am missing wondering what Reni is up to.

another look at the Sam Smith CD single off of the Spectre theme? of course.

what's on the CD? the title track itself and an instrumental, or if you like version without singing, version of it. i don't remember, but i think that's kind of what was on the Adele Skyfall CD single that i also bought, and was certainly the case with the awesome (i like it) Jack White Another Way To Die 7" single i bought.

yes, i have bought a lot of Bond themes over the years. kind of. i bought GoldenEye, but none of the others off of the poofy Pierce Brosnan ones.

last year, i think, the only CD single i purchased was the Do They Know It's Christmas one. they are, as far as i am aware, the only two singles which have had any sort of release or been easily available in shops over the course of the last two years. it is safe, i think, to say that the CD single is not, alas, making a comeback.

nice one if any or all of this music news was of any interest to you!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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