Saturday, October 31, 2015

books and beanie

hi there

i have not, look you see, completed reading two books as such as yet since the last ones, so there are to be no book reviews as such this month. sorry for that. for those of you who, however, for some reason fly past this blog only for book related material, here you go, this post is mostly for you.

but first, however, an urgent appeal from Spiros about his beanie.


on the afternoon of Friday 30 October, Year of our Lord 2015,Spiros was travelling on the District Line of London's celebrated, fabled and much treasured underground. he left his black beanie on a chair by mistake. when he saw it, as the door closed with him on the platform, he saw a generously fed lady of colour sitting down on top of it. despite this, he would like it back.

what does the beanie look like? black. when Spiros had it on, according to Spiros, it made him look like an absolutely massive black penis. which is probably why he wants it returned. anyway, if you happen to have it, leave a message here in the comments section (click the title to get to the comments section) and we shall try and connect you.

righty-ho, books.

i note with interest that John Grisham remains committed to being prolific, as his ratio of novels is one a year; more than that if you include random Theodore Boone adventures "dropping" on us from time to time. his latest is out in hardback form.

i am going to go right ahead and speculate that this is one of his "lazy" ones, and possibly his laziest ever. why? because it is called Rogue Lawyer.

there is no easy way to say this, so here you go. it's the case that all of John Grisham's legal thriller books feature a lawyer who has gone rogue. if they didn't deviate from the norm - be it break the law for gain, to bring down evil or to ensure justice - they would just be going on, in a rather dull way, about probate and property and other such rubbish.

will i be getting the novel to read all the same? surely, yes, of course. i am not sure whether to wait for the paperback or to read it on the e-reader; all i know for certain is that i am having nothing at all to do with the hardback copy, thanks - too expensive and too cumbersome to read.

otherwise, in the world of books (although you should be out looking for the beanie of Spiros), i found this image on one of those "post and share" website things. credit to the original poster, whoever that was.

that's a shop display from the 60s, featuring some very interesting and exciting trashy, pulp fiction like titles of novels. i would like to read a few of them, i would. most, you would suspect, are out of print now, and have been for years, but this will not stop me looking about for The Lustful Ape.

whereas there are a few proper novels shown, now that i see Crime & Punishment, for the most part i would imagine these are the 60s version of "direct to dvd" films that star a Busey which we know and love in the 21st Century. i think one of my favourite parts of the above is that most of the novels would appear to be printed on blue, or at the least blue lined, paper. that would surely make reading all the more exciting.

anyway, please let me know what you know about the beanie of Spiros.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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