Sunday, October 04, 2015

my inheritance

hi there

well, look you see, this is yet another of several posts relating mostly to moving into our new home and finding things of stuffs as we finally, after some two years, get ourselves unpacked and well proper settled. there are one or two shiny things, so i do hope that you will stick with it and find a few things of interest, even if only mildly so.

yes, as the title suggests, that which is my theoretical inheritance off of my Dad - who i assure you is very much still with us - has been unpacked and is in, well, if not perfect condition, then the best condition that it (or they) could possibly be in. but first, check this out.

yeah, that's Jim Bowen and Bullseye on a big screen TV, assuming that a 40" set is still considered to be big screen; i am led to believe that 60" is now possible. but this is big enough for us. and yeah, that is a Lego Iron Man at the bottom of the TV, or if you like underneath the screen, for scale.

enough of that excitement and on towards my inheritance, then. to give some clarity as to why i have that now, it's all due to practicalities. whereas Mum & Dad were off to New Zealand, i was in South Africa and destined for a return home to England. it made practical sense, then, to give over that which my Dad intended me to carry on in his honour one day many, many years from now. also, him giving me my inheritance when he did saved him from throwing them in the bin.

yep, those are indeed the infamous red shoes that he had which he wore, as you may well observe, to the point of disintegration. as an inheritance goes, i suppose it's not exactly a country estate, looted nazi gold or some other such big pile of money, but it's the thought and intention that counts.

in our new home, you may well ask, do i have the space and margin to recreate my study? why yes, as it happens, i do. this is mostly due to my (considerably) better half and my Aunty (no, the other one) looking at the house and deciding that it would be in the best interests of everyone to shove me in the loft.

to that end, then, i have started establishing my presence up there.

the bookcase was there when we moved in, which shall be most handy as my bookcases have apparently been designated for use by the boys. it's cool, i gave most of my books away to someone who was setting up a rural library before we left Africa. yes, a heartbreaking decision, but they were books that i would not read again and may they bring much interest and information to others.

i had to assemble the desk myself, however. i did, as i think you can see, a pretty decent job. i was able to put it together with the aid of an electronic screwdriver that Lance gave me (nice one mate) and my mega drill, which was far too powerful for the job. all done with no harm befalling anyone or anything, and i shall be able to use the drill again once i've found my pliers and have been able to remove the screwdriver bit i kind of forced in it to get the job done.

back to my inheritance then, and a look at them from a slightly different angle.

indeed i did send these images on to my Dad. he was absolutely thrilled to see that they had made it all ok. he pointed out that the laces are in very good condition, if not outstanding. i shall be sure to mention that fact on the eventual ebay listing, hoping that the brightness and class quality of them distracts possible purchasers away from the other qualities of the shoes.

i am absolutely knacked after four solid days of moving, carrying, lifting, unpacking and what have you, and it's verk in the morning. methinks it could be time to retire for the evening.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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