Sunday, October 25, 2015

episode vii : mission to moscow posters

hi there

yes, look you see, i know - for a film i am seemingly not too bothered or excited about, there's been a lot of posts about this whole Star Wars business. it is not like i advertise or in any other form make money off of this site (although it would be nice), so it can't be that i am referencing it as "click bait". ultimately, of course, i will welcome any new Star Wars film - the trick, perhaps, is that i am not jumping up and down with excitement to see it as soon as possible.

Disney are, as i am sure you are aware, keen to get as many coins of money as possible off of their ownership of Star Wars. last night, for instance, i became aware of the fact that their licensing campaign has stretched as far as accepting payment to have the brand name feature on batteries, no less. although the idea of batteries with Star Wars written on them is pretty cool.

Poundland, that shop i rather like where everything costs £1, have not hesitated to jump on this ship sailing towards total commercialisation. they are presently offering four different posters featuring promotion of the new movie; i got the two better ones for the boys.

indeed that is the two "classic" robots, or if you like droids, off of the original six films, joined with the new, ball or perhaps sphere based one, BB88 or something. quite an exciting menage a trois or whatever the term is for all them people who really, really like robots.

am i looking forward to the story or plot element of the film that features these three robots? not really. the effeminate gold one is clumsy and thick for something that can speak six million languages, the walking dustbin just whistles and i imagine the new ball one rolls around a bit. if the big baddie uses the walking bin, R2 something, to gain info or knowledge about Darth Vader, that would be smart, but otherwise these three will probably be the poor effort at comic relief in the film.

meanwhile, away from all that Star Wars shenanigans, it sometimes feels like we've dived from a less than warm summer and into a testing natured cold winter. autumn happened, or is happening, between the two, which means brown leaves being discarded off of trees.

indeed, the sight of the site like the one above is one that i longed to see in my many years of exile. the American one looks smart, granted, but for me autumn has only truly ever been proper here at home in England. it just kinds of gives me a happy, nostalgic, overtly sentimental sense when i see this. why? sometimes it's best not to question, just to be and do.

but hey, you want more smart, snazzy Star Wars stuff that's centred on promoting all of this Episode VII : Mission To Moscow business. here we go, then, with a sort of montage poster of what is presumed to be the "big bad" off of the new film, a character that a Royal Mail stamp assures me is called Kylo Ren.

is this character going to be any good? hmn. you'd kind of hope so, but there's always the chance that he shall turn out to be distinctly underused, a la Darth Maul, or somewhat annoying, a la Jar Jar Binks.

what with time being a prime commodity and the cost of the venture looking eye watering, i very much doubt i will be seeing this at the cinema. the disc release shall no doubt "happen" in early 2016, that will be most agreeable for having a gander. but, you say, won't i have been hit with spoilers from all over by such a time? in all likelihood yes, but it's not like it is going to be all that much of a mystery as to what the plot and story is.

live long and prosper, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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