Tuesday, October 13, 2015


hi there

a little while ago i was reluctantly very happy indeed, look you see, to share with you all some of the class fighting that Spiros gets involved with on a daily basis. well, when i say involved, i mean "starts". for those of you who find this interesting, here you go, have some more.

for the most part Spiros is involved in negotiations to hold an exhibition, yet highly competitive, ultimate fighting kickboxing bout against a three year old girl. sorry, i can't find the link to it, but Spiros recently became aware of this three year old girl in a new story in which she implied that she felt she could handle herself, and further that her sensei off of her dojo, or whatever, was equally confident. Spiros would very much like to test this confidence they have against his skills. this is both a noble and brave ambition of Spiros, considering the last time such a thing happened he got totally and utterly battered in one of them kickboxing bout things off of an eleven year old girl.

anyway, in the hear and now, Spiros has taken to fighting the good fight for the right of the homeless to be left alone in their happy life.

Spiros was recently in one of the posher areas of London, presumably to meet a better class of gent in a more discerning public lavatory. whilst there, he saw these protestors - or twats, as he prefers to call them - demanding that homeless people not be homeless.

what they are doing is no doubt noble and well intentioned, but it's also stamping on the dream of Spiros. he wants the freedom associated with the homeless life, to be able to sit and drink cider anywhere he cares to, to fall asleep on any bench or under any hedge and not be disturbed.

is it irresponsible for either Spiros to fight against this or for me to celebrate Spiros doing this? probably, but let us not lose sight of the fact that it is you, not me, that decided to read this far.

i am not 100% sure if the member of the constabulary in the above picture is there as a direct result of Spiros "discussing" with the protesters the class benefits of being homeless, but i would like to think that is the case.

more later, eventually.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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