Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday James

bonjour mon amis

well, i know it is kind of wierd for me to update so frequently, but to quote Michele of sorts, James was looking rather angelic this afternoon. here's a couple of pics to illustrate her point!!

an odd Sunday - people coming to look to buy our house in anticipation of us moving soon, me putting together a new phone for James's Grandad, and Boro actually winning a game - a rather interesting one, too!

be excellent to each other!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

influential gifts on Barry Dale

here's Barry in no way mixing art with reality with two of his gifts.

it is worth noting that Mervin "Chuck" Fraser, he of all responsibility for Chuck Norris appearing on these pages, considers Barry to be a pillar of society.

James meets the extended family!


Barry's birthday party also afforded James the opportunity to at last meet his Auntie Les and Uncle Bryan, pictured here with the ever proud Grandparents getting into the pictures!

James seems to have taken quite a shine to Bryan, which is no bad thing at all!!

Happy Birthday Barry!!

here's a couple of pictures of Mr Barry Dale, along with the delightful Viking Michelle Dale and the fine gentleman Jason Dale, taken at his surprise birthday party today. it certainly was something of a surprise - he couldn't figure out why everyone was rushing, and thus got there at his own pace!!

thanks very much to Michelle and Jason for organizing everything, and indeed for inviting us along! a most excellent day had by all!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Crockett and Tubbs

partly as a protest against the impending and probably awful new film version yes, but mostly because it is ace : Miami Vice series 1 & 2 will soon be mine on DVD. oh yes they will. i believe i shall be playing them on a continuous loop for me and James to enjoy.

Michele disagrees. Michele covers up James's ears when i play the theme tune at full volume. but she is a girl, and Miami Vice is meant to be enjoyed by men anyway.

i look forward to giving you a most triumphant update on their arrival soonest.


James having a snooze. Michele's fave pic of the moment.

need i say anything else?

James at 14 weeks

somewhat more recent than the 13 week ones i just posted, but i guess that kind of makes sense in itself!!

as per the earlier post, we believe that Napoleon may well be teething. he seems to eat everything (a damp flannel is the number one choice for him, closely followed by his teething toys), and it at least feels like a bit of a bite there. nice one!

be excellent to each other!!

James at 13 weeks

hello hello

SORRY SORRY SORRY for the delay - huge thunderstorms for a while have prevented me from connecting, as well as me just being very very lazy!!

here are the pics from a week or so ago - he's becoming cuter by the second!!

we're convinced he is teething, as he wants to eat everything......

Monday, March 13, 2006

James : an apology

oooooops!!!!!!!!!! i said in the eat the fruit post that James is just over 3 months. ahem, the gregorian calendar system of establishing time as a movement of days, months and years says that he is in fact just under three months old.


Victory For South Africa

over 800 runs in one day playing? how was it done?? if one were to ask any of the usual suspects (Mervin, Conrad, Matt, etc), the answer would be this picture........

eat the fruit!

OK, at just over three months, James is making some slight forays into the world of eating something other than his beloved formula, or in the words of Farmer Palmer, powder. he seems to have taken a shine to sucking on, and attempting to chew, some dried mango. nice one!!

we are contemplating starting him off on some 1st foods stuff - you know, the apple jelly type stuff that they fed to RoboCop in the first film. not yet, but will let you know when that happens!

going on the class mustard stain on my shirt today, like, it may be wise for me to learn to eat properly before i expect James to :)

Napoleon meets Blondie

hey everyone

here are some images of my mate Blondie, proudly holding his future son-in-law James :) James did a little bit of crying when he first met Blondie, but the two now seem to be best of mates!

oh dear - it seems that the DVD release of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has now been delayed until mid-April here. i guess that is me ordering a copy from the UK, where it is on the shelves NOW.......

be excellent to each other!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

James at 12 weeks

hey everyone

well, James was rather tired when we took the weekly photos this time around, so please forgive his more grumpy look being in place instead of his traditional smile!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

James at 11 weeks


James/Napoleon is in fact 12 weeks today, but here is the 11 week pic!! sorry, i have been running around with this, that and the other!

my mate Blondie is out from the States at the moment. nice one, good to see him, have a few ales and discuss proper footie and ways to improve it!!

otherwise, thanks to Chris over in the UK, i have heard the new Moz album, Ringleader Of The Tormentors. it is a most excellent album indeed!!

be excellent to each other!!