Sunday, October 18, 2015

more unpacking finds

hi there

well, look you see, i did warn you of the more regular nature in visiting here that nostalgia was going to come along from time to time as we finally get all of our stuff unpacked. i am doing my best, however, to limit taking random pictures and uploading them here to only that which might be of some interest somewhere.

on that one, something that will be of interest to many, no doubt, is the safe unpacking of my somewhat scuffed brown shoes

yeah, that's right. the inspiration, or if you like starting point, for my infamous and indeed controversial cowboy look are unpacked and ready to go. well, sort of ready to go - i suppose they need a bit of a clean and a polish and that. anyway, the important thing is that they have survived potential dangers such as theft by Somali pirates, death by shark and vanishing via a sinking ship.

for those at a bit of a loss as to the significance of this, i refer you to some of my posts throughout 2013. in short, i was only able to get boots my size in the brown you see above. the problem with this was that i only had black strides, and was always led to believe that under no circumstances should you wear brown footwear with black strides. thus, for the first time in my life, i bought blue jeans, and started off with what i considered to be a cowboy look as i went off on my adventures.

have i found any memorabilia or relics from my stag night, you ask? why, surely.

that paddle you see above you was hard work, so it was. i had to drink six shooters in 30 seconds, and i remain convinced the 5th one was petrol. after that i was stripped naked by a gang of ladies, all in front of my contemporaries and peers, and thrown in a cold shower (that's my excuse).

my abiding memories of my stag night? there was a lady that did a really smart trick with a R50 note. other than that, it was being woken up by my (considerably) better half late into the following day, with her asking why exactly my boxer shorts were soaking wet and in a ball in the car (i have no idea), and me crawling into a similar ball, crying and begging for Mummy to make the banging in my head stop.

back a bit further in time, you say? friends from my rather more formative school will, i trust, be delighted to see this chap well looked after and all in one piece.

would it be controversial or wrong to suggest that i do hope that no incumbent prime ministers from around the world are attracted to this blog by the above and likely to be disappointed with the content they found?

the above was bought for me by my fellow students in form E1 as means of a farewell gift before i set off around the world. and now it's back home, pretty much where it started off. nice one.

anyway, it's getting late and indeed somewhat cold in this elevated shed of mine. time to go warm up some, and possibly to retire for the evening.

more memories to follow as and when i get exciting stuff unpacked. actually, i have also unpacked 4TB of external hard drives and, believe me, there is some very exciting stuff on them, but not that which i can share here, alas.

hope you've all had a bonza boss weekend!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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