Monday, October 05, 2015

8 mile

hi there

indeed, look you see, the title of this blog post is 12.8km for those of you who, so to speak, "rock the metric" instead of classical British Imperial measurements. each to their own.

whether miles or km, that's my journey to and from verk, and it took just over an hour today. that's even longer than it used to be on the bus. some sort of lorry caught fire on a highway, apparently, and further disgraced itself by spilling oil all over the road. lanes closed as a consequence, my roads more clogged up than usual as a result. this kind of brought back memories that are most certainly not fond of the time it took north of five (5) hours to travel from my old verk to home, a distance of 16.5 miles (26.7km) when a petrol tanker decided to set its ass on fire.

here, at the least, efforts were made to extinguish the fire and clear the road, rather than having lots of overweight people in uniforms standing around, saying "eish" and eating KFC until it all magically sorted itself out.

a delight to get home, then, and a delight to see my (considerably) better half tackle some top level cooking so that we may eat of an evening.

yes that is indeed lemon chicken on the go, and oh yes indeed that is a whisk she is taking to it. why? because she and Aunty (no, the other one) did such a good job of packing up the wooden cooking spoons, or if you like the cooking spoons of wood, that we have been unable to find them.

i would not have you think that my (considerably) better half jumped all over the whisk as a solution in the first instance. far from it, dear reader - first she had a go at it with a metal spoon, and proved conclusively all that "conductivity" business, or whatever it is, as the spoon was rather hot to the touch after she left it in the pot and then went to grab it.

how was what we ate? tasty, very tasty indeed. as was, indeed, an item i bought today that cost me all of £1, and it was not from Pound Land.

yes, that is indeed a very smart One Direction branded messenger bag thing. behold, for it has my favourites on - him and all them other great guys who are, or until recently were, in the band.

some might say that it's redundant merchandise, as one of them in the picture has still left. to that i say, really? if i saw a bag or t-shirt with the original members of The Who in it, i would not say "take it away and bring me one with Kenny Jones featured instead of Keith Moon". also, should i be presented with merchandise related to the Jimi Hendrix experience, i doubt i would be going "Jimi is dead, remove him so the picture only shows them other two that no one knows the name of, although one might be called Chas".

will i be using my One Direction bag? like, totes, doll. i am thinking of using it purely for any and all legal matters or court business. it will be boss, and impress any sort of judge or civil leader no end.

right, i am off to enjoy my smart new One Direction bag some more and, weirdly, read some French literature, although of course translated into a proper language.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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