Wednesday, October 28, 2015

reminiscing of the way we were

hi there

a rare instance of nostalgia this evening, look you see. actually i suppose nostalgia is not all that rare for me; certainly not in respect of the car vibes. but anyway. tonight was a night that we had a power cut.

yes, indeed. we had hoped to have left going without electricity due to system failures behind us back in South Africa, but believe it or not they happen all around the world. it's just that, as you will hopefully see, they tend to get handled a little bit differently here.

but first, a picture. here's our kitchen at around 6pm, in an image taken with the flash most decidedly off.

yes, it is most decidedly dark. the clocks have changed here, so darkness starts to fall upon us not much longer after 4pm of an afternoon.

i contacted the relevant people who deal with all this electricity stuff. they answered the phone within a couple of rings, apologised for not answering it immediately, advised me of the fact that people were working on the situation and gave me what turned out to be an exceptionally accurate time by which they would have the power back on. i was also treated to highly apologetic text messages and given constant updates.

a video of the darkness and the sounds of house alarms going off due to the power failure? sure.

i am reminded of the time we went three days without electricity in Johannesburg. in that incident it took me a day to reach someone on the phone due to them having a "training incident", and then a further day to convince someone that yes, there was indeed a power blackout. i shall not forget the words "eish, are you sure" in a hurry, and i dare say the speaker of them will not forget my response.

i do rather like the approach here to accepting there's a problem, saying sorry, then getting on with fixing it. i do wish the same were true of family and friends still in South Africa, but alas i fear they are at the mercy of the entirely incompetent Eskom for many years to come.

the above scene pictured with the flash on the blueberry camera most decidedly on? sure.

anyway, now that we have power, i am off to eat something cooked. i hope.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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