Saturday, October 10, 2015

nice one Samsung

hello again

yeah, i know. no posts for four or so days, look you see, then three in one day. go figure, that's the exciting, crazy-ass life i live. thank you for sharing it with me in passing, by the way.

this is indeed one of them posts relating to our move and unpacking stuff, so if you find such things dull then you might want to move along. this one, though, might give some insights of interest to one or two.

i've not hesitated to bash companies in the past here, in particular Samsung when they unleashed a completely arse-headed monitor that was not "plug and play" compatible with Windows 7. all the more reason, then, to give praise and credit when it's due, or if you like earned.

unpacking and sorting out the house today got to the stage where i could position and plug in the fridge. position, plug in and hope for the best. the general consensus around the time of our moving was that moving a fridge was to request disappointment; that in many cases people ship one from one part of the world to another and discover that it doesn't work after an extended period of time being off.

despite being boxed up for close to two years, i am happy to say that when we plugged it in, it was raring to go. this is all the more impressive when you consider that it sailed the seas for a while too, so as well as surviving being boxed up it also survived possible attacks by Somalian pirates and sharks, as well as the unsolicited sexual attentions of salty sea dogs, but i really don't like to dwell on the latter.

a very great deal of credit must of course, once again, go to those magnificent people at Bayleys who packed it up and shipped it, along with everything else, for us. at, it has to be pointed out, at far lower prices than the majority of companies out there shipping from the Africa of the South. even my Dad was impressed with them, and those who know him know his particularly low tolerance threshold for, well, for just about anything.

whereas i was optimistic that the fridge would work just fine, i was somewhat cautious. i wasn't going to be so foolhardy as to plug in the fridge and test it with six cows worth of milk, for instance. a can of Coke struck me as the most sensible thing to put it and try, for with that it was either a case of it getting cold or just staying the same.

here it is, as you can see rather than sense, getting very chilled indeed.

bravo, then, Samsung. if the general consensus is that a used fridge cannot handle being shipped cross equator and stored for over a year, they have made a mockery of the consensus.

it was that the fridge was pretty robust and strong that i bought it in the first instance, a few years before i contemplated moving home. yes, it is true that a big part of the attraction of this unit was that it is so shiny, but it also happens to be the same model that Sun City put in their vacation club villas. i figured as Sun City was unlikely to select fridges that were not tough and able to handle the different uses, demands and expectations of a varied range of guests would make and have of them, so it seemed like a fairly safe bet. as it has turned out, it's a decision that paid off.

yes, the freezer section works too. i didn't have access to a known illegal immigrant smuggler turned hero of the rebellion to try it out on, and i doubt he would have fitted in anyway, so instead of Han Solo i tried it out on a rudimentary plastic bowl with some water in it.

hopefully the message coming across from that image is ice.

well, that's just about all off the electronic stuff unpacked and working. we also unloaded the big massive coffee bong today too - working as in the lights come on, but we've not made coffee with it as such as yet. that might well be the focus of a blog post tomorrow, or later.

so, in conclusion, if you are looking for a tough, robust, heavy duty fridge freezer that can withstand pretty much anything thrown at it, i can't think of any harder challenges that i could have thrown at a Samsung one and it came through it all perfectly.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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