Saturday, October 17, 2015

the elevated shed

hello there

well, this is peculiar. this is, look you see, the first time i have sat at my desk and written a blog post since early December 2013. like, wow. will being back at my desk make these posts better or worse? it's probably best to let you muddle along and work that one out.

my elevated shed, as in the loft that i have been exiled to in our new home, is coming together. today was a day that i finally got the chance to move some stuff up and start using it proper, as it were.

no, sure, i have not done all that much, but then again getting what i have up through two levels was something of a challenge.

there is no heating here up in my elevated shed, which is why i suspect i have been shoved up here. i'm sat in a jumper, no less - an act that is indeed a crime no Yorkshireman should ever be found to have committed.

other than having the computer up and running i have one of my vibes machines on the go. not my immense stag of a stereo, dear reader, but the smart Sony "ghetto blaster" sort of thing on which i make tapes for my Mum & Dad (no, Dad, not yet, will see if i can make one for you soon).

the first thing i played on it after plugging it in here at home in England for the first time? no tape or CD yet, but the first radio station i hit when testing it was some sort of classical affair, and they happened to be playing a piece from the original score for the film Midnight Cowboy. after that i tuned in to the coverage of the football and listened to Boro draw at home to, of all teams, Fulham.

in respect of decorations, or if you like beautifying, my elevated shed, i've not done all that much beyond the acquisition of the smart Quadrophenia canvas, but i did find this in a storage box, so on the desk it is.

yeah, i probably should perhaps have held off on sharing this one until November 5, so i could have done yet another of them "anniversary" posts i have a tendency to bore you with. hard to believe that it's now close to 24 years since that gig.

why am i calling this an elevated shed and not, say a "man cave" or just the loft? well, the loft sounds a bit dull, and "man cave" is a rather too American term for me. no quarrel or issues with the Americans and whatever it is they do, i just always picture a "man cave" as being set in one of them smart basements all American houses seem to have. a shed is a distinctly English thing, so my elevated shed it is.

and yes, dear reader, oh yes - in fact nothing short of f*** yes will do here - there is a door on my elevated shed and i can close it so that i may be undisturbed.

that said, i am off downstairs now, to go and see what's what, like.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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