Monday, October 24, 2005

our baby??

here's a picture of the real Beaker, being experimented on by Professor (or Doctor) Bunsen Honeydew out of the Muppets.

well, if our baby does look like this, i guess he will have his mother's red hair.

latest baby scan

hey everyone

well, here's the latest scan of the baby for you all. if you are of a keen eye, you will see the right eye at the top, a hint of the left eye, and the mouth.

on the mouth, Michele informs me that his mouth was constantly opening and closing at the scan. hmn, maybe we should call him Beaker out of the Muppets instead of Napoleon, then!!

otherwise, things are getting hectic here. Michele is busy finishing up and handing over everything at her office, whereas i am have the same old killer days at verk. ho hum, they do not pay me for my good looks!

Bronwyn - if you are reading this, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

i now have the swanky double disc of Batman Begins. although, if memory serves, i did not bother to review it here, it is hands down the second best film of the year. this means that it is better than Star Wars Episode III, but not quite the mindblowing cinematic work of art that was The Descent. if you have not seen those three films well then stop reading this and go and see them. except The Descent if you do not like horror films, or films that have a gift to totally play with your emotions.

oh well, that will be all from this side!

be excellent to each other!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

if only you could see what i've seen with your eyes

OK, after many many years of wondering, i have now seen two of the deleted/changed sequences that only featured in the workprint or sneak preview versions of Blade Runner, a film which appears to be making quite a resurgence in my life.

are they what i expected or hoped for? i had no idea what to expect and i hoped for nothing. here's a breakdown, then.

Hospital Scene - Deckard visits the unfortunate "blade runner" who got hit by Leon in the opening (Holden?). he's in an enclosed "iron lung" thing, a machine keeping him alive. i see now why they got rid of it, totally distracting and adds absolutely nothing. it also makes Deckard an "actual" detective, in so much as he is doing detective work. the fact that, by and large, the "final" (ha! we have still not seen a final version as far as i am concerned) version of the film does not show Deckard doing much hunting, for some reason he knows where they are, adds to the ambiguity of the fact that maybe, just maybe, Deckard is a replicant himself. which leads us too..........

Unicorn Dream Original Edit - and it's no longer a daydream or a memory. in this first take on it, Deckard is quite clearly wide awake and all too aware of his vision of the unicorn. significance? the origami unicorn in Deckard's apartment at the end. this edit of the sequence makes it fairly clear that Deckard is supposed to be seen as a Replicant himself. not sure how great an idea being so blatant is, much of the charm is that it trusts an audience to interpret at will.

none of this will make much difference if you hate the film anyway, or just think that it is "OK". i would still very much like to get my hands on a full blown copy of the workprint or the sneak previews, but alas it seems they are no longer available for sale anywhere. ho hum.

not much else other than listening to Blade Runner has been happening.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

....and a baby update

blimey, two updates in the same day!!

well, here's the latest image of Napoleon Elvis / James Robert Liam. as you can see, he is somewhat elusive and shy. i suspect the experts amongst you will be able to work out the details!!!

baby letter

hey everyone

sorry for the long delay in updating once again, just running around as usual with verk and all that good stuff.

here's a letter to a Pregnancy magazine that had Michele in stitches - hope you guys find it just as funny!

otherwise, i have managed to obtain a bottle of genuine Eastern European Absinthe. it is lethal and i want more!!!

the new Depeche Mode CD, playing the angel, is well worth a listen!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

the four of them

hey everyone

erm, happy October, if that is appropriate!!

well, it was a baby shower for my sister today, who like Michele is also expecting! she will probably not forgive me, but here's a pic of her with Michele earlier this afternoon!!!

i can, with my hand on my heart, reccomend Red Square hot shots to anyone who wishes to get enormously drunk. i reccomend that you have a few ladies pour it down your throat as you kneel in some catholic mass position too!!!

otherwise, a quick hello to Feminine Allure, who should be visiting shortly. go through the archives for the past couple of months and you should find some pics of me! look around and you will find my tribute to the real K i nky John too!!!

be excellent to each other!!