Saturday, October 10, 2015

the stolen tea of spiros

hello there

outside of a quick post earlier today, apologies for the lack of updates for the more unusual of you who check in here on a regular basis. yes, that's right, still busy days with the move. mostly this has been unpacking and that, but there's been, look you see, a little bit of wrestling with Swedish furniture proprietors. i was going to say manufacturers, but the stickers say that the Swedes get the Chinese to make it all; they just give it all a silly name and shove it in a box.

anyway, stolen tea. in a recent parcel, and indeed a recent post, Spiros sent me some tea which he had cunningly obtained from a secret place. please note that i did not explicitly state that he liberated it off of Kew Gardens, and nor did i suggest he did this as some sort of bizarre attempt at revenge for paying for a lifetime membership there. i took that particular tea to Gran & Gramps, as i believe i mentioned i would (sorry, i don't read or re-read my own stuff). whereas they were not too taken with the strawberry and vanilla one, they did really enjoy the rhubarb. they suggested to me that if Spiros were of a mind to go back to wherever it was (Kew Gardens) and get some more, they would be most happy to receive further shipments from him.

Spiros, despite having a hectic schedule of drinking cider, seeing what he can persuade tramps to do in exchange for £1 and conducting some minor legal compliance work, was delighted to, as it were, acquire the above box and send it on.

just so we are clear, yes, that's right what you are thinking. two people over the age of 40 with more degrees between them than they have arms have set up an elaborate network to divert tea from visitors of a famous Gardens in Kew towards two people rather close to 90 in age. this is pretty much, we believe, the most interesting and exciting use of our education and obtained skills thereof.

there you go, there's Gran very pleased with the shipment of rhubarb tea. nice one Spiros.

one of the most endearing things about my circle of close friends is their natural, not obliged to do so dedication to my family. in regards of me myself my chums will always take great delight in letting me get on with it, going as far as making life difficult or challenging where they can. for my family, though, they will, if they feel it appropriate, draw the blood of others on their behalf, and make any acquisition that takes their fancy.

if that sounds all a bit Godfather to you, my good friend Blondie and i did hold discussions about the unification of our two families via him marrying my sister. plans broke down when Blondie pointed out that when that happened in The Godfather and the marriage hit a rocky patch, the character who was in the position in the film he would be in was beaten close to death with his own shoe in the middle of a street by the character that would have been in the position i would have been in in the film. we decided that such a possibility should have all risk of ever happening eliminated, so the plans never went ahead. was my sister happy, disappointed or some other emotion about all of this? in truth we never discussed it with her as such at the time, and when we mentioned it a few years later i just got one of them funny looks off of her.

so, anyway, rhubarb tea. what is it? i mean, do you mean what's all the fuss about? i have no idea, as i have not tried it. all i know is that Gran & Gramps really, really like it, hence Spiros and i ensuring that they are able to have as much of it as they want. as they now have an abundance of the stuff, i may join them for a cup of it over the weekend.
here's Gramps, clearly very happy indeed with the haul that has landed from Spiros.

are my Gran & Gramps not concerned or bothered by the fact that Spiros is stealing tea and sending it to them? not especially. well, i mean, sure there were some concerns at first, but i assured them that it was complimentary tea that Spiros was taking, offered to him as a gesture of thanks for paying so much money to go and have a look at stuff that grows naturally and you could pretty much see for free anyway. that has kind of put their minds to rest; in truth i don't think they are likely to ask too many questions about how this silk road of tea flows, so long as the tea keeps flowing.

many of you, i know, are all too eager to live the Spiros life. to that end, if you believe that you can get your hands on some similar complimentary items that you'd think my Gran & Gramps would like, get in touch. we can arrange something and i will happily make sure it gets to them.

if this rhubarb tea is as exciting as Gran & Gramps say it is, i will do my best to post a review here as soon as i can after tasting it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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