Thursday, October 22, 2015

the cowboy look revival

hi there

well, there you go. we all knew this was coming, look you see, or at least those that knew of the controversies of my cowboy look knew that it would return once i had the brown boots back in order to do the look. for everyone else i suppose the terms revival, or return, are somewhat redundant here, but let it go, just go with it man.

today felt like as good a day as any to unleash the cowboy look once more. sure, granted, a lack of black jeans and an abundance of blue jeans being available this morning might have contributed some, but no matter, the look has been here today. and here you go.

this was all quite exciting for me as it was, strangely, the first time that i have stepped out into society whilst dressed in my sensational cowboy look this side of the equator. my experimentation with the image had, up until today, been limited to all south of that imaginary line. now is the time for the north to experience it.

there have, of course, been differences beyond which side of the equator i was on when i have strutted my stuff in this look. on previous occasions i had the look in place when i went to places such as Pretoria, where i engaged in certain matters with the police clearance certificate place, and indeed the British Embassy, or whatever it is they call it now. also, the morally bankrupt wastelands of Sandton got to taste the look, thanks to that whole Gautrain thing.

a full gander at the cowboy look? sure, why not. here's one of them rare things in this world for you, a picture of me that i actually really rather like. you might too.

yes. it's a little bit dark and shady, and you can't really see the cowboy look too proper in it. there's very much something of a Colonel Kurtz off of Apocalypse Now to this, or maybe that bit in Altered States when William Hurt was in the doorway with the music of The Doors playing. anyway, i like it. and yeah, my (considerably) better half took another of me in a bit more light, hold on.

if not in the likes of Pretoria and Sandton, where then did my cowboy look get its first showing off here today? at that whole harvest assembly thing i mentioned in a post earlier in the week. here, with this picture you can play "where's William" if you like, although i would imagine he is easy enough to spot.

what's a harvest assembly all about? it's marking the end of the harvest season here in the northern hemisphere, giving thanks for the bumper crops that may feed us through winter and sharing the produce with those less fortunate in the community. also, sharing flowers, as per the brief interlude picture in my classy, sensational look at the world of assembling ikea furniture, posted less than 24 hours ago.  which you can access by scrolling around this site and looking or by clicking here if in a rush.

i know the above is entirely at odds with the impression many around the world have of how harvest works in the UK. in most countries around the world, the understanding of how harvest works here is based exclusively on the documentary The Wicker Man, which means people believe that (*** MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD ***) we secure our crops by getting Dracula to lure virgin police officers to come to the village of their own free will, or if you like volition, and then burning them. this approach, regrettably, was more or less abandoned in the 70s.

anyway, that clearer look at my revived cowboy style.

yeah, the darker, keep him in the shadows one is much better, is it not?

beyond the harvest festival i went, and took my cowboy look into the village proper. what was the result? it seemed to neither harm nor enhance my transactions at the post office, the place where they sell bread and that, the chippie or the library. a success, then.

i know that most of you will want to admire these images in peace, or perhaps go and find something (anything) of more interest on the net, so i shall leave this here. and why not.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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