Saturday, May 25, 2019

what's all this then


every now and then, or if you like from time to time, look you see, inspiration takes someone to a place where they elect to combine two elements that nobody has previously thought to do such a thing. perhaps the greatest example of this is when someone did the most amazing thing ever, which is to combine the theme from (proper 70s) Battlestar Galactica with InterGalactic by the Beastie Boys, but let us not get into that again.

recently it was so that i had chance to experience - taste, as it happens - such a fusion of ideas. what came together was two food stuffs of a similar nature, as in that they are spreadable on things that you eat (often toast). the two things in question were peanut butter and marmite.

did i try this willingly? no, not really. in truth i had no idea that this combination existed until an Aunt of mine (no, the other one) spoke of her frustration in finding it and instructed, or if you like commanded, me to procure it for her. which, as you can see by the picture and by my confession to trying it, i did. no, it is neither easy to find nor particularly reasonable in cost, but what an Aunt of mine wants is what they get.

how did my Aunt, since it was her who wished to try it, find it? she said that it just tasted like peanut butter at the start, and then had a peanut butter aftertaste. yes, she did indeed suggest (insist) that i try it, and i can confirm i experienced the very same. so it is possible that anyone having a go at it will have a replicated sensation.

without doing any research i would suspect that this is one of those "marketing" things which commenced with an April Fool tester. over the years this has become quite common. take a peculiar idea, run it on April 1st "for a laugh", but be prepared to roll it out if customers, or people with money, express an interest. in recent times the most famous instance of this was the KFC "double down" burger.

for the record, no, i doubt very much that i shall be getting any more of this stuff. it would seem that giving it a go the once has satisfied the curiosity of my Aunt. as for me, well, it was all right, you know, but nothing said "make this a regular thing".

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

it's happening now

hi there

just a friendly reminder for that which you probably already know. yes, look you see, today is the day, it is finally here, get down and get with it, be there or be square.

i am of course speaking of the (proper) Richmond Meet 2019, which goes from today, 23 May, all the way to May 29.

yes, i must of course stress that this is the real, proper, Richmond, which of course means the one in Yorkshire. not to be confused at all with the false, lesser and much poorer one they have down in that there London place.

it is quite possible that you, the reader, are already on the way to this magnificent event. many are, with the anticipated crowd expected to be in the hundreds of thousands. will the million visitor mark be passed? let us hope so.

should it be that for some reason you are unaware of how to get there, just head for (proper) Richmond, Yorkshire, via your sat nav or google mapping or whatever. if it helps, the postcode for the cricket club there is DL10 4AR. but you could just follow the convoy of crowds, i suppose.

alas, no, is the answer to any question you have as to if i will be there. well, a provisional no. one cannot be too sure, perhaps my travels will take me there.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


hey there

an undoubtedly welcome post, look you see, for all you Richard enthusiasts. yes, he is still very much in and around, and has treated us all to another most splendid adventure.

there are many, many wonderful features and leisure facilities that a hotel, to be sure, can add to their grounds as offerings to attract customers. generally aquatic, which is to say water, based ones are always a winner. when the hotel is on the sea front, however, maybe not so much. not too many tourists, i would suspect, take the trouble to go all the way to be beside the sea for a holiday and not avail themselves of such waters.

unless, of course, the aquatic offering of the hotel provides something different - be it unusual or a twist - to what one can get from the water of the seas and oceans. like, for instance, randomly shoving an armed and fully functional swimming pool on the 30th floor of the hotel.

yes, that is an aspect of the pool, taken as a still form from a video that Richard sent.

but of course i have the video for you. had i left it just as the above still, you could of course dispute the position and location of the pool.

off we go, then, with one of them panoramic, almost as close as you need to be "three hundred and sixty degree" videos. enjoy, behold and yet also be warned, for the splendid nature of Richard providing a commentary track also means that Richard uses some colourful turns of phrase to describe it all.

magnificent, isn't it? no, i do not believe i have ever used, or been to, such a facility. despite my unsolicited, hard to comprehend status as some sort of "social media influencer", my ways are not one likely to see me feature in any sort of revival of Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous. such luxury as this is beyond my class status.

i appreciate that the above video is quite small in screen size, so here you go, another still frame from the clip for your consideration.

did Richard by any chance "do a bomb" into the pool? yes, of course. there is not one single body of water in the world what he has visited which he has not "bombed". for him, or to him, it would be most foolish to visit such a place and not allow his natural skills and talents to express themselves.

of course there is a video of this for your entertainment. Richard kindly agreed to let me show it here, so here you go.

the high volume of bombs Richard has done makes ranking them pretty hard, for in their sheer nature it would be that they are all pretty excellent. but, yes, i would agree, this one was one of the best ever bombs that he has done which happened to be recorded.

a still from the bomb video, preferably of Richard celebrating the excellence of it? sure, why not.

one of the more frequent occurrences on this blog is that the video and images i present are just so damned excellent and speak so well for themselves that there is little sense in me adding too many words. i would suspect, and have every reason to believe, that this is such an instance.

thank you for reading, and yes, Richard has indeed promised to forward on any other further bomber adventures, irrespective of at what height they occur.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

avengers endgame

hello there

or, perhaps (actually) more correctly (or if you like to be correct) hello from the last weekend of April this year. having just watched this Avengers Endgame business, look you see, i felt it was in keeping with the general consensus of spirit to put some distance between today and the publication of this, lest i be accused of "spoilers". surely it would be that all who wish to see the film "spoiler free" will have done so by now, or take a chance in continued reading of stuffs concerning the movie here on the internet.

i will, perhaps, go a little bit further on that. whereas people tricking others into seeing "spoilers" that they did not wish to see is quite mean spirited, for someone to actively read an article on something which they don't want to know the details of is curious. that would be curious in the sense of "let's have a go at russian roulette". whereas i would respect all who wish to avoid specifics and do place warnings when i might do it, you would think some - the majority of it, as point of fact - of the onus to avoid such would fall firmly with the person wishing to avoid it.

a spoiler free overview? sure. the film fluctuates between being good, quite good and very good. mostly the first to dominate, whereas in the previous film it was decidedly the latter which prevailed. this is a movie which does the job intended and wanted, one that is difficult to see possibly being made any better than it is, but ultimately doesn't "push to a new level" which was the case with a high percentage of the Marvel films before it.

right, for the benefit of those still yet to see it but wish to remain bereft of information, here you go, a brightly coloured, quite clear warning that *** SPOILERS AHEAD *** be true for the rest of this post. so, don't read if you don't want to, and if you do, no one can say that the signs were not present not to do so.

plot? well, as was widely speculated from what was shown in the trailer, yes, our intrepid heroes, or if you like The Avengers, seek to use the magic of time travel to try and undo "the snap" from Avengers Infinity War, when Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half, or if you will 50%, of all life in the universe, so as to protect and preserve the resources available.

what i was not expecting was how this was structured. you saw the warnings, yeah? it took me by surprise to see the film start with survivors some 3 weeks after the snap finding Thanos and killing him, with the "time travel solution" coming only 5 or so years after that. of the "major" character departures in this film, 66% of them were fairly obvious as the character story arcs has pretty much been done. the other 33%, however, rather took me by surprise as the character in question would have appeared to have had more stories to tell......

my favourite part of the movie? the way in which a "retired" Thor is out of shape and apparently dressing like The Dude out of The Big Lebowsk now means that i can claim to have the body of a god off of norse mythology. cheers for that. second favourite part was undoubtedly the all too short look at 1970 Michael Douglas. he looks really, really smart.

the third favourite part was how the fallout of Infinity War was handled. in the various perspectives of how people carried on after the "snap" - and yes i would include the reflections of Thanos in this - is a key, crucial example of how and why these films were all so good. character development, dramatic content and a strong plot development have always been as important as the flashy effects and action sequences.

ultimately the "problem" with Endgame is a quite good one we have seen before, at least twice, with The Dark Knight Rises and Blade Runner 2049. all three films were superb, excellent and as well made as they possibly could have been, but when you hold them up to their predecessor it becomes apparent that there was just no obvious way to surpass what had been before.

where next for all things Marvel? in terms of what is known, i believe Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 is on the way. that might now, however, be better called Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Thor 4. also, i am sure i heard another Spider Man film was coming. otherwise, perhaps they will announce a whole other wave of movies, as and when they feel that anyone looking to avoid Endgame spoilers has done so.

for now then, that would be this post done.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 17, 2019

where opportunistic pilferers take refuge and shelter


one of those sort of "complaints and grievances" sort of posts, look you see, or just a general whine if you would prefer to see it as such. up to you really, i can just write it all as it is.

in very general - broad, indeed - terms, if you did a survey of what makes verk across the UK good, it would be how the unions fight and defend rights whilst protecting us, the simple, honest workers coming out with a hig score. conversely, if you were to survey the worst of verk across our nation, it would be how the unions make it difficult, if not impossible, to go ahead and fire any staff member that is incompetent, generally inept and not up to the job or is plainly a thief.

the more essential or nationwide a service is, the more the latter is true. like, for instance, with the "jobs for the boys", once you are in you are in for life, no way will anyone ever get disciplined let alone fired world of royal mail.

yes, oh yes indeed, this is exactly how a letter arrived for me not so long ago. well, not exactly, i have taken the trouble of removing my address. doesn't that top corner look like someone has torn it open to have a look? maybe see what's inside, on the off chance that it was worth stealing? that was my thoughts. so, as i saw it being delivered like this, and knowing that tampering with mail is a very serious offence, i wrote to complain to royal mail, offering to send them pictures and/or the envelope.

without ever even seeing the pictures, this is how royal mail elected to reply. yes, i have indeed copied and pasted the response, as that is clearly what they have done -

Although we take care with all items sent with us, there are rare occasions when things get damaged during their journey. We use machines during the processing of mail and, if an item is bulky or not sealed correctly, it can become trapped or damaged. We do our best to remove items that are too big before they get into the sorting machines, but sometimes things are missed. I’m sorry, this may be the cause of damage to your item.

When we discover a damaged item, it should be re-sealed in one of our official plastic bags. This keeps the item and its contents, if located, secure for the remainder of its journey. I understand your item wasn’t enclosed inside one of these plastic bags, so please accept my apologies for this. 

i am not sure which is the most extraordinary part of that. whilst it could be that they totes know how the envelope got damaged without seeing it, perhaps it is the claim that a machine did it itself which takes that title. although i am no expert, i am pretty sure that if a machine did that to this, a quite standard envelope, then it would do the same to all envelopes which passed through it. which, this being royal mail, i would assume is a lot.

making this claim is at first lazy, but secondly saves royal mail doing anything pesky or time consuming like find and weed out any opportunistic thieves they employ. to do so would involve hearings, as well as involve the unions. that is simply too much time and effort for them.

what was in the envelope that someone in the employ of royal mail wanted to see if was worth stealing? no less than two free tickets to some scientology presentation or film or similar that Spiros thought i would be interested in. well, there were two in the envelope, perhaps there was more but off goes some royal mail employee to see what it is all about.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

four hours and fifty miles in a nissan juke

hi there

expertise and knowledge on all things automotive are not, look you see, something that i would readily claim to have. indeed, seldom is it that i am associated with such pillars of wisdom when it comes to wheels. but, if it helps someone out, from time to time i am delighted to make comment as and when i can.

for reasons i would rather not discuss and certainly cannot disclose (hence the rather not discuss aspect) i happened to have the chance of having a drive in a relatively new model of the nissan juke, which is a car model called juke made by nissan. these tend to be quite popular, at least in terms of you, the people, giving consideration to buying and driving one.

my overall, overriding and solid conclusion to anyone considering a nissan juke is simply do not punish yourself. no matter what sins you believe you have committed that you must do penance for, or how miserable and uncomfortable you wish to make your driving experience, don't go to this extent.

in terms of the most important element of a car, the stereo is almost perfectly serviceable. one can play a cd on it, the sound is not bad, and every now and then the radio stays tuned in to a station for five consecutive minutes. however, the display is annoying. unless you have the nissan approved memory card installed for navigation, which was not provided, the screen constantly displays an obtrusive message telling you to insert such. there was no way i could find to switch it off, so cd, radio and importantly bass information were a mystery to me.

comfortable to drive? no. everything about the shape and design of this car suggests the intention is to have a child's toy blow up by an enlarging laser ray. this extends, or rather shrinks, to the seats. as far as i could work out the only person who would be able to sit comfortably in this car would be a seven year old anorexic.

there's also an annoying middle compartment thing. basically, it's ludicrously oversized, and you have to sit and drive with your elbow on it, making steering and that quite a challenge.

my understanding was that the japanese were supposed to be quite good and clever with all this car making business. not so, on the basis of this, not so.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 13, 2019

another scam message


well, what can i say. so much for the law, look you see. but that's not fair. ever since the laws and punishments for "cold calling" and outright scammers increased somewhat there has been a noticeable fall in the amount of times they happen.

quite the danger with that is complacency. if we are no longer used to rubbish, obviously fake and clearly intent on doing wrong messages coming our way then we might blindly accept that whatever messages come to us must be true. this is of course not the case.

this is one of them "public service announcements", then, if you like. recently the below landed on one of my devices. for a split second (actually less) i considered if it might be real. but no, the signs that it was a falsehood were too obvious. at least, to me. let me show you just in case they are not to your good self. and this is no shortcoming on your side, no one knows anything until they have such knowledge provided.

usually i blank out all the information that could cause you harm. in this instance i have left it, so a to illustrate the obviously false information. but, to clarify, please do not attempt to call the listed number, and absolutely do not type in that web address on any connected device you have.

let's start with that number. if you have two step verification on your accounts (and i would urge you to do this), when you get a text or SMS from the likes of Facebook and indeed to use the example here PayPal you will note that it usually states their name on it, not a telephone number.

as you read the message some issues are obvious. other than them not just randomly deciding to "validate" account, it is worth remembering that PayPal are a multi billion in any currency you like business. they probably can afford to hire a decent writer and someone to check messages, so you wouldn't get the error which made a fake hyperlink with no space between the full stop at the end of information and the word Please.

on domains, that looks real, does it not? after all, it has the security "https" part, and says paypal .co .uk, which i have spaced out. however, don't be fooled. please don't be fooled.

"https" is not all you think. for a start anyone can buy the certificate for it for their site. and just because it says it on the link does not mean it is really there. here is a perfectly safe example for you - go ahead, i promise it will not take you anywhere naughty or dangerous -

the on the address is misleading. it is what they call a "sub" domain. the address you are actually going to is always the very last domain you can see, either at the end of the address or just before any "/" parts. in this instance, then, you would be going to an address called ayiw . nl.

what to do with a message like this? best is to delete it. should you have a moment of doubt then by all means log in to the account you have a "warning" for, but do not follow any link. always type in the address you know is correct.

no, i am not an expert. just passing on information those who are wise have shared with me, and yes, in fairness, i have spent some time in the company of the charlatans, the fraudsters and the tricky ones of the internet.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

some reading

hello reader

just the usual stuff, look you see. i have, to be sure, completed the reading of two more books (as opposed to less, you say), and so it is time for me to comment on them.

quite a bit of a difference in my reading with this post. well, a 50% change, since it does not affect both. but of the 50% change, 100% totes was. yes, then, i have indeed delved into the rarely seen realm of non-fiction.

a look at what i read, and some spoiler-free overviews? surely.

to start where i started, then, Thanks A Lot Mr Kibblewhite by Roger Daltrey would be the rare non-fiction read. if you think i am going to speak ill or with about but praise about Roger Daltrey then you are quite mistaken. on more familiar territory would be the most recent of Charlie Parker novels, The Woman In The Woods by John Connolly. superb would be my chosen word on it.

can anyone actually give spoilers on non-fiction? i am not sure. well, anyway, to play safe, do please take note that an incidental *** POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNING *** is in place for the remainder of this post. i shall, as ever, attempt to refrain from such.

starting where i did with these two, then, and Thanks A Lot Mr Kibblewhite off of Roger Daltrey. a cleverly, if not strategically placed sub title for the book declares it My Story, so you know this is non-fiction.

provenance of my copy? off of my Dad. he got it, read it and post it across a great many oceans and seas to me. nice one Dad, cheers. he kind of knows that i seldom go near non-fiction, but wished to ensure that i "got around" to reading this, the tale of a shared idol of ours.

normally around here i would give some details on the plot. erm, ok, it's the life and times of Roger Daltrey as told by Roger Daltrey. that's the Roger Daltrey, him off of The Who. unless i am mistaken this is the first non-fiction i have read for some 5 or 6 years, with the last being either the Warren Zevon book, or possibly the Keith Richards one.

to use those books as a reference, Daltrey's telling of his life is neither as in depth or exhaustive as Richards, and in no way is it as dirty, shocking or revealing  as the Zevon one. frankly, what you get here is a sequence of anecdotes, with things referenced rather than explained. he talks about things which let you see and, if you so wish, understand his passion for, say, trout farming, and how he became the uber acolyte at the altar of the genius of Pete Townshend. yes, there are one or two funny tales of the legend of Keith Moon, but there's rather more how problematic he was to live with.

it's all told as you would expect Daltrey to tell it - no mincing words, no hiding away from things and always being up front. yes, now that i think, there are one or two quite surprising revelations - in particular why certain tours happened - but let me not spoil the read for anyone intending to have a look at this.

one thing, maybe. Roger seems genuinely upset that one of his solo albums, Rocks In The Head, did not sell very well. this is 25 or so years later. well, Roger, for what it is worth, my Dad got me that one, and it's an album i rate highly. perhaps, as a thanks for the read, i shall give the CD a spin again in the not too distant future and do a post on it.

back into the world of fiction for me, then, and very much a return to the familiar world of the works of John Connolly.  The Woman In The Woods is the latest Charlie Parker "supernatural thriller" to be available in my preferred medium, paperback.

provenance? Tesco, once more. i think this was just £3 on the week it came out, but also if it was £3.50 i would have purchased it.

the plot? an unusually quiet time for protagonist Parker. mostly he is focusing on the welfare of his two friends and protectors, Louis and Angel, but then his quasi legal representation asks him to "shadow" a seemingly straightforward (in relative terms) police investigation into the discovery of a dead female found buried in the woods. with no foul play suspected or considered, it all seems to be open and shut, just an illegal burial after an unregistered death. but, of course, this is a Charlie Parker story, and so more, much more, rises to the surface......

wow. this one was good. really good. after a few blips here and there, and a period where John Connolly seemed to be rushing out great ideas so they were so-so tales, he is well in a groove. i would suggest that this is top 5 or 6 material out of the 15 or 16 Charlie Parker novels he has done. curiously, or interestingly, this one is all flat third person, rather than the usual mix of 1st / 3rd. hey ho, it works.

so here's the problem with my "highly recommended" for this novel. for it to make any sense one would very much have to have read all of the previous novels. there are just too many threads and plot points lurking to read it in its own right, should i have worded that correctly.

or what it is worth, though, oh indeedy yes i would strongly suggest reading all of them. well, at the least starting off with the first one, Every Dead Thing. if you were to give that a go and liked it, well then there's somewhere north of a dozen books (and thankfully counting) of more of the same - often better - waiting.

anyway, that will or would be that for this look at some books. in conclusion, then, it would be fair to say that the Roger Daltrey one is a great read for Roger Daltrey fans, and the John Connolly book is an excellent one for anyone that happens to have read the 15 (maybe 16) or so that came out before it.

many thanks for reading, and as ever hopefully this has been of some use to someone out there somewhere!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 09, 2019

no time to make careful decisions


yes indeed, look you see. just another post which one might, if they were so inclined, regard as being of little beyond me simply showing off. although if i impress anyone with this then i shall truly be pleased.

much like the previous post to this one, that being all about the Bowie Sound & Vision tape set i obtained, this is another purchase made off of the great digital car boot sale. one that relates, again, to something that i hold quite dear.

in this particular instance, though, it all relates to something arguably not quite so well known as David Bowie. also, unlike audio cassettes, there would not appear to be much of an easy means for me to actually make use of that which i have bought. but, still.

yes, it's Star Struck, or possibly Starstruck depending on your preferred way of stating the title again. i would ask you to note that this is the proper film with that name, it being the wonderful 1982 movie from Australia. other things may well have been released with the same name since, but they are nowhere near as good. i know this because they are not the film i love so dearly.

for some basics on the film you could always click here, and follow the links on the post i did then. or, as an alternative, just keep reading here.

that image above, in Commodore 64 mode, is another copy of the film i have picked up. it is the third one that i have obtained, with my current rate of obtaining them being one new (to me at least) copy every 12 years. a little obsessive, perhaps, but there you go.

and there is an almost complete look at my Star Struck collection. missing from the above is the vinyl lp of the soundtrack, what a dear friend from America got me. yes i was tempted to unpack it, but i felt that the cassette version of the soundtrack was sufficient.

for those interested, the "blue" one is the first one to have been obtained. it is sn Australian VHS copy, obtained by Mum. i may be mistaken, but i believe it was that she rented both this and Flash Gordon from a video rental store in Brisbane (or similar), just the day before we moved back home to England. undoubtedly there was every intention to return it, but alas this did not happen. the middle "pink" one is the DVD i imported from the USA. some copies of this are still out there available.

on the end, then, the "white" one with the "none more 80s" style cover, is the one i just got. this is a Betamax copy, which i cannot actually play due to not having a Beta video. no matter. what interested me was that it was a UK release of the film. up to now, i had no idea at all that the film was ever released in England, or other parts of the UK. evidently it very much was.

some research on the internet gave me a few more details. the BBFC, as is their way, of course found reason to make cuts to the film. no idea what, but if i were to guess there is the briefest glimpse of an actual, real lady nipple at one point, and at some stage someone calls someone a "w@nker".

one certain cut to the video, going on the running time, is the same as the Australian VHS. that would be the removal of one song performance, It's Not Enough. if you happen to like this song or the performance, it is only to be seen in the cinematic or if you will theatrical release, which happily is what one gets on the DVD. no, so far as i can work out, no censorship reasons for it being edited.

perhaps one day i shall get to watch this unexpected UK release of the film and see for myself what differences exist. to do so will, or would, of course require me delving into the world of Beta technology. which may be tricky. having a look on ebay suggests that a working (honest) Beta player will cost significantly north of £100. another, more viable option would be to pay someone with a presumably working Beta to convert it to DVD for me, with costs of that seeming to be north of £10 but generally south of £20. that strikes me as being fair.

where did i get this from? ebay. rather splendidly, and perhaps showing a general lack of interest in both this film and Beta, for a penny south of £5. this i consider a bargain just for the lovely box alone. my fervent bidding and successful purchase of the film were encouraged and condoned by my siblings, which is to say brother and sister, who love the film as dearly as me. and, like me, neither of them have ever met anyone who has seen or heard of this film beyond having being introduced to it by one of us.

if you are someone else that has seen or heard of this magnificent, wonderful film without having me introduce you to it, most happy day! truly, i do dream of one day meeting someone who loves it so dearly but has not had that tempered by my influence.

anyway, there you go. thanks, as usual and as ever, for taking the time to read.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

don't you wonder sometimes

howdy pop pickers

well, i suppose after writing about (or of) Bowie at least once a month for just north of two years it might have been predictable that i would find it tricky to give up doing so, look you see. and so this has proven to be, but at least i do so with sort of a good reason.

if you are wondering as to whether or not this all relates to some sort of indulgence buy, or other such "it is shiny, i want it" acquisition. the answer is yes. a fairly or otherwise relatively recent browse on that modern day car boot sale, ebay, led me to finding something that i already had (strictly speaking twice over), but in a different format. which was good enough to secure a purchase.

yes, indeed. above are, or is, the celebrated original issue of David Bowie's Sound & Vision retrospective box set. in audio cassette, or if you will tape, format. this originally came out way back in late 1989, and was for some reason limited in release to the USA and Canada.

what, exactly, is it? something of a, if not for Bowie then the music industry at the time, defining moment. this was a compilation which for Bowie kick-started a proper re-release of his 69 - 80 albums on CD, but did so in a way that was anything but a lazy or cheap "best of" cash-in. on a very rough, best guess measurement, somewhere around half of the tracks on the original set were "non-standard", as in they were different versions of songs, unreleased numbers, live selections and what have you.

although Crossroads by Eric Clapton, which was released a year earlier, is generally considered as the start of the phenomenon known as the CD box set, it was Sound & Vision which charted the path to take. Clapton's most excellent set was just that, but it was virtually all "previously released" stuff. the Bowie spin on it, giving fans stuff that they had probably not had any means or opportunity to get before, proved popular, with north of 200,000 copies of this (at the time) very expensive set selling.

yes, indeed, also a quite beautiful set, although my efforts in trying to take an image of the quasi "hologram" picture of Bowie on the box patently do not do it justice.

why was this original version not released in the UK? i actually have no idea. could be on Bowie's orders, maybe as he felt it would be too expensive or otherwise damage sales of the Changesbowie (more traditional) best of. or limit the sales of the ambitious album re-release plans, where if i remember right 2 or 3 albums were re-released every two or three months. most likely, though, perhaps it all had something to do with publishing, rights, the deal signed with Ryko, etc.

but, despite it not being available (or at the least not released) in the UK, did i happen to have this, the original release of Sound & Vision? why, yes.

it is all due to, or down to, my Dad's frequent international business travel that i was able to take ownership of it on CD. he happened to be off to the USA for work related stuff, i asked if he could possibly get this set for me, and indeed he did. nice one Dad, thanks again.

would i have been able to get it if not for my Dad? probably not, no. whereas now one with an internet connection can pretty much get anything from anywhere, then there was no such system. perhaps i could have got HMV, or Our Price, or similar, to order it in for me, or for that matter someone advertising in NME or Melody Maker may have imported it. although i can't say for certain, i suspect such an approach would have seen a cost around or north of £100, so absolutely not.

this CD version, and yes i will get back on to the newly obtained tape version eventually, came with something of an oddity. whereas you may think that Sound & Vision was called such just as a reference to one of Bowie's songs, it was more relevant to this particular variation. there were three CDs proper, to be sure, and then a "plus" or bonus disc, featuring some live tunes and the video for Ashes To Ashes on something called a CD Video.

from what i recall CD Video was a most unpopular format, filling the gap between laserdisc and the eventual rise of DVD. i don't think the system sold particularly well, probably due to the space and size limitations as to what you could get on the disc. yes, i did get to watch the Ashes To Ashes video off this disc, once. due to a strange quirk in multi-platform compatibility, this CD Video played perfectly well on a laserdisc machine a good friend had.

please don't hold me to this, but if i recall right the three live songs on here - Changes, The Supermen and John I'm Only Dancing recorded in Boston - eventually turned up on the Aladdin Sane 2 CD set which was released for some anniversary or another. no, the live songs were not included on the tape version of Sound & Vision and no, you didn't get a VHS or Beta with it.

which, i suppose, lets me return very nicely to this, the tape version of it that i recently obtained.

how much did i pay to take ownership of this cassette variation? one does have to be careful when engaging in these "auction" things on ebay, for when your magpie eyes are hungry for the prize you can forget all sense of budget or value. such a fate did not happen to me here.

in total, which is to say including postage and what have you, the fee brokered, bid and duly paid was north of £10 but south of £15. as point of fact a figure reasonably central to those two poles that i have placed for measurement. obviously it is always nicer to get something cheaper, but the budget i set out was "no more than a special edition CD down HMV", and so it was a most happy day to have it come in at less than that.

ooops, no, i have not given much in the way of details of what the set contains, other than rarities. well, in this original version it has lovely bookends, commencing with an early demo of Space Oddity and ending with Ashes To Ashes. in regards of the former, it begins with a lovely, innocent pitch from the young Bowie, with a message to the record label executives he hoped would hear that particular recording.

yes, indeed, that is inside one of the tapes for you. i would say that i selected tape two entirely at random, but as discussed before in the days of random bowie posts, that's my favourite look and era.

for what reason did i wish to own these tapes? i mean, was it just to gather more Bowie stuff, or burn of excess cash, or to actually play? somewhere across all three, i think. we, as humans, are aesthetic and tactile creatures. to see and to touch, as well as to hear, tend to be what makes us who we are. all this "streaming", be it music or movies, is lovely and convenient, and yet in doing that we miss the sheer beauty, the wonderful sense, of being able to touch, to hold, to feel.

the last sentiment is one i have mentioned before, and could well be something i touch on again. presently i have a bit of an itch to look at something which feels absurd yet makes perfect sense, namely the "VHS revival" quietly going on. but, i am not sure i am qualified to speak of it, or if there is much to say about it. we shall see.

it might well be that you guessed this, but above is a gander at some of the things what were in the early 2000s (i think 2002?) re-issue of the Sound & Vision box set. an expanded version, somewhat, too, with all of the 80s and up to (i think) the Black Tie White Noise album being covered. so yes, you lost the Major Tom bookends, but you gained some lovely extras. like, in particular, the proper film version of Cat People (Putting Out Fire). prior to this release it was tricky to get that one on CD.

yes, it probably was that song in particular which persuaded me to part with substantial cash for this CD revamped reissue. no, no real regrets, although obviously it was not too pleasing to see the CDs simply housed in plastic sleeves, nice though the fancy printing on them is. and indeed there was a further re-release, in the early 2010s i think, featuring the same material as in this early 2000s variation but in a smaller box. thus far i have not been tempted to get it.

any further justification or vindication i would like to throw out for purchasing this set? well, yes, certainly. as you can see clearly below, when you like the cassette version up it creates an entirely different picture to the one which happens when you line the CD version up.

right, well, that's about that. indeed yes, this post could be interpreted as "showing off". but why would i not do such on my own blog? hopefully, though, it has all been of interest to someone out there somewhere.

my thanks, as ever, for stopping by to have a bit of a gander and a slight read.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 05, 2019

shǎn liàng de xiāngyān


it feels like quite some time, look you see, since i did any sort of post looking at, reviewing or otherwise celebrating fags. this has not been a deliberate omission. well, not mostly. smoking is, after all, a quite silly, irresponsible and detrimental thing to do for your health.

my unsolicited status, then, as some sort of "social media influencer" really should see me be careful of what i am seen to advocate or endorse. but, that said, smoking remains legal if no longer fashionable, and it is something that i do. it would be wrong for me to ignore the subject all together.

this would be particularly true, to be sure, when i have recently experienced some quite exotic smoking pleasures. ones normally denied to those in what is traditional deemed to be the western world.

oh, indeed, yes, or if you prefer shì, as you can see quite clearly i have had some lovely Chinese cigarettes on the go. well, when i say lovely, i mean beautiful as they were free, once again them being a most generous gift from Spiros.

whereas i have every confidence in the clarity of the above picture, for the sake of ease of reading these are indeed Sheng Xiao fags. they are, according to the manufacturer, a luxury brand or product, and the apparent intention of them is that they are available only in "duty free" areas of airports for those with travel concerns what feature mainland China. so, don't go looking for them in regular shops as they won't be there.

actually, they are not supposed to be there. legend and rumour has it that many, many shops, all over the UK, have a stash of not necessarily conventionally imported fags which they sell "under the counter"; purely on a "cash is tax free" basis. i have yet to establish such a relationship with such a shop, but i will be a most happy man the day i do.

generally, then, the "masses", so to speak, will not have regular or easy access to these most splendid fags. i have a duty, then, to try them, and convey a sense of what they are like for those curious or interested in such things.

things start off reasonably well with them. when i first had one, my reaction was "this is not bad at all". it was all a bit reminiscent of how certain brands popular in England in the 80s and 90s, say Regal or Embassy, used to taste back then. jolly good, i thought, being most delighted with this.

but, as a well worn and used saying goes, nothing lasts forever.

a bit of a pause in the general review, then, to celebrate how celebratory they have designed and produced these cigarettes. just look at the intricate effort that has gone in to both the packaging and the cigarettes themselves. very pretty indeed, much more attractive than the plain things we are forced to have here in the UK.

you will be able to see in another picture below with a good deal more clarity, but for now, yes. the packets would indeed seem to be resplendent with various yet specific animals, all presumably related to the "year of the...." approach the Chinese have to calendars. rather more interesting that our dull and boring numerical way of counting the years.

so as you progress with the business of smoking these cigarettes, things change. as it burns down towards the filter the taste fluctuates, if not outright changes. far be it from me to make any sort of allegations or suggestions that i simply cannot prove or substantiate, but what came to mind was the decidedly distinct notion of the cigarettes, in taste and flavour, getting to be a bit "asbestosy" in nature. oh.

indeed, that is Spiros above, with a gentleman who he met and formed one of his famous friendships with. the identity of the gentleman has been deftly edited, for there is every chance he lives in a society where it is not standard for men to meet other men in public restroom facilities, where they form short term but mutually beneficial friendships.

as usual, then, yes - no i cannot reveal where exactly or when Spiros was, but he was off doing his thing, being appointed for his services as the greatest legal mind of his generation. i would have every confidence that it was a spectacular success.

when i mentioned the "asbestosy" side to Spiros, he said he would have absolutely no idea as he does not smoke, except for a cigar from time to time, if the fee is right. anyway, he countered my review, saying that on the basis of all he knew of how things work in certain areas, it might well be that the filters of the cigarettes were made in part from the "crushed bones of dissidents". unfortunately i am simply not clued up on world affairs to be in a position to comment on such.

there you go, as indicated that i would earlier, a much clearer view of the packets, so that you may see all the better the special artwork they are resplendent in, or with if that is the right way of saying it. very shiny, they are, and a lovely thing to have.

quite fascinating, one of those obligatory warnings. although i profess to be no expert on world affairs, i thought it was fairly common knowledge that in China it is frowned upon to have more than one child. doing so, as point of fact, tends to make the authorities quite cross. with that being the case, if it is, then i would not have thought decreasing fertility would be much of a problem.

is smoking in China better received than it is here in the "west"? apparently yes. cigarettes cost a good deal less there, and a significant number of the population do indeed smoke. perhaps i would quite like life in China on that basis, then, although i rather doubt that i would find the restrictions placed on other aspects of life all that agreeable.

above are labels which advise one on how much nicotine, tar, etc are in the cigarettes. well, i say "etc", but do not really mean it. there is no mention of what is in the filters, be it asbestos, crushed bones or similar. but i am sure whatever it is would be perfectly fine and safe to use, otherwise why would they make them that way?

well, anyway, now you know pretty much all that i know of these most splendid fags. unless, of course, they turn out to be rapidly fatal. should that be the case, it is possible i will know nothing of it, but you shall.

对彼此很好, or if you prefer,

duì bǐcǐ hěn hǎo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 03, 2019

a woman of very few words


yes, indeed. as just about all of you, look you see, will be aware, the title of this post is how James Bond describes May Day in A View To A Kill, the one that no one seems to like despite having an ahead of its time plot, an Oscar winner as the baddie for the first time and one of the most amazing theme songs of all time. so it must be time to do the usual look at my calendars, then, for the new month. which is May.

origins of May? surprisingly yes, it did exist prior to 1985, although many in the modern era have assumed that the month was created and named to celebrate just how class Grace Jones was as May Day in A View To A Kill. this is one of them months which would appear to have been in all variations of calendars across civilizations and time, except maybe that smart Napoleonic one, which troubled itself with flowers and such.

with it being a northern hemisphere thing in origin (the name, the time of year and all that), it's all to do with gods, goddesses, fairies and other such deities who are celebrated with their association with spring, fertility, etc. yeah, that whole "maypole" dance thingie off of (proper) Wicker Man.

that is, as regular readers will be only too aware, the Winnie The Pooh calendar what is resplendent in our kitchen. sorry for the "bleached" appearance, i pressed "auto correct" on the image and simply could not be bothered to undo it.

as i would suspect you can see, that there is the character of Tigger. it is my understanding that he is one of, if not the, most popular characters from the "Pooh Expanded Universe" business. and why not, as he is rather smart.

important dates and anniversaries in the month of May? most decidedly.

02 - on this day in 1989 The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses was released. making this superb record 30 years old this year.

04 - for some this is Star Wars day, but the Dutch do a "remembrance of the dead" thing instead.

09 - Lincoln Cathedral was consecrated on this day in 1092. no, i am not particularly interested either, but who knows, perhaps some Russian tourist requires this information for a tv interview.

16 - on this day in 1990 both Glass Eye out of The Rat Pack and Jim Henson out of The Muppets died, a double tragedy from which, arguably, American culture and arts has yet to recover from.

14 - happy birthday Ian Astbury out of The Cult, which is a top band.

21 - just because he is now dead does not mean we cannot, on this day, wish a happy birthday to ice cream lover and drive by shooting enthusiast Biggie Smalls.

26 - national sorry day in Australia, so sandpaper at the ready, all you cricket enthusiasts.

31 - world "no tobacco day", which can f*** right off.

meanwhile, over on my "vintage" car this month is an actual classic. yes, as you can clearly see in the exotic magnificence of Commodore 64 mode, it's a 1972 Ford Escort Mark 1. this, as you would hardly need me to tell you, was the first ever automotive fanny magnet. it was designed, manufactured and marketed purely for the effect it had on the ladies, with any gent who owned and drove one never likely to be shy or wanting in respect of female company. indeed, yes, as far as i am aware the car retains this formidable lodestone power to this day.

well, then, there we have it. should you be one of the people who visit my blog once a month for a calendar update, so as to avoid purchasing one yourself, i hope this has been of some use.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

return to commodore car wash

hey there

with the coming of may it is perhaps appropriate, or even apt, look you see, to address the folly of march.

some not inconsiderable distress, it seems, was, to be sure, caused by the failings of a post i did towards the end of the earlier month. by this i mean the partially celebrated commodore car wash one that i did. the partial celebration was as a consequence of my failure to properly capture - in Commodore 64 mode - some footage of the car wash in action.

i felt a degree of responsibility for this required me to return and try again. this, as you will see, i did, and it went better this time.

no, the above is not meant to be a video or moving image as such, just a still image. from experience i have learned not to place a video first in any of these posts, for it does not index the post in a pretty or nice way.

that is, however, indeed the car wash. also, if i am not mistaken, the very same one which i visited back in march. you know, when i failed you all with the lack of a video. but please note it is not like i go to, or hang about, that particular car wash on a frequent basis. nor is it, for that matter, the only car wash that i use.

yes, i would say that i am entirely flexible and open to ideas when it comes to which car wash to use. just as and when the need to be at one determines which i will use, and invariably it tends to be a simple matter of finding the closest. nice though this particular one is.

and there you have it. some moving images, in Commodore 64 mode, of the car wash in action. if for some reason you require a commentary to what you are seeing, to me it looks like the soapy water has been distributed over my vehicle, and then them massive brushed are coming in to do their thing.

mostly it would be fair to say that i am unsure as to what expectations anyone had of how that footage would seem. all i can really do is take it, "upload" it, present it here and hope, if not trust, that it is all as good as you had hoped for. if not, well, sorry but that is down to your ideas and not my reality.

what do i do as the vehicle is in the car wash? just sit there, really, and watch. i like to watch.

i don't go to one of them fancy, posh "valet" things, to be sure. the sort where you had someone your keys, and they go off and take your vehicle and clean it to all kinds of "showroom standards". no, for the interests of an easy, simple life i rather head to one of them ones where you drive in and let the machine do the work. if i hadn't, in fairness, i would not have been able to bring you all this exciting footage and all these wonderful images.

whilst i am not all that bothered about car washes, i do have some sympathy for the plight of their owners. quite a lot of economic turmoil, you would imagine. for a start, they must have been rolling in it when, through privatisation and the ruthless actions of provincial councils, reliable public transport was all but destroyed in the UK, making more people drive cars. more cars means more cars that need washing. but now financial ruin awaits, as the authorities shall not rest until all of us abandon cars in favour of bikes.

that's just another image for you of the car wash in action, on the off chance that all other images presented were not quite enough.

anyway, i think that is all i have to offer, or give, on this subject.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

celebrating the 20th anniversary of the crowning glory of the goose slayer

hello there

this probably goes without saying, but it all the same it is of course true that acts of violence should not be condoned or celebrated. at least not all of the time, look you see. if it were all of the time, then i should not be writing this, a reflection on one of the greatest moments in modern history.

i am not at all certain, to be sure, which is the more difficult to accept. that 1999 (the year, not the Prince song) was 20 years ago, or that it is now 20 years since we witnesses a brave, plucky warrior slay a goose in just about the most unconventional way you could imagine. even if you can imagine  a lot of different things.

yes. whereas a modern generation knows him as "the Pope out of Sharknado 5", i am of an era when we knew - indeed feared, admired and respected - the one they call Fabio as the goose slayer.

there he is, in the picture above, resplendent in a most exquisite cape, his hair so perfect it must have been cleansed with shampoo what has got lemon in it, like what Jason Donovan uses. in this image you can see the crowds that have gathered to watch him bravely go off and seek to slay a goose.

you might be reading this and asking how hard could it possibly be to slay a goose. one, surely, would simply need to visit a farm or some similar locale where geese (gooses?) hang out, armed with a standard or conventional weapon and, well, just do it. all true, certainly and most decidedly, but that was not the Fabio way.

no. to prove his worth, to test his mettle, Fabio set out to slay a goose in the most complex and difficult way he possibly could. to this end, in front of ample witness levels, Fabio had his people strap him into a rollercoaster, restraining his hands, and instructed them to neither stop the rollercoaster nor loosen his bindings until a goose was slain.

above is the partially world famous footage of this most triumphant event. yes, so special was this quest that it was presented, via satellites and all that, to a worldwide audience. of course he succeeded, otherwise we would not be celebrating this amazing achievement.

why, exactly, did Fabio wish to slay a goose in the most complicated way possible? that is a not unreasonable question, but one that has no clear answer. most accept that his main motivation was to have people stop seeing him as just "Fabio the model", and to understand that he was a far more complex character. perhaps a clairvoyant or soothsayer had consulted with him, informing him of great ills experienced in a past life, and that slaying a goose in a quite specific way was the only option to free himself of a curse.

should my opinion be asked as to why, i reckon he had not long before the incident watched Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan in Conan The Barbarian. other than the bits where he stabs a snake with a sword and punches a horse or camel, there is this one bit in it where Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan in Conan The Barbarian is being crucified, and whilst doing so slays a buzzard or vulture or similar by biting its head off.

perhaps for some reason Fabio got it into his head that the rollercoaster was the modern day, or real life, equivalent of crucifixion, and further assumed that a goose was in some way related to a buzzard or vulture or whatever. they all have wings, so same difference, that kind of thinking.

the important thing, i suppose, is that Fabio had a dream, Fabio reached for the dream, Fabio touched the dream. quite an inspiring sequence of events for absolutely everyone, except, arguably, the goose. but even then, how many gooses (geese?) get spoken of 20 years after they have been slain? it is Fabio and his dream and his ambition that the goose must be thankful to and/or for.

it will be a sad day if this is the last ever post i do which celebrates the anniversary someone who is ostensibly a model electing to slay a winged creature of the sky in a most decidedly curious way. let us see what dates of note crop up in the future.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2019

vibes finds

g'day pop pickers

it is a common reality across our land that many of the high streets of the cities and towns are dominated by charity shops, look you see. whereas some say this is a "shame", lamenting the loss of traditional shops, there is quite obviously both a need and demand for such outlets. should i happen to be passing such a store, and if time permits, generally i will pop in and see what is on offer. 

these establishments tend to have quite a number of disc based donations for sale, whether DVD or CD. increasingly, i note, blu ray titles feature too. normally i browse the first two such circular things mentioned, and it is findings of the middle one that i write of today. 

well, yes, write of and show some pictures of. presumably it is the images which most of you would be most interested in, but should my writing bring some mild entertainment too then that's nice.

above you can see the not one, not four, not two but three (3) sets which i have picked up of late. these were all from different such charity stores, and came with different prices. yes, of course i will give cost details as we go. or rather as i go, for to say we presumes that you will indeed continue to read all of this. maybe, for all i know, the above picture has told you all that you needed to know.

on with it all, then, and first up is something that i could vaguely recall hearing about at the time but do not believe i ever saw. for fans of such information, this was indeed the first of the three to have been procured by me this year, but it is just an accident that it is on first.

behold, then, the splendid ways of Chegger's Choice, which is a compilation of "the forty worst songs ever", as selected by Keith "Cheggers" Chegwin. alas, the much loved Cheggers is no longer with us, but you may recall  number of moments from his career fondly, starting with appearing naked in Macbeth all the way through to appearing naked in some sort of quiz show. yes, lots in between those bookends, and most of it was conventionally dressed.

why is Cheggers dressed as a chicken on the cover? as far as i can work out it is so that they can subtitle the album as featuring "clucking awful songs", with clucking of course being a witty rhyming replacement for a naughty word which commences with f and ends with ucking.

the songs on the album? well, to say there are some controversial choices in regards of what Cheggers considered to be the worst of all time is to state the obvious. any compilation which sets out to represent the "best" or "worst" as in this case is always going to be subjective, and open to debate. with great credit, Cheggers embraced the controversy with some of the selections. he, for example, bravely sh!t all over the Cornish culture by including The Wurzels, h!t all over centuries of Spanish civilisation by selecting The Macarena and gave a big "f*** you" by having a song by The Krankies on it.

cost? 33p, to me, as it was part of some form of 3 for £1 sale. not bad, considering the original Woolworths receipt was in the disc, and it set back the original owner 1p south of £10 when they bought it. for those considering purchasing, a word of caution - some 10% of the artists who feature on this compilation now reside on the sex offenders register.

another double set, then, but not a 2 CD set. no, this is one of them "CD and DVD" combo packs, which were popular a while ago. they still are, as and when anyone makes and sells them.

it's a release off of the Official Chart company, from back when they just compiled charts and didn't go around messing with rules and regulations so as to make Ed Sheridan (or whatever) and that Adele seem better than they are in terms of chart records. whilst the CD element is a so-so selection of songs, the DVD is a game, one where you select from multiple choice answers on a wide range of chart related questions.

quite good, except for a slight flaw with the DVD. for some reason they seem to have made the "select" cursor the same colour as the background, so you can't tell which category you are going to have a go at. but still, good practice for if i ever get on that smart Pop Master quiz thing him off of Radio 2 hosts.

cost? well, also 33p. from a different charity shop to the one where i got Cheggers, but also in a 3 for £1 section. from what i recall at the same time i picked up the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, and an unspecified record off of the Stereophonics.

finally, then, off we go down under, so to speak, for a 2 CD set called Aussie BBQ. if this were to do what it said on the box, then it would give the listener a sense of the tunes what one might reasonably expect to hear on the wireless if they were at an Aussie barbie, in Australia. this is more or less gets partially correct.

on the plus side, there's a healthy representation of Jimmy Barnes on the disc, which is as how it would be in Australia. but i question some of the other choices. yes, i would expect to hear Men At Work and Mental As Anything at an Aussie barbie, but not the songs chosen here. Australians, for instance, would surely select Who Can It Be or Be Good Johnny over Down Under, and whereas Live It Up is a class tune, i'd rather expect it to be more earlier 80s Mentals on the go. further, i would argue that Kevin "Bloody" Wilson is compulsory at all Aussie barbies, and yet he is not represented here. neither, for that matter, is Bon era AC DC.

but still, a pretty good set. as is with keeping with the rest of the world, as in the bits that are not Australian, the 80s stuff is excellent, the 90s stuff indicates a brief flicker of a bright light still burns and the 00s onwards is just plain awful and dull.

cost? strictly speaking it should have been 50p, but it was in a 2 for £1 section and i could not find anything else to go with it. with all monies paid over ostensibly going to a good cause i rather just said take the £1 for this one alone, please and thank you.

well, there you have it. for me these were three great finds, with a real term cost of £1.66 but an actual cost of £3 i suppose.

should for some reason you have consulted this post for guidance and advice in regards of any of these titles, my view is yes. there is no reason whatsoever to not have any or all of them in your own collection. may they bring you as much merriment as they do me.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

a profound message of hope from the good people of china to the enslaved masses of the eu

Nǐ hǎo

and so once again, look you see, our friends towards the east have elected to make me their conduit for a message. this is nothing new, of course, but this one is perhaps timely.

whereas by this stage one would assume that all and sundry are now truly tired of all this "brexit" business, in particular with regards to the "brexit means brexit" and "leave means leave" definitions that tend not to be quite so dictionary defining as you might expect, for the most part the Chinese have been quite quiet. that is, at least, until now.

yes, as usual they, being the Chinese, have elected to send me on their message to you, the people, via an encoded message sealed within one of them "fortune cookie" things. it is reasonably often that they pass them on to me in this way. whilst i am supposed to share them all here, normally i just forget to do so, and bin them. there is every chance that the Chinese are quite cross at me for doing so.

in this instance, however, i thought it prudent, or best, to make sure i conveyed the message they clearly wanted to send. the importance of this one can be observed or noted in the fact that it is so that the Chinese have presented the message in all of the major European languages, as well as in French.

so, there you have it. the message of hope from the Chinese. all events are blessings given to us to learn from is what they have to say to us. said it they have, it is entirely now down to us to listen to it, if we so wish.

there is every chance that the Chinese may elect to present further correspondence to me, so that i may share it here. if they do so, i will certainly be ready to make every effort to share it, so long as i do not throw it out prior to capturing a quick image.

duì bǐcǐ hěn hǎo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!