Thursday, June 23, 2022

out and in of dartford

ow do

it would be true, or at the least fair, to say that i have seen (or experienced) considerably more of the wider, 'greater' area of that there London (innit) than i would have expected to of late. certainly, perhaps, more than i would have cared to, if asked. not that i have any immediate issue with the place, look you see, just rather that they are they, and i am me. 

under no circumstances - at all - would i suggest that i can provide any expert or qualified guide to the places one finds there. this, of course, is not going to stop me from offering comment or presenting observation. which is what i shall do now with regards to, as the title gives every indication, dartford. 

the only real observation i have of dartford, to be honest, is that it is needlessly complex to get in and out of. or out and in of, as my title has it, for if one is in the place their priority seems to be of finding their way back out. which could be interpreted as being mean spirited or scathing, but it shouldn't, for it is all quite true. 

should you be of a mind that you've paid quite enough (thank you) as it is to simply drive on a road, then it is so that the option for you to get to dartford is to circumnavigate all of f*****g London via that whole M25 (or "London Orbital") business. which yes, often becomes less road, more car park. a much quicker means of getting in, or importantly out, exists for those prepared to pay a premium. 

yes, law and safety fans, i was sat in the passenger seat as my pilot for the day, my rather unruly charge as it happens, drove. that video is of us going in to the dartford tunnel. which is indeed the fastest and so most expensive way to get out of the place. it's quite interesting, i suppose, that the way out is a tunnel, for it does give one the sense that they are escaping somewhere that they are being held against their will. 

what's so bad about dartford that one would wish to escape? i had very limited exposure to the place, but enough. you know when you see them low grade television "reality" shows, especially on the itv channels? or some moronic "edgy" attempt at comedy on one of the waste of money bbc channels? when you are watching them, going "who dresses/talks/looks/thinks/acts like that" and assume it is all divorced from the real world, no, they are encapsulating the dartford lifestyle. all that i saw was all that hideous bling and horrendous attempts at gaudy fashion statements. 

going in to dartford means going via the bridge, which i believe (or think) is called the Queen Elizabeth II bridge. to digress, or deviate, slightly, i despaired at what i saw as we drove over the Thames. 

a container ship, no less. with "no smoking" painted on it in massive letters, just near the bit where they keep the containers. well, sh!t. that sucks. surely the only appeal, or point of interest, in going and working on a container ship - surrounded, lest we forget, by salty sea dogs of dubious moral and sexual standards - is being able to smoke and smoke and smoke as you sailed the world. now you can't even do that? what a waste of space this modern world is. 

footage from the QE2 bridge going in to dartford? of course. except, maybe, no. i think (or suspect) that this is from the approach road to it. but still, it is video of heading in the direction of dartford. 

cost of using the tunnel and or bridge? it was none of my business, but i believe i heard, in passing, that the amount (at least for our vehicle) was £3 in each instance. so, to go in to dartford and then get out is likely to cost you £6. i would suggest you can find better things to do with £6 than spend 50% of it going to see what dartford is like, then the remaining 50% on rectifying that decision. 

perhaps i am being hasty, maybe there is some value or interest in dartford. this, however, i doubt. open to suggestions, mind, so if you can tell me what i missed let me know. and no, that there is some sort of tesla repair mender shop there definitely does not count, thanks. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2022

nobody cares about the railroads anymore


it wasn't really a plan, intention or ambition to do so, but yesterday (or the day before i published this) i took a train ride. nothing particularly untoward or, on a universal level, interesting about this in itself, look you see. but then there also exists a dynamic by which it may very well be in doing so i was one of the last few to ride a train in the country. 

should yesterday have been the day i took the train, then tomorrow is the day of the start of the proposed great strikes. at least provisionally, i suppose i should qualify that. oh, there is a vague semblance of chance that the intended (encouraged) action shall be avoided, but this looks unlikely. whilst i profess no level of expertise or great knowledge, it seems that those calling for the strike, the unions, are making demands of a measure they know full well shall not be obligated.

above, and indeed below, is/are images of the three (3) bits of card (or paper) issued to me off of the train people for purposes of the ride i took. no, i wasn't going to waste Commodore 64 mode on these, so yes they are presented in the considerably lesser format of ZX Spectrum, or if you will ZX Spactrum, as it was more widely referred to across school playgrounds in the 80s. 

this is all stuff i have written of before, but the trains being on strike really does little to make official, in a way, the plight of those of us who try to use them. for years now they have been unreliable, with a whole wide range of "reasons" given as to why they are cancelled, late, delayed or abandoned on a daily basis. planning to get somewhere on a train (and back) in the modern era is to invite a sense of fear and anxiety into your life, for not even when you are sat on it can you be sure you shall get to where you need, or wish, to be. i am pretty sure that we were always supposed to make "the future" easier as we went, not more complex and difficult.

for what reason are they on strike? money, of course. that is the base motivation for all. like everyone else momentarily it is a struggle for them who work on trains to afford energy, food and what have you. but, unlike all others, rail employees consider themselves "special", and believe that they should be paid well more than anyone else. not that they are content to "just" accept more money, oh no. as i recall, a few years ago, those strike-excited pr!cks of TfL went on strike when they were offered (even) more money for less work. one cannot win with these types. 

could this be the strike which finally collapses the rail industry? i mean, the one that sees all of us just go f*** this, enough, no more, and no one uses them ever again? possibly. unlikely, but at some stage all shall be just fed up with it. every now and then, if it is the case that the rail network is no more, it was convenient and practical to use a train, i suppose, but let's draw lines near words such as fun, or even enjoyable. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2022

scent expression experimentation


well, it feels like a little while since i have considered, or "reviewed" a deodorant here. that, look you see, is probably because i have settled on lynx gold as the one for me for all of time. except, apparently not without the occasional detour. and quite the detour appears to have happened. not only have i deviated from gold - briefly - but also from lynx (or axe, depending where you are in the world) entirely. 

some background to this brave and bold move. or whim, off the cuff, spur of the moment purchase. i was browsing some shops to see if i could further my lynx gold collection on the cheap (someone somewhere always has it on "special") with little success. then i notice another, different brand was on a quite interesting (as in cheap) offer, so i went for it. 

yes, then, i bought a couple (2) of cans of french connection uk deodorant. indeed, you know, the company which so humorously and in a quite witty way promotes itself purely by the initial "fcuk", so as to look a bit naughty or edgy. sigh. to be precise, or accurate (if it helps) it's the "urban" variation of their deodorant i bought. mostly as this was the only one on offer. certainly, indeed, the meaning or definition of the word "urban" has become curiously clouded and appropriated over the last couple of years, or decades, but no matter.

motivation, or reason, for giving this one a go? price. just pure cost, or affordable nature thereof. from what i recall these were reduced to £2 a tin, which struck me as being rather low down for such a well known and established, if not particularly cherished, brand. 

for the purposes of fair, unbiased testing (or whatever) i took these tins on the road with me. so, to give clarification which really is not needed, i sprayed this on me in a pretty conventional way (kind of) whilst in Wales for one week, then that there London (innit) for another.  

any good? nope, as in no. or non, merci i suppose. despite it being the product of an oh so fancy established designer (or whatever), the ingredients or mix feature those two key words which are, truly, the curse and the plague of the majority of deodorants available in the uk. here i (but of course) speak of how it contains "citrus" and "musk". 

really don't get the fascination with either. at all. for citrus, they use a shock, stack citrus scent, as in the kind which is used to mask poisons in cans of bug spray used south of the equator, designed to kill insects what are generally bigger than your hand. for "musk" you can always, always read it as "p!ss", and not a particularly nice scented streak of it, if such even exists. the musky p!ss scent gives every sense of being of the provenance of some ghastly hedge dwelling rodent or similar vermin. 

it's not, to my nose (or nostrils) any good, then. and yet it is some designer thing, and usually reasonably expensive. perhaps i am missing something. that i don't like it is an aside, i suppose, for what would matter more is people in my vicinity liking it. quite a bit like the "wolf" t-shirt some bloke sold me down the market. i am not overtly keen on it, yet people who see it tend to say how much they like it, and so on. just maybe, then, the scent of a badly deformed badger what has just disgraced itself in shock after someone tried to spray poison it to death is attractive to some in the uk. 

up to now, alas, no one has rushed up to me saying how much they like the smell of this on me. oddly they (ladies, too) have done so when i have been wearing my smart versace aftershave ("eau de toilette" or whatever). so no, going on what testing i have done with this thus far (and not too much more is going to follow, believe you me), it isn't a scent to make one instantly appealing. 

highly likely that what's going on here is usual French sh!t, or if you will la manière française de faire les choses, which is also the wrong way. carefully controlled and guarded, the French can do some decent stuff. leave them unattended, and they just go right ahead and make everything smell as disgusting as they possibly can. which is kind of what they have done here. 

best of luck to you if you give this stuff a go, but let it be noted that i tried to issue a warning. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

discount day of release delayed notes

howdy pop pickers

and so it was that, in late May (2022, look you see) Liam Gallagher released not one, and not quite so many as three, but all the same 2 (two) albums on the same day. the last time i can recall an artist doing that was Guns N Roses, some 30 (!!!!) years ago, with the double albums of Use Your Illusion I and of course II. which, in retrospect, could have been cut down to one single decent album. 

has anyone done so in the intervening years? not that i am aware of. wouldn't be at all surprised if certain egotistical bellends, such as Ed Sheridan (or whatever) or the former Mr Kim Kardassian has done so. Manics released two singles on the same day (So Why So Sad and Found That Soul) but i would suggest that was more Wire of Nicky not being able to make his mind up than an ego thing. 

that said, not sure what Liam's gone done here counts as two (2) albums. well, yes it does for the charts, but bear with me. of the 2 (two), one was his third solo album, C'mon You Know and one was an improbable second live album from him. it is the latter on the go here, called as it is (i think) Down By The River Thames

for the sake of provenance, clarity or some (kind of) understanding, this is a CD of a "live" performance done in December 2020. when we were all back in some sort of quasi "lockdown" due to plague. so whilst it sounds live (for it is), the odd thing is no crowd sounds, with this rather being "streamed" or as you call it, when they do things for the benefit of internet listeners. all i knew of it was that it looked like it had a boss, cracking setlist, and Liam just wanted a fiver (£5) for it, making it an absolute no-brainer autopilot purchase decision. 

no, as it happens, i haven't got C'mon You Know as such as yet. why not? i was off to buy it, but then remembered that father's day is just around the corner. i figured if i picked this one up, that would be enough Liam for a couple of weeks, and at the same time make pondering what to get me quite an easy thing for the boys to do. 

so, is this "half price" live album, presented in a quasi The Who Live At Leeds style bootleg cover, any good? yes, oh yes, it is. 

much like Liam's (also improbable) first live album, the Unplugged thing from Hull, one gets half and half here. as in, half of the set is Oasis tunes, half come from Liam's solo career. none, that i can see, off of Beady Eye, which is a bit of a shame as they were a decent band. 

outstanding, stand out or highlight tracks? well, here's the thing, right. all of it flows ever so well. as in, when it finishes playing usually (or normally) i find myself pressing play again. it's a really solid, excellent set. how well Liam's solo stuff sits with Oasis classics is a bit of a revelation, truth be told. i mean, yes, Liam's albums have been boss in the modern world, but it always felt unfair to try and compare (and/or contrast) them with songs of a different, global dominating era. 

gone forever, perhaps, are the expressed wishes of Liam to put his old band back together. he can belt out Noel's penned classics just fine with whatever band he cares to assemble. considering he is now selling out Knebworth on his own (ahem), well, perhaps we are getting a better thing than a reunion these days. any doubts should be directed to listening to the last two Oasis albums, see how keen you are to hear all that again. 

is this worth getting? absolutely. perfect, for a start, for any lingering Oasis fan who hasn't been brave enough as such as yet to try Liam solo. also, for that price, if your car (or similar vehicle) has a CD player, well, for a fiver, having this on the go as you drive is most smart. 

for fact fans (or stats lovers), i believe C'mon You Know hit the top of the charts on the week of release, with this one coming in at 4 (four). go on, give this a go. 

right, there you go. assuming the boys picked up the hint, a review of Liam's most recent solo album should follow soon. 

be rock and roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2022

fire and water must have made you their daughter


and, well, i am "back", look you see. not written anything for here as such for a prolonged period of time, which is unusual for moi. yet, for you, of course, the last thing i wrote here is just above or below, such is how the nature of published things verk

for those who took the time to read my last work of scribe, indeed my leg(s) has (have) improved somewhat, if only slightly. even maybe fleetingly, perhaps. what's wrong with my leg? or legs? not exactly sure, in truth. indeed i am aware that i should consult a suitable, properly trained and qualified physician, but such is the life that i am disposed to follow i have, but of course, decided to have a bit of a whirl at self medication. this is, at the least, a step up (or sideways) from just ignoring it on the basis that doing so shall make it all go away. 

wasn't sure which of these two (2) above would be more suitable to mend my leg with, so of course i decided to get both and see what happened. my first instinct was very much to get the "heat" variation of deep, for my understanding is that this is what helps all sort of movement pain. assuming that what's wrong with me (or my legs) is something that can be mended off of such treatment. then Codename Magic chipped in, suggesting that either "just cold" would be better, or an alternative dose of each. so, i purchased the "freeze" variation of deep, too. quite expensive, this healing business. 

guesses or assumptions as to what might be the actual issue? many, if not several. in, or on the betting pool presently are things like "smoker's leg" or other such circulation issues, possibly "long" covid of the plague, simply pulled muscles, regular thrombosis or deep vein thrombosis off of all the driving what i do, a kind of blood clot thing that isn't as immediately fatal as that has always sounded, or even something else that i can't remember. as and when i get to a medical professional i am very confident that i will get told simply to lose weight, get a better diet and (of course) cease smoking, for that will fix everything. my intention would be to ask said professional to rather do a bit of work instead, and see if they can't come up with an actual resolution or remedy which may assist. 

yeah, a selfie. of moi (of course), in Wales, look you. for some reason i believed that the absolute best thing to do to mend my leg was to drive in the vicinity of two hundred miles to Wales, so that the magic of the place could enable healing. did it work? well, certainly leg felt better at the end of the week i spent there than it did at the start, so yes, kind of, i suppose it jolly well did. 

do i, for the sake of asking a question some may have, appreciate that my "shot in the dark" approach here, which is using ointments, potions and so forth without understanding which ones i need for i have no clue as to what is actually wrong may actually compound, or accelerate, the matter? yes. but, well, one has to have a go at this, do they not? i keep hearing on the news how our medical system is complete and totes f****d, so i am reluctant to consult with them. even though i know i should. 

no, i don't have any immediate concerns about what a doctor (or similar) may speak to me of when i have, finally, secured a consultation. and, you know, we have moved past the weight / smoking elements of the conversation, as necessary and true as they may be. i believe i shall be at peace with, or accepting of, any determination of issue. the present day world may very well get all excited about simply seeking others, historical or current, to blame for their plight. not so i, for anything wrong with me was done by instrument i willingly wielded. 

so which of the two helped with my leg(s), which just basically knacked and kind of refused to work properly, at least first thing in the morning? on balance the "freeze" variation, i believe. which kind of makes sense, since right there on the box it indicates (states) that it is for legs, whereas the "heat" one does not have any such proclamation. both, perhaps, assisted. or have served to mask the issue. 

right, well, there's that for an update of sorts. presently i seem to have a usual, normal level of mobility, and a lack of pain in the leg region. this i consider good, but am operating under no illusion of being healed. more as and when tales of such seems interesting. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 06, 2022

break in transmission

hello there

well, i am unsure if anyone checks in here on a regular basis, but for anyone that does do so, a slight bit of news. circumstances mean (or dictate, look you see) that i am taking a slight break. 

nothing major or dramatic, just verk is busy, and also my leg (left) absolutely totes knacks momentarily. so, i am devoting some time to see if it won't just mend itself, thanks. going to see some form of professional physician is on the list, but all they shall tell me to do is stop smoking and all shall be well. it may be so that this is truth, but i quite like alternate approaches. 

let me not take a pause without some form of update here, though. indeed the above image is a still from an advert (or if you prefer commercial) for the most splendid game River Raid. and here you go, a reasonably poor quality copy of said advert, borrowed off of internet. 

anyhow, let me go and see if my leg can be mended all by itself (with assistance from some stuff bought off of chemist) or if i have to consult a doctor. when something of interest comes along, and time permits, yes, i shall return to write something. and this of course shall be the next post you can read on here anyhow. 

for now, though, thanks, and are you really sure you have read all of the north of 4,000 (give or take) posts what are on this blog anyhow? 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 03, 2022

alternative jubilee


indeed i am quite aware of how some might not wish to celebrate the platinum jubilee, which is the celebration of HMQE2 being monarch for 70 (seventy) years. any system, or institution, or form of rule has always had a form of opposition. this has been so since the dawn of time. or at the least, from the commencement of recorded history, look you see. 

for those disposed of a will for a quiet life, here you go, the link to the more elegant and somewhat, at least partially, dignified way of celebrating the anniversary. given the option, or invitation, to suggest a way to spend the time, then yes, i would go full tilt for some posh tea. but, better to be fair to those with no interest in such. 

back, then, to what i believe was the first "major" jubilee celebration of HMQE2, the silver one, in 1977. various documentaries and what not since have cultivated an image of the entire nation being at street parties and what have you to celebrate it all. yet it was not all who were so happy. 

most prominently, of course, was the small matter of the Sex Pistols and their song what is called God Save The Queen. rather a different version of it from the one most are familiar with. legend has it that on the basis of sales it should have been number one (1) in the UK singles chart, but a bit of manipulation prevented it taking the title. now they do such dishonest things not to avoid controversy but so as to celebrate the dull and the drab, like Ed Sheridan (or whatever). 

highly likely that punk existed before 1977, and no, the Sex Pistols (nor McClaren) probably didn't invent it all, but that year and that band are most keenly or immediately associated with it all. having now taken the time to consider it, quite strange that there's been no concerted effort (that i have noted in the news, at least) to get this rendition of God Save The Queen back in the singles charts. maybe it is not available on them "streaming" things, or people just can't be bothered no more. 

anyway, yes (of course), here's some Sex Pistols doing God Save The Queen, sans sound, presented of course in the greater good and glory of Commodore 64 mode. 

the Sex Pistols were not alone in offering an 'alternate' jubilee commemoration. oh no. the year, or not so long after, saw the motion picture Jubilee off of Derek Jarman get released. i confess the specifics of the plot of it are a bit lost on me, with me perhaps not being quite clever enough, but as i recall it was all to do with QEI being magically transported to a "future England" to see the decay and decline. 

quite some time ago, when i was nine or ten (likely ten) i innocently rented the tape of Jubilee. why? it had a big thing on the cover saying Adam & The Ants were in it, and i was a fan. on playing the video, alone, i discovered it was not the Adam & The Ants that i was more familiar with, but rather their first incarnation, doing songs i was not familiar with. 

going further, or also, there was loads of things in this film that i didn't quite understand, and was undoubtedly too young to fully comprehend. this was in the golden era when anyone of any age could rent any tape, for no age restrictions applied. sure, certainly i understood the reasonably hefty amount of nudity, and the violence was a bit unsettling. perhaps i should watch it again, then, see if i can't fathom out proper what was going on in it. 

just for now, though, yes, there's a scene from the film, with a lady wearing the crown, and of course presented in the greater good and glory of Commodore 64 mode. indeed the use of this mode has not quite self-censored the above as much as i had assumed it would, but i won't tell if you don't. 

perhaps i have wasted the opportunity to post something special for all this jubilee business. maybe, also, i have done something apt. either way, or just anywhere on that spectrum, i think that's enough on the subject now. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2022



and so here we are. well, us in the uk, look you see. on date of publication, being the first day of june (2020), it is the eve of an ostensible four (4) day weekend. at the least it is for those who are not required to go off and verk over these days, or simply "work" if, unlike me, you are not fixated on the way that arnold schwarzenegger pronounces the word in total recall

the purpose, or reason, for this is to mark (celebrate, even) the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II being our monarch. or queen, if you will. and shall. yes, to show i am down with how the kids say things these days, and for ease of reference, i shall use HMQE2 from here on out. although this is a bit of an issue for some in our land, believe it or not. with, to be fair, a degree of validity. on announcement that Elizabeth would be crowned (if that is the right word for being made queen) Elizabeth II Scotland objected. rightly, too. Elizabeth I was queen of England only, for her reign (rule) was long before the act of union. strictly speaking, she is indeed the first Elizabeth to be monarch of the uk. there, every now and then there is some information of value here. 

so, on to celebrate HMQE2, or whatever she may be referred to in different parts of the country. no, not any obscenities, thank you, why not give yourself the day off from such. and celebrate i intend to, in perhaps an admittedly or confessed more English way. 

fortune or favour (perhaps both) smiled upon me, it seems, as it was all possible for me to attend my most beloved Fortnum & Mason, so as to inspect their prestigious range set to commemorate the jubilee. indeed i did purchase an item or two, but possibly not so many as one may think in relation to the imminent celebration. 

indeed it was not quite so long ago that i visited Fortnum & Mason. such used to be a quite rare treat, but now fate seems to decree i can go more often. for those interested here is a link to a recent excursion, or if you shall adventure. and in that link you can link (if that's right) to several other such instances of me paying my respects to this most wondrous of places. 

having given consideration to the many, many fine items pertaining to the jubilee, for the most part, or mostly, i purchased (procured) other items. a reasonably clearer image of my haul is pictured below, should the partial image, presented in the greater good and glory of Commodore 64 mode above, not be entirely satisfactory. also, a bit of video of one item for you, for fun. 

yes, that is a rather elaborate, somewhat posh biscuit tin, presented in an attractive way and so as to look like the front of Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly Circus. and also yes, it does indeed play some music. considering just how discerning my readers are i hardly not speak (or type) another word, but to confirm for you, indeed that is fragments of Handel's Water Music. or, at the very least, that is what it says it is on the tin, or box, if you will. splendid. expensive, certainly, and i am not entirely sure i had a requirement for a biscuit tin. but splendid all the same, and done now. 

what other items did i procure (buy)? pictured just below is almost the entire haul. first and foremost, i took them up on the gracious offer to replace any F&M bag which had become damaged. one i bought several years ago was showing signs of use and age (aren't we all), and they were delighted to exchange it for this, their new and strictly limited platinum jubilee variation. quite exceptional fortune here, for this is indeed limited. once the commemoration of the jubilee has ceased, by which i presume the end of our prolonged weekend, so too they shall cease selling this one. 

allowing me to celebrate the jubilee in a respectful, agreeable and appropriate way is the jubilee tea. i have no idea if this is also to be limited for sale, but i thought best not to chance it, let me go ahead and procure a box, just in case they stop selling this by the fifth day of june. no, i have not tried it as such as yet, but then this is Fortnum & Mason tea, so i am certain it shall be splendid. 

but, that said, i am not sure such shall certainly be true of the other tea purchased. having procured a tin especially for biscuits i thought it appropriate to get the same for all future tea purchases. i looked at all of their offerings, considered each, and went for a tin of "nocturne" silky tea bags, owing to be falling a little bit in love with the tin. further (or also), a tea blended for the specifics of an evening sounded like a most grand thing. upon returning to my temporary London (innit) lodgings i inspected the tea tin a bit more closely. well, closely for the first instance. apparently this tea is a (and i quote) "botanical infusion with lemon balm, camomile and lavender flowers". in furtherance of definition, it also says that it, the tea, is "mellow, clear and bright with hints of lavender and cherry". oh. well, i shall try it at some stage.

observant types shall (possibly) note another item, concealed in some elegant tissue paper. that's some plum jam, which rather took my fancy. no, i have not taken it from its cradle of paper yet, the lady who wrapped it so was really nice, so i have left it be for now. but at some stage i shall fancy some, or recall that i procured it, and try it. perhaps over the jubilee weekend. 

righty-ho, let me get (or "crack") on with some verk stuff. after that, well, i shall have every confidence of every intention to honour HMQE2 with a most splendid cup of tea. posh biscuits too.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2022

kubrick too

hey there

a little while ago - two (or so) weeks as point of fact, or just click here, look you see - i did one of these sort of posts in honour of those who honour Sir Roger Moore. which, i would like to think, is everyone, really, so better to say a presentation of a manifestation of honouring Sir Roger. kind of. 

that opening paragraph really, really didn't go well. let me move on, then, in the hope that everyone just ignores it anyway and looks at the pictures. 

so, the place where i was at did not just honour Sir Roger Moore. no, not at all. quite a few film celebrations were in place. of particular interest, to me, was the respect for Stanley Kubrick. 

my apologies - or if you will appy polly lodgies - for the peculiar angles for these picture. due to light, reflection, etc, i figured it would be better to get these images at an angle where little or as little as possible was reflected, rather than full tilt face on. 

yes, then, i was at that there Elstree in that there London (innit). the images of the great one himself, as shall be clear in the second (a bit further down), come from when he was in the area to film The Shining, somewhere north of 40 (forty) years ago. 

need i speak, or write, much of Kubrick's legendary "it takes as long as it takes to take as many takes as i wish for" approach to filmmaking? quite the urban legend stemmed from his way of doing things for The Shining though. apparently his extended time filming this one caused "a bit" of an issue for those needing the studios to make the next Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back

back when stories spread through whispers, hearsay and the occasional not necessarily fact checked snippet in a magazine, a story emerged that some of the delay on The Shining, and for that matter The Empire Strikes Back, stemmed from Kubrick deciding he wanted to film "a bit" of this Star Wars motion picture. 

unlikely to be true, for a whole range of contractual and financial reasons, but it is a wonderful idea. also, it would kind of explain why Empire routinely gets regarded as the very best of all the films, for a reason beyond that it simply features the three best and most important Star Wars characters; Lobot Lando and Boba Fett.  

yeah, had i started (commenced) with that picture above, there would have been no need at all for me to clarify that this was during the making of The Shining. man, that Jack Nicholson is scary when he wishes to be. hence him being cast, i suppose. still not convinced he would have managed Napoleon, had Kubrick been able to film it, but we shall never know. 

going back to the urban legend, the question would be what "bits" of Empire did Kubrick supposedly film? i can't really see him just "directing" a scene or two and saying "there you go". yet, well, the quasi torture of Han Solo scene, not to mention his carbon freezing, does have a vague Kubrick feel. just not as direct or overtly unsettling as Kubrick would have done it in a full tilt Kubrick film. 

selfie? moi? me? of course. 

nice of the hotel to name one of their meeting, or conference, rooms after Kubrick. so yes, it is very much an ambition of mine to one day hold a meeting in this room. what about? no idea. how excellent Kubrick was, maybe, or an all day session discussing if he really did film some of Empire Strikes Back. this room is also quite close to the door to the smoking section, which is handy. 

well, in truth i am not all that sure as and when i shall next be near somewhere what celebrates, or honours, the greats of cinema. but should i be, yes, probably, i will put a reference here. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

just turn on with me and you're not alone

howdy pop pickers

well, this is all rather unexpected. it is around about now, or a couple of weeks (if not just one) that i reasonably expected to be speaking of how the David Bowie Estate, or Warner, look you see, now had a substantial amount of my net worth in their bank account. it is the big one, as it were. yes, the 50th anniversary, or if you like "birthday", of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

did Bowie do better records? all in the ears of the listener, but yes. what about bigger selling records? very much so. and yet it was, is and always shall be Ziggy which slammed Bowie into the realm of the iconic, the extraordinary, the superstar who shall be heard so long as we all have ears. a reasonable assumption would be that the 50th anniversary of this album, even allowing for this disastrous and frankly "f*** you, fans" nature of releases by the Estate for the last three or four years, would herald a new way and a great deal of commemorative celebration. 

yet no. something weird is going on. after a sustained two (or three) year bombardment of Space Oddity, then release after release for The Man Who Sold The World, anniversaries and Bowie appear to have been ceased. for some reason they jettisoned any celebration of Hunky Dory turning 50 so as to punt the quite considerably worse Toy official release. and now, for Ziggy, then have done, from what i can see on the official site, a vinyl release, a vinyl picture disc, a jigsaw puzzle and a mug. 

it is quite rare that i would ever have much business to conduct with a turf accountant (the bookies), but above is, well, there we are. my reason for entering such a premises was strange, and not really related to the above. during a random encounter, someone abruptly ceased a sentence to rather tell me that my fortune waited with a horse that had an "a", either as an initial or of name. intrigued enough to test this, i went into a turf accountant (bookies) and gazed at the horses running. which was when i noticed a horse called Ziggy running, and so got distracted. 

as it happens, the horse Ziggy was what they call a "non-runner", which i am reliably informed means that the horse did not start, or subsequently run, the race. so, i got the (massive) £1 wager i placed on it back, leaving me having gained nor lost not a thing. except the time to place the bet and then to retrieve the money. 

rather an apt metaphor for the lack of celebrations of Ziggy Stardust proper, then. here, Bowie Estate, here Warner, have some money. oh, you don't wish for it. fine. let me muddle on with the copies of the album i already have then.

certainly i understand that it is so vinyl is having an unexpected (yet very welcome) revival, and so any release now comes on that much loved format. but, really? nothing for those of us presently unable (such as i, in my time of exile) to play records? a bombardment of CDs for Space Oddity and Man Who Sold The World, CD and tape for Toy, but for considerably better, easily more important albums, not a thing, bar a jigsaw or mug? 

strange. as mentioned, the Bowie Estate has excelled in limiting availability of things of interest, yet flooded the market with things that are not quite so interesting. one had hoped, considering how they handled (in a very fan friendly way) Fleetwood Mac and Prince, Warner would have worked wonders with the Bowie catalogue, but not so far. 

let me keep my money, then, and just enjoy the music as it was originally released. also, not having to worry about jiggling the shelves to house more CDs is a weight lifted, i suppose. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2022

filthy reading

hey reader

so yes, then, i have (at last) finished another two novels. well, reading two, look you see, and not writing them. another time, another place, i did kind of do something along those lines, but, well, i got lazy, life got in the way, and so forth. 

it is quite by random chance that i read the two (2) under discussion here. and, as the title of this post gives every indication, somewhat gritty, or dirty, is what i read in both instances. to mixed results, and of differing levels. no, i was not expecting it in at least one, but that's my issue for not checking up on it first. one does try and avoid "spoilers" and that sort of thing. 

on the note, or subject, of which, as usual an image of the two books follows, with a brief overview. from that point on, i would encourage you to note an obligatory *** SPOILER WARNING *** is in place. 

firstly i read (and yes, i appreciate a decade or so after most people) Sharp Objects, off of Gillian Flynn. i was vaguely expecting a "thriller" sort of novel, with no idea of the plot. this i got, but considerably darker, more haunting than i had anticipated. brilliant, but proceed with caution if (like i was) you were one of the dozen or so people on the planet yet to read it. to Bad Blood Rising, which i believe is another debut novel (if Sharp Objects was), only in this instance from Eva Carmichael. i was, frankly, expecting this to be the "dirtier" novel, and it deals with some rough stuff but not quite so graphically as i had anticipated. since people wishing to avoid spoilers will leave here, certainly worth a try if you were (or are) a fan of the 'Max Wolfe' crime novels of Tony Parsons. 

to get on, get down, and get with it, then. and starting where i did is to commence, or kick off, with the one from Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects

i am unsure, or uncertain, if many (or any) of you are really all that @rsed about the provenance of where my reading comes from. but still the second is interesting, so i shall engage such here. and as you can probably see, i spent all of £1 on this novel, from The Works, no less. pretty sure i purchased it two, three maybe even four (4) years ago, but just never ever got around to reading it. well, until now. 

plot? i think (hope) the best that i can do is say a journalist of mixed success is struggling with many issues, the least of which is seemingly never hitting a really good, big story. a sympathetic editor dispatches her to her former home town, where a story of missing children possibly being linked hasn't yet been picked up by any other news or media outlets. with reluctance off she goes, knowing full well she will face unhappy memories of the past and a bleak future. 

the above, i appreciate, may (might) sound a bit cliche, been there, done that all before. if that is so, then i have not really done it as much justice as i could, really. probably, also, as this novel is at least a decade old now, i am quite sure many "inspired" by this work have turned up over the intervening years. overall, though, here it is the narration, the story telling, or simply of course the writing which is frankly astonishing. 

on picking up this novel, one may well go "oh", thinking it is quite slender (thin) and thus may be a little shy on content. not so. rather not the old saying don't judge a book by its cover, but instead not by its length. actually, someone i know did that, buying only really large books, figuring they were better value for money. for context of the stupidity of that, the average album by the (i believe) now ex Mr Kim Kardassian, or Sammy Hagar, lasts twice as long as a standard record off of The Beatles (or anyone else, really) so no, length is not a reliable guide for quality or value. at all. 

right now i am a couple of months down the road from reading Sharp Objects, yet full well can i recall the stark, vivid imagery. not just of the conclusion, but aspects from it. this is not a novel for the fainthearted, by the way. should i recall correctly (if not the attribution or the quote) i believe it was no less than the great Anthony Burgess who said a novelist, to be true, to be good, has to be filthy with the filthy. there is nothing gained and all lost by holding back in text from the reader. Gillian Flynn certainly does not hold back. i do not believe, as a simple (if not humble then frankly stupid, innocently ignorant) man, i do not believe i have ever been exposed to such a salacious, deep view into the psyche of a woman before. 

yes, indeed i should probably read more of Gillian Flynn, for this novel was excellent. but, also, i have a mountain of books to read already. perhaps i shall keep an eye open for others. my understanding is that her "big" one (thus far) was, or is, Gone Girl, so maybe i will have a look. 

moving on, then, and to the second of the 2 (two) books i have read of most recent times. which is Bad Blood Rising by Eva Carmichael. up front, no, i did not enjoy this novel quite so much as i had hoped, but it's far from entirely free of merit. 

earlier (rather than later) i did mention that the provenance of this one was somewhat different from the norm. hopefully i have not built this up too much, or can meet any vague expectation i have set. it is so that i purchased this from the author, direct, who(m) had set up a market stall from which to sell all (three) of her novels. 

from what i can gather (going on details inside the book) the author was selling this novel (and two others) via amazon, likely in that "ebook" format. it would seem she took the decision, or plunge, to get a number of copies printed as actual, proper books and have a go at selling them. generally, or as a rule, convention says "avoid self published books", for if no publisher will touch it why should anyone else. and yet look at how frequently JK Rowling had her Harry Potter novel rejected, and yet still look at some of the ghastly, terrible tripe what publishers have committed to in the past. never mind "generally" anyway. whatever someone's dream is of course (so long as it harms no one) i would say go for it, if their passion is to write and be published then absolutely i am going to give it a go, supporting it however i can. undoubtedly i am far from alone in this view. 

plot? a 'then and now' affair. the novel commences some 20 / 30 years back from the present (hence the then reference), where a (let us be honest) pimp is on the verge of expanding (muscling) into the big time. he does a few naughty (and highly questionable) (also illegal) things, all (or most) of which are set to come and haunt him, all at once.......

to use the word once more, earlier i suggested (or plain stated) that this novel may well be of interest for people who, if we are fair, like me rather enjoyed reading the copper books that Tony Parsons has written over the last few years. believe me i am not being negative, or sarcastic. a thing is, though, is that in those books Tony tended to be more concerned with telling a story, rather than character development, motivation, etc. which is what happens in Bad Blood Rising. the ostensible protagonist is the pimp (Karl Maddox), but one never really gets any "motivation" or understanding of the character beyond he is a greedy, violent bully. but sometimes that's enough for the story. 

events in the novel tend to happen, rather than be described. the same is true of any consequences, or ramifications. plausibility of some of the twists and events is stretched quite far, but hello, fiction. although my understanding is that a fair chunk of this was based on, or inspired by, a real life character of questionable qualities. perhaps not as sordid or filthy as i was expecting (hoping would be too strong, but the subject matter is what it is), but still. anyone who really likes crime novels, and is looking for a straightforward read, here you go, worse than this exists. 

it does feel like some time has passed since i last wrote of novels read. no, i am not going to check when i last did such. time, alas. demands of verk and other such things, like oddly and quite unexpectedly being social, means that i no longer get chance to read so much as i would wish. or write for that matter, hence the usual barrage of posts here going quiet of late. 

but also yes, i am already stuck into my next read, and it is going well. that tall one off of Pointless, or formally of (i believe), is quite the writer, to give you a preview of what is to come. for now, though, if you have read this far, many thanks as ever for doing so. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

wreck of the trolley

hello there

another trolley spotted along my travels across this land, then. but a slightly different sort of one, look you see. my guess, or assumption, would be that you are quite aware of me having seen a trolley in some distress being at the heart of this on the basis of the title. 

first, though, let us momentarily rejoice and make merry at news that it is just the one (singular) trolley i noticed, or saw. observed, even. this of course means that i can, except for this paragraph, save anyone from being further subjected to my plight in respect of wrestling with the correct plural (as in multiple) spelling for more than one trolley. 

now, though, it is indeed time for you to have a look. 

well, yes, a look in the greater good and glory of Commodore 64 mode. unless you clocked that i as usual would commence with such an image and simply scrolled down for a look in a less 8-bit form. 

initially i had assumed that i was looking at a trolley what someone had attempted to burn. not sure why one would do such, but anyway. doubts soon crept in, however. for a start, the earth surrounding the wreck was not quite so scorched as to say this was so. also, the wheels of the trolley were not melted or what have you. 

perhaps what i saw was an attempt to burn it, but by someone who was not the brightest. maybe they had a go, but were oblivious to the considerable temperature fire one would need to melt metal. you can't get the job done with a box of matches and some lighter fluid. erm, not that i have tried such. 

there is no certainty in my voice when i say this, but i really suspect that this trolley has recently been retrieved (or rescued) from a particular saline laden body of water. all that, to me, looks more like a rudimentary commencement of rust rather than burn marks. 

should you have any thoughts (or ideas) on this trolley, please feel free to share them in the comments bit below. well, if you can work out how it works, i think i clocked it once, but forgot. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2022

so as to honour sir roger


well, what a splendid few days that has been. yes, i know at this stage i have not made clear why, look you see, but the title gives you a bit of a clue. for it is so that yes, i have been to the part of that there place called London (innit), with specific emphasis on Elstree. and Elstree, in the modern sense, is one big massive shrine, or cathedral, devout to Sir Roger Moore. depending on where you look. 

i was indeed very excited when i learned of how my verk travels would take me to Elstree. there is no point being modest of such; as a movie lover of course i was over the moon to be near where one of the most famous film studios in the world was based. over, or across, the years certain classic, iconic motion pictures have been made there, be it all them Space Trek Wars things with him in the helmet, or of course Stanley Kubrick's The Shining

also, i knew full well that Sir Roger Moore had strong links to the studio. but would they, i wondered, indeed feared that it might not be so, honour him to a satisfactory level? the answer to this is a resounding yes, indeed they do. 

presented above, of course in the greater good and glory of Commodore 64 mode, is a portrait picture of Sir Roger Moore which is proudly on display in the (magnificent) hotel what i stayed in. how dearly i would love to say that it was proudly on display, but it still is. no, i could not work out how to both get it off the wall and out of the hotel. anyway, i would not do such, for i would get arrested or something, probably. 

my hope is that you really, really like the look of that image of Sir Roger Moore above, for it shall feature a fair bit across this post. but not always in Commodore 64 mode. 

chance, or fate, allowed me to wander near the Elstree Film Studios. not quite so close, or as within them, as i would have cared to, but their security is sh!t hot, trust me on this. but yet they know the public are going to flock there to pay homage to Sir Roger. to accommodate the acolytes, the above sign is on display in an area where members of the public are allowed to go. lovely. 

just why, exactly, would i get so excited or (even) concerned about paying respect to Sir Roger Moore? well, it's Sir Roger, isn't it. for his most famous, or iconic role, i truly don't believe there's a "best" overall to have played the part of James Bond. but everyone has the actor who they grew up watching in the role, and for me that was Sir Roger. plus, he always struck me as being the personification of quintessentially British, the best of us, and loved life to the full. 

one of about three thousand (give or take) selfies i took of moi (me) in front of this magnificent portrait image of Sir Roger. yes, certainly, every time i walked past it i did slow down, or even pause, to admire it. needing to take a stroll outside momentarily every now and then for a cigarette (sorry) meant that i went past a fair bit. sure, there was a polite request from the hotel staff for me to stop kneeling before this portrait, as it was causing some distress to my fellow patrons. i genuinely believed that Sir Roger himself would accede to such a request, so i did cease such. 

some of you, i appreciate (and understand) may wish to see this magnificent portrait of Sir Roger Moore without me in it, and not in Commodore 64 mode. well, should that be you (and it probably is), then here you go, below. 

having resigned myself to not being able to (ahem) "borrow" this, i made some enquiries at reception as to the provenance of it, to see if i could procure my own copy in a more legitimate way. the answer, alas, is no. apparently all portraits on display (and i may share further later, but this is Sir Roger) were donated from the cast and crew of various films made at Elstree. so, from what i can gather, all of the images on display are unique to the hotel. also, it means that Sir Roger himself selected this portrait of Sir Roger, presumably from Sir Roger's personal collection of Sir Roger portraits. 

for those interested in such, or wishing on more information, the portrait picture was taken, or if you will composed, when Sir Roger was at Elstree making the motion picture The Man Who Haunted Himself. it was made a couple of years before he took on the James Bond Role. if your preference is for limited further information on that motion picture, here you go

a little video of the portrait? i see no reason why not to. 

i do have a bit more video from the hotel, but that is (or was) exclusively for select friends and family. when i got all excited about the Sir Roger Moore portrait, i asked the hotel to confirm that Sir Roger once stayed in the same room as i, even if they had to be flexible with the truth in their answer. they said yes he did. i asked if they could put a plaque on my room door, indicating it as the Sir Roger Moore suite. unfortunately they could not do this. but they did present me with a clear, yet not legally binding, letter, apparently confirming that Sir Roger did stay in the same room as i. 

go on then, one more image of that portrait of Sir Roger Moore. presented, of course, in the greater good and glory of Commodore 64 mode. 

whereas, on a sliding scale of such things, generally i am proud of all images i present in Commodore 64 mode, this one is quite dear to me. as you can see, i have kind of angled the reflection, so it looks like i am staring out the window at Sir Roger, revelling in awe at his magnificence. 

you have probably (possibly) looked at, and read of, Sir Roger Moore enough for one post, then. so i shall leave this hear. but please, scroll back up and look further at him, if such is your want or wish.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2022

return to donington services


yeah, no i do not have all that much to write about momentarily, i guess. hence me composing some stuff about a motorway service station, look you see. 

recently, as in the last few months (i think) i once again had reason to stop off at donington service station on my travels. this was undoubtedly to go spend a penny (which is a polite way of saying i was probably bursting for a p!ss), or maybe required a coffee. so of course i took some further pictures. 

erratic, impromptu regular readers of this blog (and thank you for doing so) will of course appreciate that donington picked up the prestigious "best service station of the year" awards in 2021. this was of course awarded to them by me (moi), right here on my blog. an award is an award, and they should be proud of it. that said, they have not updated their official site with a note saying they won this particular award. maybe who does the web for them is busy. 

what's the appeal of this service station? mostly, of course, it's Bad News, but for wider context, how close it is to where Monsters of Rock was held at Castle Donington. indeed i do like to imagine, as i wander around the place (briefly, and in the allotted break time, should anyone off of my verk be reading) (doubt it), the great names of metal doing the same. perhaps Lemmy wandered around here, allowing his legion of acolytes to gaze upon him and give him gifts. or even an Izzy Stradlin, hoping to be recognised by at least one person. especially if he wore a massive "Izzy out of Guns N Roses" badge. 

the obligatory selfie, of course. no, i very much doubt any of the metal stars who played donington stayed at the hotel here, but you never know. and no, i very much doubt i shall check in any time soon. but still, it's nice to go and have a look, and wonder. and use the facilities. 

anyway, no promises, but certainly i shall consider thinking of writing something of interest here next time. not that this is all that bad, i suppose. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

go out and find my boat

howdy pop pickers

and so another month, another gig. this is getting to be a bit of a regular thing, look you see. perhaps this is how it should always have been, but it hasn't. yet, and i appreciate this is annoying as an intro, for now it is, then. oh. 

moving on, or indeed marchin' already, it was just recently that i had the distinct pleasure of being able to go and see Simon and Oscar out of Ocean Colour Scene do an acoustic gig. a very much added plus was that this gig happened within (reasonable) walking distance of my lodgings in time of exile. no more than two (2) cigarettes walk away, for a measurement (sorry). 

oh, yes, this post shall be all poor, blurry pictures and badly recorded "bootleg" standard video clips. just so you know, and don't get expectations, but some of you may like this sort of thing. 

how is that i came to be at this gig? well, i bought a ticket and went. for how i found out about it, that's a big thanks, Dad. a little while ago he suggested (insisted) i go see Andy Fairweather Low. that was a really good gig (here you go), as it happens, and they had a poster up for Simon and Oscar. fortune of fate would be that i was to be in the area when it all was going. 

in what has become the way of all things for me (moi) i did indeed, as point of fact, attend alone. well, no, there were loads at the gig (nearly sold out, bar a handful of seats), but i had no companion. an invitation was extended to someone who rather likes OCS, or The Scene, as much as i, but they declined. probably would have been an instance for another time, another place. sure, i get the odd funny, somewhat quizzical look at being at a gig on my own, but then this is now the 3rd such instance of this. i am there to dig the vibes, to get my groove on. 

first example of the poor quality footage, then, is above. should i have uploaded the clips all the right way around then that will be Simon doing an introduction. the way he talks and speaks there, right, is how he does it all gig. and it's amazing, man. wonderful, witty, charisma laden bloke. no, Oscar did not say much, except the odd thing away from the mike, so as to correct Simon on a point or two. 

who, exactly, are Simon and Oscar out of Ocean Colour Scene? or who are Ocean Colour Scene? a fondly loved, often spread story - and frequently rock mythology is more entertaining than the reality - is that the band were a "side project" for Steve Craddock, giving him something to do when not doing is full time job as a guitarist of Paul Weller (that one) on tour. the reverse is more or less true. Craddock, as he gets called off of all, is a remarkable guitarist in high demand. but, The Scene existed long before the Weller gig(s), if anything doing (admirable) work for Weller let him make sure OCS survived financially until they hit the big time. and hit it they most certainly did. 

right now, then, he they affectionately call Craddock is off on his "other" job with Weller. think it might involve that Suggs out of Madness lad too. so, Simon and Oscar are off on an acoustic tour. depending on how you view the "classic" or current lineup of OCS, this is either 50% or 75% of the band. by no means was this a one off; for many years these two have done these tours when Craddock is "off on one", or however rock stars may speak of such. and, looking at the web a bit, the setlist more or less remains as a constant over the years.

just what is the sound of Ocean Colour Scene, or Simon and Oscar of that provenance? i think they were one of the few bands that didn't get all @rsey or precious about 'Britpop' as a label, in fact embraced it. mostly i would say full tilt groove, swing, free flowing catchy vibes, man. from what i recall, of happier times when music was decent and the journalism good too, NME at one stage described them as "basically four men shouting over a bunch of Small Faces and Kinks records". 

now, then. time for some sentimental hygiene, if you will excuse me. should you not, then skip forward a few paragraphs. 

the advantage of a pretty much solid in stone fixed setlist is that you know what you shall get. before going to see Simon and Oscar doing a gig, for instance, one is aware that certain classics off of The Scene will not feature. this includes Hundred Mile High City, alas. also Riverboat Song, which is a quite unexpected exclusion, for the song sounds like it would be a natural acoustic number. yet they do play one of my all time favourite ones, and not just favourite off of them, favourite ever

sorry for the poor quality of it (if i have uploaded the right one) but right there (above) is a segment from the great, great, great Traveller's Tune. hearing the guys who did it do it, live, with an audience as blown away by it as i, well, not a sense of vindication, maybe more validation or affirmation. this is just one of the best songs, like, ever, dudes. rather stop reading this and go hear a decent recording of it. 

quantifying my love for the tune shall just have me flummoxed and saying the wrong things. every now and then something just exists, and should be admired. if i had to full tilt justify it, the feeling the song gives, man. i don't know how or why but every line says something to be on some level i cannot understand. just dig the groove. and yes, i should have danced with some people in my life the way the people in the video dance. 

other highlights? from the set, not a single, solitary bad tune. no filler whatsoever. i got to get a whole new appreciation for several Scene songs that i tend to neglect, what with me if left unattended being very happy to just play Traveller's Tune on repeat. a wonderful reminder, the gig was, then, of how excellent tunes like So Low, The Clock Struck Fifteen Hours Ago and It's My Shadow are. but, every tune. 

i have no (zero) musical ability myself, so it never feels like my place to speak of others. but yes, by jove, these two are damned good. shout out to Oscar, for i only have ever known him as the drummer off of the band - a drummer a certain Noel must have wished he could have grabbed for his group, but there you go. his keyboard and bass were boss. Simon, it goes without saying, is a legend. 

right, anything else i could write here will be all Ocean Colour Scene are brilliant, these two out on their own are ace, if you get the chance see them, that sort of thing. so let me rather (mostly) bow out with a few more (poor quality) video clips. 

mindful of the way of the world right now, easily the most poignant part of the evening was Profit In Peace. i don't need to say what cruel events were on the minds of all, but man, the emotion you could hear in the audience as we all sang along was remarkable. all i can do, like anyone else, is hope that emotion goes because it all ends, soon. 

biggest Ocean Colour Scene tune is, of course, The Day We Caught The Train. as with the Manics ending gigs with A Design For Life, so it was that Simon and Oscar held off on doing this one to the end. 

with some luck i have the above and below clips the right way around. indeed we were all stood up, swaying and singing along with this one. but yeah, i tried to keep my (terrible) voice down a bit, so as to make sure this poor quality bootleg video was all the more better. 

off and on to the next gig, then. which shall be my third of the year, but was intended or planned to be the first. things happen. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!