Saturday, December 31, 2005

into 2006

well, whereas my posts and updates have been sporadic and random, i can say that this is the last one for 2005. quite a year, but what a wonderful year as illustrated by this pic.

our very best wishes to all of you, and let's hope that 2006 proves to be most excellent to all of us!!


lee, michele and james

James two weeks on

hey everyone

a bit late again, but here's a pic of James aged two weeks to the minute. and before you get any funny ideas, the hairy nipple he is lying against is mine!!

all is still well. he has an extremely healthy appetite and seems to be sleeping reasonably well on a night, sometimes four or five hours straight!!

be excellent to each other!!

Merry Christmas Erika

we decided to get Erika some clothes vouchers for Christmas. we also decided on a very impressive and somewhat different form of wrapping parcel for the vouchers.

Monday, December 26, 2005


hello! here be the three of us on Christmas Day at my parent's house, just after their usual excellent breakfast! sorry if i look a bit like a hunchback, i have a great tendency to "overlean" for photographs as i think i will be a touch too tall in them!

as was the case in the earlier post, Christmas was wonderful. James has been given some really excellent toys, and he is enjoying the ones designed for newborns - the colours black, white and red are all he can detect apparently, and the funny looking stuffed ones he has of that nature are popular.

as for us, well, Michele and I got the best present we could ever have hoped for, so we agreed not to get each other anything more. the money would be wiser spent or held on to for anything James needs. that said, the family were very generous to us - i now own all of Father Ted on DVD (ace!), and Michele's passion for Sudoku continues with a rather special handheld electronic game of it.

James is off for his first weighing tomorrow. he has a healthy appetite, and i assure you he has no toilet troubles, so i will be kind of interested in seeing what the new weight is. all i know he is very, very, very comfortable to hold on to and watch and watch.

right then, will try and give more updates as and when time permits!

be excellent to each other!

one week later

hey everyone

hope you had a good Christmas! OK, i know this pic is somewhat late, but here's James exactly one week on from his birth - to the minute! sorry, i intended to post it sooner, but as i am sure you can all guess, days are busy and nights are busy right now!!

we are all still doing well - we had a wonderful Christmas, and James got to see all the grandparents over the weekend. he also has some most ace toys!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

last of Little James for now

having a sleep - sensible lad!!

another James Robert Liam

being held by a very proud grandmother!!!

James Robert Liam

born 7:45pm SA time, 3.22kgs, 15th December 2005, 48cm long. mother and baby very well and very happy!!

sorry, too tired to write much, except how happy we are! let me put more pics up instead!!

love and best wishes to all who have sent kind words through to us!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ladies of Denver : Urgent Announcement

i am pleased and proud to announce that my good friend Blondie will be putting on a snowboarding display for the benefit of the ladies in Denver, Colorado this weekend.

all ladies in the area are most welcome to go along and watch his highly stylish and class moves. as he is a ladies' man of some note and considerable reputation, i guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

i would imagine that on an evening of the weekend he could be tempted into a smart jaccuzzi, so long as the right quality ale and bong matter are provided.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the baby situation

hi everyone

well, after some long, hard, emotional and medical days, i am pleased to say that Michele and James/Napoleon are both fine, but still in the same body, as it were.

we did indeed go through the inducing process and all that stuff for some 18 hours on December 2nd, but he was having none of it. the doctors and experts are somewhat confused as they have not seen two inducing attempts not work before, but there you go, what do you expect when you consider who the parents are!!

at the moment, then, there is something of a concern that Michele might be missing the enzymes needed to allow the cervix (less technical term - "the business end") diallate (less technical - "open up"), and thus we may have no choice but to go for a caesarian.

however, we do have the time to still try for a natural birth, which is what Michele really wishes to have. we have up until the 14th for her to go into labour naturally. if there is no joy, then we will be in hospital that night to try for another inducing. if that does not work, well, then it's a caesarian.

as i am sure you can imagine, the upheaval and all involved has left us drained somewhat, but we are fine. just waiting still!!!

i promise to give more news as and when i can on what happens next!!