Saturday, August 29, 2009

Star Wars in glorious LCD

hi everyone

Grandad recently invested in the biggest television set he could find, and was kind enough to more or less keep to one side as i put it together for him.

James was very impressed indeed when he saw the big new TV, and i would imagine that you can guess what he decided should be played on it!

yes, of course, the only thing that should be played on any television, no matter how big or small, is Star Wars!!!

so impressed was James that he even tried to encourage Marmite to sit and watch him with it, with somewhat mixed results.....

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the best Michael Jackson is alive conspiracy yet....

hey everyone

here is an image from a video clip that claims to show the "dead" Michael Jackson getting out of the ambulance which supposedly took his dead body to the hospital.

well, let's think about this, shall we? the whole thing hinges on you accepting that a good deal of time and money was spent staging this elaborate "hoax", but the security measures around it didn't stretch as far as stopping someone from filming him making his escape? and why would someone stand and film ambulances at random, unless they were a really disturbed freak?

part of me does wish this is true, purely to give that vile website, newspaper or TV station (i forget which) that paid many, many thousands of dollars for a picture of Michael Jackson dead on the stretcher something to think about.

if this is the only "evidence" of it all being a hoax, i remain convinced that his death was a tragic accident, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Zealand - still there!

hey everyone

well, it seems that New Zealand are once again allowing people to send pictures off via the internet! many thanks to Gillian, Grant, Katie and Daniel for sending these on!

as for new developments in regards of learning what happens in New Zealand, this first picture would suggest that they do indeed have trees there. ones that you can, with some effort, climb up!

and on the subject of going up, why would one climb the stairs to go to bed when Daddy can easily carry both of you there?

but stairs are a rather fun place to sit with Mummy, especially when you have either just woken up or, going on how Gillian is dressed, are supposed to be heading to bed!

thanks for the pics!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't believe the truth?

"It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.

Apologies to all the people who bought tickets for the shows in Paris, Konstanz and Milan."

-Noel Gallagher, 28 August 2009.

well, we've been here before with Oasis. barely a month, let alone a year, has ever gone by without one of them walking out. "this time", however, is the first time that an official statement of one departing has been put out, so you never know, it might be serious this time.

by all accounts, this new split in Paris, apparently involving Noel & Liam throwing chairs at each other and ending with Liam smashing up Noel's guitar, was about a minute before they were supposed to go on stage.

as for Noel's comment that "people can write what they like", well, i think the real sad thing at the moment is that so many people are writing "good riddance" and not necessarily being as polite as that when they say it. Oasis are, were, one of the great Rock n Roll bands - loved the music, loved the fame, loved the lifestyle. as the majority of bands around these days are incredibly dull, Oasis were one of the few who served as a reminder of how much fun, and how important, music is.

if indeed this is "it", i expect Noel to put out a well received but poor selling solo album, Liam to mumble along as either Oasis or just the same thing under a new name, followed eventually by the two getting back together as Oasis in the not too distant future. if nothing else, far far far too many people make money off Oasis to let them just fizzle out.

whilst the brothers Gallagher will obviously ignore this, be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

movie reviews

hey everyone, and indeed a very special hello Barrie!

i was unaware that some, in particular Barrie, were missing movie reviews featuring here. i am happy to oblige, but the truth is that i just do not get to see all that many films these days. due to a mix of being on leave and being off ill from verk whilst taking this tamiflu stuff, i am happy to add some reviews on top of the one from The Informers earlier this month. yes, Barrie, the one you asked to be reviewed features here.

now, i appreciate that (i think) these films were all released in or around late 2008; as i said i do not get to watch as much as i would like! first up is one we watched whilst away on holiday, Sir Ridley Scott's Body Of Lies

well, let's see shall we? a film directed by one of cinema's last true visionaries, starring the exceptionally talented Russel Crowe and the (ahem) ever popular Leonardo Di Caprio, with a contemporary story about American, for want of a better term, "involvement" in the Middle East. what could possibly go wrong? quite a bit, as it turns out.

i had limited if not modest expectations of this being some sort of wild cross of a thinking man's Enemy Of The State and a more accessible Syriana. i ended up watching a rather contrite and certainly implausible "American James Bond" thing, and yes i do mean implausible by James Bond standards. which is saying something.

Russell Crowe for this considered "acting" to be "a silly haircut and a wonky accent". Leonardo Di Caprio, who must be as bitter about not being cast in The Bourne Identity as we should be grateful that he was not, proves that it is impossible to take him seriously in any sort of action or violent role, even if he does try to hide behind dyed hair and a silly beard. the biggest disappointment, however, is how visually bland and stale the film was. did Ridley Scott really direct this? the whole thing seems to have been filmed in a style intended as a poor man's tribute to the TV show 24.

the basic gist of this film seems to be the statement "people of a culture which encourage torture and the odd beheading are OK as long as they are allies of America". the rather scary thing is that this seems to be promoted as a good, sound philosophy. if you haven't seen this yet, give it a miss.

right, a film that i oddly watched half of whilst away, the other half a few weeks later whilst taken ill. ladies and gentlemen, the very strange world of the film Choke.

the plot, according to the ace internet movie database site, is that of "a sex-addicted con-man pays for his mother's hospital bills by playing on the sympathies of those who rescue him from choking to death". did you manage to follow that? well, good, but do be warned, as this is something close to less than half of the actual plot crammed into 90 minutes of utterly wonderful mayhem.

i have not read the Chuck Palahniuk novel on which this is based. as would be usual, fans of the book are complaining that the film fails to do the novel justice. going on just how much is crammed into the film, i do suspect that this is the case; however with blissful ignorance of the text i rather enjoyed this.

the increasingly impressive Sam Rockwell (i loved Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, he was well cast in the film of Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy and i can't wait to see Moon) carries the film off perfectly as the protagonist of the piece. ever self-aware of being shallow and wishing not to be, Rockwell gives an amazing performance.

the star turn in the film, however, comes from Anjelica Huston. i do not honestly recall ever seeing her as good as this in a film, quite frankly. however bizarre, odd and indeed offensive this film is at times (well, all the time), her performance alone would make worthwhile viewing for even the most skeptical viewer.

much like The Informers, by no means is this film for everyone. those who find my description or the plot summary appealing, however, shall not be disappointed.

finally, and Barrie i trust that you are paying attention, we have what is widely reported as being Clint Eastwood's final acting role, Gran Torino.

Eastwood plays Walt Kowalski, an arrogant, ferociously independent war veteran who pretty much holds everyone in contempt. a family of immigrant Hmong descent moves in next door. Kowalski abhors them at first, but ultimately ends up venturing into their lives to the extent that his life journey is defined by them.

much of this film, frankly, is superb. Eastwood gives one of the fine acting performances that have been increasingly appreciated over the last 15 or so years, and as director draws out stunning performances from the supporting actors. beyond the obvious praise for the young actors who play Sue and "Toad" living next door to Eastwood, i would single out Christopher Carley for his portrayal of the Priest who in the course of trying to convince Eastwood to go to Confession finds himself drawn to an unexpected level of respect of his bleak yet practical outlook on the world.

the "problems" with this film, and i am doing my best to keep this as free of spoilers as i can, are that the ending is by and large out of step with the character developments and plot narrative, and that Eastwood has covered this ground before - considerably better, which is saying something - with Unforgiven. in regards of the ending, it seems a 50-50 split between those who think it works fine and those who are left a bit puzzled and somewhat disappointed by it. i fall somewhere between the two. in respect of the similarities to Unforgiven, this film does tend to borrow (rather heavily in one or two instances) from that magnificent film, putting it into a "modern" context. this is not necessarily a bad idea, it's just strange that effectively the same material should attract Eastwood back for another go at it.

so do you watch it or not? well, yes. i dare say that somewhere out there on the internet someone has tried to sound very clever indeed by giving a wordy, convoluted review about how all of this film, be in Eastwood's character or his neighbuorhood, are symbolic of the deconstruction of the traditional definition of America and being American, followed by the reconstruction of what it is today. that's all very well and good, but should distract one from the fact that this is Clint Eastwood doing what he does best. if this really is his last acting outing, well, the film could be seen as a fascinating rapid overview of his career, but i'll leave it at that.

so, there you go. i will try and watch one or two movies in the near future, perhaps even within a year or so of their release!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tamiflu, much ado for you

hey everyone

well, there's been a bit of a lack of updates this week as i have been ill. as far as i am concerned it's just my usual sniffles and post-nasal drip at play. as far as the doctor was concerned, though, a decision was taken that i should have some of this "tamiflu" stuff, on the off chance that i had, or would soon contract, this swine flu business.

i am just about done with the course of these tablets, and will be delighted to see the back of them. first, however, i couldn't resist a smart photo opportunity with the tablets.

as you can see, i don't have an actual anti-swine flu, anti-everything mask as such, but i dare say the combination of my beloved Frankie Goes To Hollywood scarf and over-sized Reni hat will get me through most things.

on a more serious note, my experience suggests that one should not write off all the reports of dodgy side effects from this particular medicine as the usual tabloid hysteria. whereas the official site for the stuff makes a brief mention of there possibly being one or two "minor" inconveniences, over the last couple of days i have experienced nightmares that have had me wake up with a sweat, blurred and distorted vision and an irrational, physical sense of rage. now yes, there are one or two of my chums that would suggest that's usual for me, but methinks these tablets have something to do with it. if they are giving these tablets to children or teenagers, they should cease doing so soonest.

in the mean time, though, here's another pic of me in my ace protective outfit!

and Michele suggested to do a "normal" picture, to give, presumably, assurance to all concerned parties that i am indeed fine. well, as good as i get.

if you have the fortune to be on this medication now or in the near future, i can only suggest that you have a nice cup of tea, keep calm and carry on.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let Me Take You Down

so, where on earth does one start with a review of the long in the making, subdued if not suppressed eventual release of the film version of The Informers? going back to the beginning is a good a start as any, i guess. sorry, then, if this review gets rather long and cumbersome!

the book

the book itself remains something of a mystery. whilst the most common interpretation is that it is a series of slightly linked short stories (Bret Easton Ellis, the author, sees it this way), many others argue that it's a novel. if you hit the jacket notes of Ellis' books, for every reference to it as a collection of short stories you will find one saying that it's a novel. go figure. i seem to recall reading that collections of short stories tend not to sell anywhere near as well as novels; if that's the case then it would certainly explain why his publisher was happy, if not delighted, to let people assume that it was a novel.

i read "it" when it came out in the mid 90s. i don't recall returning to it, but remember it well enough. it's as darkly disturbing, macabre and outrageously funny as all his other works; no surprise because as ever we get characters popping up from his other novels.

set in early 1980s LA (bar a trip to Japan and "the islands"), it was as good a read as the first three novels from Bret Easton Ellis, and certainly better than the two which have thus far followed.

and that is as far as i can present anything without giving much away - be warned, for there are *** SPOILERS AHEAD ***

making it into a film

now this is where it starts to get tricky. funded presumably by the hope of cashing in on the (very much appreciated) 80s revival going on, Bret Easton Ellis and Nicholas Jarecki set about writing the screenplay, with Jarecki lined up to film it. by all accounts the script pretty much covered the entire book of The Informers. the producers for no confirmed reason (most assume it was to try and move it away from another controversy like the adaptation of American Psycho) got rid of these two and brought in someone called Gregor Jordan to make it. he, it seems, removed great chunks of the screenplay (including, most bewilderingly as we shall see below, the entire vampire plot thread) and turned it into what he thought would be a better movie.

the knock on effect was the predictable one when this sort of thing happens - conventional critics saw it as a way to knock the film without having to pay attention to it, the cast "distanced" themselves from the project and Bret Easton Ellis, whilst not slamming it, has made comments along the lines of "the bits i did that are still in are good".

the omens, then, were not particularly good. hey, though, this is Bret Easton Ellis - there's no way i wasn't going to watch an adaptation of one of his works.

the film

the film of The Informers smacks you in the face pretty early on to make sure that you are paying attention, and for good measure keeps giving you a slap throughout the duration to make sure you're still with it.

to address the concerns around the book-to-screen adaptation as well as give the plot, the film covers a time period (not specified, a week or a month it would seem) of the lives of various people living, or if you will going through the motions of life, in Los Angeles in 1983. to help keep everything aligned and in LA as much as possible, the story of the vile rock star Bryan Metro is moved from Tokyo (Discovering Japan in the book) to LA, with only the In The Islands segment of the book departing from this location.

the mechanisms deployed to link all of the characters together - in particular the references to Bryan Metro being in LA - make a cohesive story of the various plot threads. it's not for me to assume or presume on the intentions of the great Mr Bret Easton Ellis, but methinks he clocked that, whilst writing the script, his short stories would indeed have worked as a rather more fleshed out novel.

now, to list the various characters and what they do strikes me as a bit of a waste of time - if i did that, you'd have the whole book, story and film. the characters are exceptionally shallow, hollow and of an astonishing ambivalence towards life, morality or convention. they're not rebels, don't get me wrong - they are bankrupt and vile. they are, however, given considerable depth and detail, as would be standard from the novelist. part of the humour of his novels, and indeed a large chunk of the appeal of them, is that you are never sure why Bret Easton Ellis chooses to lavish time on these characters and more or less cherishes them. either he is deliberately giving flesh to the hollow as part of his parody, or he really does admire and envy their ambivalent, Babylonian lifestyle of excess.

as mentioned, the cast appears to have "distanced" themselves from this project, with one or two claiming to be "embarrassed" by it. this is rather bewildering, because whatever gaps in straightforward storytelling there may be from the rather minimalist slant taken from the narrative are covered rather well indeed by some of the finest acting performances ever given by the impressive cast list. the ensemble cast might have limited time within the 90 or so minutes of the movie, but they do make it all count.

Winona Ryder, for a start, is either better than you have ever seen her in a movie, or at the least better than she has been for a good long time. As the "elder actors" of the film, Billy Bob Thornton and Kim Basinger are brilliant. They, as the role models for the decline of their children and their circle, give note perfect performances. If Billy Bob was really "embarrassed" about being in the project and this is him just slumming it, well then, that's how he should approach all his roles.

applause too for Chris Isaak. often relegated to the part of "another singer that thinks he can act", he gives some substance to a character that is story and script wise defined as "drunk, divorced, rich".

remember all the wild, raving reviews Mickey Rourke got for his turn in the rather average film The Wrestler? they should perhaps have been lavished here for his outstanding performance as the deeply unpleasant Peter.

when it comes to playing down and out, deadbeat vile characters that have some perplexing and inescapable charm that leads one to follow them, Rourke when given the right parts does it better than most (Angel Heart, anyone?), perhaps rivaled in the modern era by Sean Penn alone.

now i must confess i knew nothing about Brad Renfro before news came out that he had died not long after making this film. after now seeing him in this film as Jack, well, it most certainly is a loss to us movie lovers. Renfro plays a simple aspiring actor working as a doorman. he is one of the few characters, if not the only character, not introduced to us as already morally bankrupt. it's impossible, in particular as he is related to the aforementioned Peter, to evade the darkness around him and the rest of the story, but he does at the least put up a moral fight and does take a stance.

after i have reminded you of the *** POSSIBLE SPOILERS ***, let's get on to the oddest part of this film which is a "reconstruction of a script by Bret Easton Ellis who had reconstructed a collection of his own stories". that would be the casual dropping of the vampire storyline. very odd indeed - the image pictured above is clearly a legacy of that line, but in the film as it is it has certain other, distinctly more unpleasant, connotations.

as HIV and AIDS seeps into the storyline of the film (with there every now and then being the suggestion that the characters are responsible for the spread of the disease, sometimes in a starkly plausible manner), it really is rather peculiar that the vampire thread didn't remain as some sort of metaphorical or symbolic take on this. i suspect that this is what Bret Easton Ellis would have intended since he highlighted the exclusion of the vampire character more than anything else, but i suppose we shall never know. to my knowledge no one has yet hit on the rather obvious idea of linking vampires to HIV (they are, after all, both blood related), and this film would have struck me as the perfect platform. oh well.

what the film lacks in the designer violence of the book and most of the author's other works it does, some of you may very well be pleased to learn, make up for in the rather generous presence of flesh. Amber Heard, in a role that was rather bewilderingly going to be played by no less than Ashley Olsen, seldom if ever has any clothes on in the film. this is a rather good device - her frequent undressed state becomes as bland and uninteresting as the lives the characters lead, all explicitly and ruthlessly shred of any pretend meaning.

so, do i recommend the film? yes, kind of. as you're watching it there's a great sense of "what on earth is going on here", but as soon as it's finished your mind tends to dwell on it for a good deal of time. if you appreciate some good, solid acting performances and are prepared to witness empty, meaningless people drift down the spiral, then this film is for you. for Bret Easton Ellis fans, it's not quite the disaster some are heralding it to be; then again it is not the glorious and magnificent adaptation with Rules Of Attraction got either. fans of this author have grown used to not getting much out of him, as each new book seems to take longer and longer to produce. grab the chance to see this, then, on the off chance that it's another few years before anything new comes from him.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Susan's holiday

Hi Everyone

well, for the last two weeks or so we've been fortunate enough to have my Auntie Susan come and visit for a holiday. it's been a bit of a whirlwind tour for her, so rather than doing updates on the spot i thought i'd wait for her to get home so she could sit back and reminisce (hello Auntie!).

Susan certainly got a good deal in on the holiday, and no trip would have been complete without a visit to the stables. here she is with her brother (the gent i am lucky enough to call Dad) admiring all the scenery, including the electricity pylons which every now and then actually deliver electricity to our homes.

and whilst at the stables, here's Susan with Mum. i am not at all sure why it is, but whenever Mum's up at the stables with those shades on, she has a very "rock and roll" look to her.

who knows, if one pretends that the tree in the background is a Joshua Tree (or perhaps even The Joshua Tree), she wouldn't look too far out of place on a U2 album cover i suppose.

and, whilst on the subject of ponies, Susan got to go along to the Equus awards. with some rather distinguished guests, no less!

now, the only "Equus" i know of is the magnificent play by Peter Shaffer, and the outstanding film version featuring one of Richard Burton's greatest performances. considering what went on in that film, i will assume that these awards share a name alone. if however the awards relate to exactly what went on in the film, then the mind boggles why my Dad just refuses to consider the suggestion of myself, Mervin Fraser and Leslie "One Punch" Perumal that he should name a horse Incitatus.....

moving a long a bit, and Susan also had a rather nice lunch with my Dad's mate, the legendary and much admired Mr Terry Paine.

we were able to track down a disc of one of Terry's finest hours (and in his career there have been hundreds of them), the England against the Rest Of The World game from the early 60s. he was delighted with it and, as you can see, happy to sign a copy of his book for Susan.

now, as my knowledge and interest in respect of the ponies stretches just about as far as wanting to name one of them Incitatus, we obviously didn't get to see Susan at any of those events. we did, however, have the chance to welcome her up to Sun City for a couple of days.

we had a fantastic time up there, as you are aware from earlier posts (and bar the idiot parents) and it was wonderful to kick back, relax and enjoy lovely weather, ace food and incredible conversation. i even managed to "liberate" some items from Susan's room, some of which are on there way to Gillian in New Zealand right now, pending the rather elaborate strike the South African Post Office is engaged in. if they are all on strike, it means that there is no one to randomly steal the items i guess. erm, i digress somewhat.....

whilst on this holiday James was not too bothered or concerned with doing all that much swimming, Susan was rather enthusiastic about it at least!

well, there you go. i would be sure there are a few more (tens of thousands) of pictures my Dad has taken of her holiday but these are the best of what he has sent along!!

once again Susan, it was fantastic having you over to visit us for a bit! hope you rested, relaxed and had fun!! and yes, i did finish off the Clarkson book; it's now sat by Michele's side of the bed!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ian Brown - My Way

just a quick update to make sure all and sundry are aware that the new Ian Brown album is available to order now, release date set for 28 September 2009.

going on the most excellent sound that is his Stellify single, this could rival Music Of The Spheres as the masterpiece from the man.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ahem, more Sun City pics, kind of.....

hey everyone

whoops, i was somewhat hasty in declaring a post yesterday to be the last of our holiday pictures! since i had the scanner on the go for the new baby pic, i took the chance to scan in these excellent "sketch" pictures from our holiday. they had the machine there next to the arcade, and James thought it was the most amazing thing that he had ever seen.

not amazing enough, however, to sit too still for the pictures!

i think the problem for James was that there were two screens on which you could see yourself, neither anywhere near the camera which takes your pic! that would be why he is a little blurry in some of them!

not sure which is our favourite picture, but this next one could be the winner!

but it's hard to argue with the charm of this one, in particular as it illustrates, if not emphasizes, James' lack of interest in sitting still for the pics!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

baby update

hey everyone

well, today was the day for another check-up on how the baby is coming along. and, as the rain falls hard on a humdrum town that is Cape Town, where we are we had lovely weather for lovely news that baby is coming along just fine!

i don't think the doc was going to take a scan picture today, but as you can see the above is so clear and good he couldn't resist!

Mummy is doing just as well as baby, although feeling rather tired!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

birthday flowers

hey everyone

Uncle Trevor has been busy with the internet again, and as ever it's always for a good reason. he very kindly forwarded on some pictures of Gran's 80th birthday flowers from us.

well, he thought that he had sent some on, instead he sent on a picture which was notable for not showing Gran or any flowers.....

nice as it is to see Ruby looking healthy and happy, Trevor did notice that he forwarded the wrong pictures on, and sent the right ones on in the end!

nice one Trev! glad to see that Gran liked them!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( )

the world isn't supposed to work like this.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ian Brown - Stellify, an (ahem) update

more details (as it were) have been released of the new Ian Brown single. well, it's more of an old style ep than a single. the track listing is

01 Stellify (an exceptional track)
02 Crowning Of The Poor (Ian does his experimental thing)
03 For The Glory (a statement on The Stone Roses?)
04 Marathon Man (uber-funk)

the tracks are streamed around the net, the brighter of you may have detected something in the title. all i can say to that is please ensure you buy this when released, September 21 2009.

on the basis of this, the forthcoming album, My Way, is going to be exceptional.

be excellent to each other..........................

happy birthday Gran!

hey there

well, since Gran and a good deal of the family over in England headed off to Scarborough to celebrate Gran's 80th birthday, i did want to do some sort of clever title around Simon & Garfunkel's Scarborough Fair. however, after 8 or so posts today, i am rather worn out in the thinking stakes!

many thanks indeed to Uncle Trevor for sending these great pics on. first up, here's the birthday girl herself!

pleased to see that you are looking well, Gran, and having a good time! sorry we could not be with you!

and here's young Christopher, having a go on a machine a bit like the one we played that was a tribute to The King, Elvis Presley. there is no evidence to suggest that, as of yet, The King, Elvis Presley has visited Scarborough, but i would imagine that he would be delighted to have a go on this machine.

indeed, it did seem rather popular, as Gran and Uncle Colin (who i think prefers Cliff Richard to The King, Elvis Presley, but never mind) have a go on the same machine. or a similar one.

do my eyes deceive me, or is that Mr Mike Acornley in the background having a go too?

last but not least, a picture of Uncle Trevor! now, Trev has always been a bit of a magnet for the rich, the celebrities and the shameless. i am not sure which category the revered Mr Noel Edmonds fits into, i suspect it is the first two with ease!

nice one Trev!!

many thanks again for sending on the pics. glad to see and hear that you all had a wonderful time!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last of the Sun City pics

hey everyone

well, as the title suggests, these are the last of the pics! my, it has taken quite some time to get them all edited down and posted!

first up, as alluded to elsewhere, here's a couple of pictures of James enjoying as much ice cream as Sun City could give him! this first one shows him either being rather proud of the ice cream, or perhaps holding it aloft as some sort of symbol of ice cream liberation.

here's another picture of James eating ice cream. i suspect that in this picture he's thinking that he would like it very much if Daddy would stop taking pictures of him eating ice cream......

and finally, what would a trip to Sun City be without a walk around the crocodile sanctuary? if sanctuary is the right name for it - "place where the crocodiles live" is as good a name for it i guess.

now, Michele is getting really rather tired with this pregnancy, so she had a good sit down and some coffee as James and i walked around. this means not as many pictures as last time, but still one or two!

we didn't get the opportunity to feed the baby crocodiles this time, but James loved seeing them all anyway!

right, that will do, let me see what other subjects i can rant and rave about for the next post!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!