Friday, December 31, 2004

unsure of colour scheme........

looking at this new-look blog, I'm not sure I have the colours right at all. when I can be bothered, I will have a look at changing it.

although it does appear that I can change the colour of the text easily enough, looking at this posting setting.

busy listening to The Holy Bible 10th anniversary set. it is still as formidable after 100 plays, or thereabouts. managed to get around to putting the Christiane F CD in the car today, a very good mix of Bowie tracks on it.

it all seems fairly quiet at work today, not much happening or going down. odd, as Christmas Eve was peculiarly busy - I guess New Year's Eve is the big party night, and thus all and sundry have headed off for the day to commence the quaffing of the ale.

our New Year will be quiet, as we are a combination of knackered and still ill. no doubt we will watch a film or two, and no doubt I will have another shot at Alien vs Predator 2, although I am rather keen to have a crack at The Thing.

the news remains dominated by this Tsunami thing. it's difficult, if not impossible, to grasp the numbers of the dead. it feels like an unreal figure, hard to picture at all.

right, let me post this and see if the colour text changes. fingers crossed!


hello to all those who got my email and decided to come and have a look, or hello to all of you who have been popping by to see if I have updated it for the past three months!!

a sad day for us. we had some more wild kittens born near us. however, they looked really ill and struggling with the first few months of life, and thus Michele has taken them to the SPCA. we will miss the little things, but we need to know they are going to be looked after. Michele has tried, but we are not experts.

had a look at my class new Bottom : Series 2 DVD today. It has a smart 30 minute section of outtakes. Rik Mayall & Ade Edmondson are probably at their best when they make mistakes!

these days my evenings are somewhat taken over by the game Alien vs Predator 2. It is the coolest game I have played in a long time, which is saying something as it does not feature a chainsaw anywhere. ho hum.

on the subject of chainsaws, I asked for one for christmas, and instead got a smart toy DIY set. the electric drill spins and everything! there was a tense moment when Dylan, my seven year old brother in law (possibly six) wanted to take it away from me, but I cried and sulked enough to be able to keep it. nice one!

oh well, bed time for me. I know at the least my special munchkin is reading this, hope you are happy to see the blog up and running again xxxxx

Thursday, December 30, 2004

you love us, you love us, you love us - you. love. us.

me - handsome devil or what?

all things Derek Bowie

Christmas has seen my Bowie collection increase somewhat, has it not. I am now the proud owner of the Reality Tour DVD, filmed in Ireland and before Derek's heart scare.

it's not really all that much of a surprise that his heart started sending slow down warnings, not if this is an example of the energy spent on the whole tour. a 30 song set, no less, with an unusual choice of songs to do.

have not watched it all as of yet, but the standout highlight for me has to be a new, reworked acoustic version of Loving The Alien. cringed at and slammed when it first appeared in 1984, time has done the song many favours, and with the overwhelming popularity of the excellent book The Da Vinci Code, the lyrics possibly now make all the more sense. well worth a listen!

also now on the shelf is the Christianne F soundtrack. it's basically a compilation of the "Berlin Trilogy" albums, except it features an ultra-rare German-English mix of "heroes"/"helden". a very nice thing to have indeed.


harumpfh!!!!!!! why does this thing say I am Picese (or however the #$@* you spell it) when I am an Aquarian???????????

all things Manic

well, with an abundance of "new" Manic Street Preachers material available, I have managed to obtain a fair chunk of it.

sadly, still missing is an original copy of their new album, Lifeblood. it has not surfaced on the shelves of the CD stores here, and an attempt to order it online led to an email telling me that it was not available after all. and thus I am stuck with an "unofficial" copy, at least until either someone heads to the UK or we order it from there. bummer, man.

happily, however, my beloved HMV delivered to me the splendid 10th anniversary edition of The Holy Bible, still their greatest album to date and my, what a lavish set they have presented it in. excellent DVD, and if you want a quality, intellectual album, this is what you should buy. a triumph of art over logic is what it says on the front, and it sort of is just that.

meanwhile, new single Empty Souls is out Jan 3rd, but some of the b-sides have surfaced dans le internet. not bad at all, but not great.

otherwise, the boys seem keen to tour much of the world, but appear once again to have no plans to head to South Africa. major, major bummer, man.

a new career in a new town

OK, this one is just a tester, as it were. I have left the old blog for so long it appeared wise to delete it and start again with a new one.

new messages imminently, I hope........