Monday, July 11, 2005

forever-ever delayed


is it worth saying sorry for the lack of updates? i did not think so......

well, still so far so good with the pregnancy. week 18 now, i believe, and he/she is turning into quite a big baby. i guess it will take after daddy in at least one respect!!

not sure if i mentioned in my last post (doubt it), but, believe it or not, a better film that Star Wars Episode III has arrived. it is called Batman Begins. a most excellent film from a class director with an ace cast. if you have not seen it, see it!

otherwise, major thanks to my mate Chris - he has sent an excellent package of tunes and videos, including footage of the Manics gig Michele & I went to! nice one fella!

meanwhile, I seem to have started an international ring of emails about David Hasselhoff. sure, there are many going around, but this one is in a circle of 20 people and has made dubious, unsubstantiated comments about my boss trying to dress like the Hoff. it can only be a matter of time before I am threatened with dismissal.

otherwise, all is well here guys. I will try and put the "proper" scan image up soon, but then again we will have a new one as of the 25th!!

be excellent to each other!!