Tuesday, October 20, 2015

star wars stamps

hi there

yeah, i know. everything that is internet which is Star Wars today has all been about that trailer; a trailer which isn't all that great but is a trailer all the same. i'll get around to doing something or other about that if the mood takes me, look you see, but for now my classy Star Wars stamps arrived off of Royal Mail.

well, when i say mine, my (considerably) better half was the protagonist in this instance. there is one set in particular that i was going to buy, but she quite liked the idea of having them all. to that end, then, here's the 12 character stamps.

yeah, sorry about the quality off of my blueberry camera phone thing, but it's not like you can't swing past the Royal Mail site and seem them in super duper high quality. or, you know, if you are in the UK, just buy some for yourself.

12 character stamps, then - 9 from the "classic" trilogy, with brief hints of characters from the "prequel" trilogy in the corner, and three from the new film. nope, there is no Lando Calrissian stamp, you are not seeing wrong. Lando continues to get f****d over, then. people forget that if it were not for him, everyone would be dead and the Emperor would be ruling whatever it was he ruled over still. but noooo, everyone makes a big deal over the nancy biy farmhand that pretended to be an orphan and his mate the illegal immigrant smuggler. i am sure that's not just because they happen to be white.

anyway, the spaceships of Star Wars are also celebrated in stamp form. although they have seriously missed a trick in not making a smart round one of the Death Star.

the spaceships were, weirdly, the dullest part of Star Wars. none of them are as smart or as inspiring as that one with the disc on it off of Star Trek, and the x-wing looks crap compared to them smart ones they flew about in in Battlestar Galactica. makes sense, especially as Battlestar Galactica had a better theme to it, and more members of the cast off of The A Team too.

is it normal to promote or advertise films via stamps? not really, at least not here in England. it would not be a shock to learn that such a thing was standard in America. in England it was always the case that the only living person that could be on a stamp was the reigning  monarch, i am not sure when they changed that or why. they certainly have not changed it to the extent that a Jar Jar Binks is allowed on a stamp, at the least, or one of them annoying, cannibalistic Ewok things.

will i be using any of the Star Wars stamps for my correspondence? yes. not the two sets above; for they have been bought on the instruction of my (considerably) better half to be kept safe. these smart 12 Boba Fett ones, however, are ones i bought to use as and when i feel the recipient of my musings is worthy of getting one of them in the post.

some people say that those of us who like Boba Fett are twats, and totally misunderstand Star Wars, as he is hardly in the films. an interesting observation. it's worth noting that, in the grand scheme of things, the T-Rex had barely a couple of minutes in Jurassic Park, Hannibal Lecter was in the silence of the lambs for less than 15 minutes, and Don Corleone was in The Godfather for something like 20 minutes. and yet all three prove to be, without question, the most memorable characters or vintage animal things in the respective movies.

Disney are clearly seeking to licence, sell and merchandise their new Star Wars toy absolutely anywhere they can. if this allows me to do things like send letters with Boba Fett on them as a means of paying for postage, no argument from me.

i trust these images have been of some interest or use to someone, and in the true spirit of the Cylon code off of Star Wars in which Neo was the chosen one, live long and prosper.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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