Friday, October 16, 2015


hello there

well, that's another verking week down, look you see, so onwards to the weekend. a weekend that shall no doubt, or if you like undoubtedly be spent engaging in further adventures in unpacking and putting together our new home, which is still new i suppose.

it's that sentiment which has in a sense prompted this particular blog post. i have elected to share our new address with a select number of people (if not you and you are kind of expecting to learn it that's because i ran out of stamps). this has prompted some kind souls to send on their congratulations and good wishes in, as the title suggests, card form.

many thanks to, as you see them, Gran and Gramps and then then formidable Sharpy and his smart family for these lovely cards. they were greatly appreciated and kind gestures.

these actually represent the second and third such cards we got. the first was off of Mum & Dad, who for some reason chose to post them to us over a month before we actually moved. we still have those cards that they sent, but they are packed up somewhere.

speaking of Mum & Dad, and indeed bringing that in with unpacking, i have located my smart JVC CD player and tape deck. just not the power cord for it, but hey ho. a consequence of this is that Mum & Dad are looking forward to the first new tape in close to two years being made for them and sent. so best i find a power cord.

i do have a stockpile of blank tapes somewhere, but as Tesco were selling a pack of 5 for £1.50 i decided to take the easy option and buy some. well, they were listed as £1.50, when the lady ran them up on the smart computer till thingie they came up as £4.50. i drew her attention to this and some nice chap went and fixed it all up so i paid the advertised price.

i find the packaging on these tapes interesting if not fascinating. i appreciate that i took this image with my blueberry phone camera thing so the quality is not that great, but to the side there you can see the recommended uses for this tape. Maxell, in their wisdom, suggest that these tapes are perfect for use for either voice recorders, in car stereos, on a walkman or on a stereo in your home.

unless i am missing something, those four options are pretty much the only practical things you could do with a tape to extract any sort of value out of it. the only other thing i could think of to do that Maxell see as unsuitable is to use it to copy Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum games. so i will cross that off of my list, then.

anyway, off towards the weekend, then. let us see what adventures it brings.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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