Tuesday, October 06, 2015

mostly posters

hello there

yes, indeed, look you see, a little bit of unpacking adventures to come, but for the most part some boss new posters for you. well, one poster that's ho hum and one canvas thingie that's absolutely bonza boss, it is.

first then, as promised if not offered in the title, the poster. it was some sort of book fair at school for the boys today, so i innocently sent money along with them in the expectation that they would be purchasing a book or two. this they kind of did, but they (well, William) also invested in a poster. one of the first posters i have seen for that Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice thing.

yes indeed, it does appear - bravely - to be referencing the artwork for The Dark Knight. that takes some balls, that does - best this film be good.

quality wise, when i first saw it i just kind of assumed that William had got a new comic and this was taken out of it, for it has all the texture and class of one of them freebies you find in the middle of publications from time to time. not so, dear reader - it was on sale at the aforementioned book fair, and apparently this cost me £2.99, or if you like just south of £3. that's basically three items off of Pound Land, that is, less the cost of the plastic bag, of course.

am i expecting Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice to be any good? not really. i mean, i am one of the few who really, really liked Man Of Steel, and i have no quarrel with that Ben Affleck chap being the Bat. the problem is that it seems like they are throwing every DC character they can think of at the film. the two great ensemble super hero films, Avengers (Assemble) and Avengers Age Of Ultron worked because they wisely approached it as sequels - Thor 1.5 and Iron Man 3.5 respectively - and did not fanny about introducing characters as they were introduced in their own films, or the assumption was taken that the audience was not stupid. i am not sure the same will happen here; it doesn't sound like either Man Of Steel 1.5 or similar will be what they offer.

right, onto the bonza boss canvas print thing, which i have safely moved up to my shed / study sort of thing. a shed / study sort of thing that i haven't done a lot with (as in nothing) since i put the desk together.

yes indeed that is a smart canvas print celebrating all things Quadrophenia. it was up until today sat in a corner at verk. we are doing something of a revamp and renovation in the office, with items no longer wanted or required being sold off. i was delighted to purchase this at what i consider to be a very reasonable price indeed.

some more adventures and finds in the world of unpacking? surely. i am thrilled, indeed delighted, to report that this evening i am drinking coffee from my chalice of The King, Elvis Prelsey.


nice one that it made it through the seas of Somali pirates and sharks during shipping, and indeed equally nice one that it made it through my somewhat cavalier, somewhat robust approach to moving stuff about in storage.

if i recall right, and i am steadfast and sure that i do, my Aunty (no, the other one) originally brought this chalice of The King, Elvis Presley to me from England to Africa of the South. equally impressive, then, that it has survived the round trip.

anyway, another look at that smart Quadrophenia canvas print? i cannot think of a single reason why we should not, so here you go, enjoy.


the only other thing of consequence today was that i got some cables. as they are not plugged into anything as such as yet, however, i do not feel like they are worth your time having a gander at.

off i go, then, wondering what other adventures the rest of the week shall bring to report on here. i would imagine, to warn you, that they are unlikely to be adventures featuring any more posters.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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