Monday, October 19, 2015

day of release variations

hi there

whilst they have shifted album releases to Thursdays and Fridays due to the change in the cycle of when they calculate the charts, it is reassuring to know that Monday remains, look you see, as the day of preference for when they release things on DVD, Blu Ray and any other format that i cannot be bothered to think of at the moment. with that in mind, off i went to HMV today for one of those mentioned formats to pick up a film on its day of release.

yep, the "long awaited" 4th instalment of the Jurassic Park films, in this instance Jurassic World, or if you like Jurassic Park IV : Citizens On Patrol. or maybe A New Hope is apt, for they are looking to launch a class new franchise off of the back of this.

that is indeed a very smart HMV bag that the disc came in. i can hear you saying "it b@stard wants to be, looking at the price of the disc", but the law is the law, i did indeed have to pay 5p for the honour and prestige of owning this bag.

is Jurassic World any good? yes. there's been a few moans, groans and complaints, but ultimately it set out to be a two hour film of twatting about with dinosaurs, and if you have no expectations higher than that, then it's great fun that you cannot imagine anyone could have done better. 

a brief pause, ladies and gents, for the benefit of Spiros. Spiros doesn't care for things like blu ray or Jurassic anything, so here is a discarded packet of Richmond menthol outside of the Bongo to jeep his interest up.

if i went up to Spiros, right, and said "hey, Spiros, what do you think of Jurassic World, the new, exciting, crazy ass dinosaur movie?", he would ask me if it was something that would get him drunk. if i chose to answer this in an honest way, which is to say now, then he would just growl a bit, complain about how i have wasted his time, and then punch me in the face, quite hard as it happens due to all his class training in the ways of the kung fu and karate and all that smart stuff. there you go, Spiros, happy viewing. for the rest of us, back to Jurassic World.

i did indeed, and i would not say happily, pay £19.99 (plus 5p) for the privilege and honour of owning the blu ray. considering many say that the optical disc, or if you like physical format, is dying if not dead, they sure have released this movie in many formats. the options available to me were the standard DVD for £9.99, the standard blu ray for £14.99, the waste of time 3D blu ray and normal, proper blu ray for £17.99, or the HMV exclusive steelbook waste of time 3d blu ray and normal, proper blu ray for £19.99. i really quite liked the steelbook, so that's what won.

a look at the reverse side of the bag? it is reverse, dear reader, as i have no clue at all which side is the front and which is the back.

considering the idea of the 5p charge for bags was to discourage people from using them, it is quite strange that HMV have elected to make some that are likely to be collectors items and, if anything, see them sell more bags than they would normally have given away. what a peculiar world. still, a nice touch that they did this; oh how i wish there was any music decent enough for HMV to promote in a similar way.

for those interested, in terms of extras, the DVD makes a lot of noise about how it features a deleted scene, whereas all blu ray editions say that they feature deleted scenes. it is most annoying that film collectors that don't happen to have blu ray get diddled over on the DVD releases these days. hey ho.

anyway, things to do, and that's two updates this evening, look you see.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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