Friday, June 30, 2006

nice one Matt!!

hey everyone

thanks to Matt, another oddity of the world of cinema is in my collection! i have not watched it yet, but thanks for the loan of
Salo!!! it looks ace!!

otherwise, my fathers' day gift from James arrived at last!! thank you very much indeed to James (and Mummy) for the Revenge Of The Nerds set, as well as Randall and Hopkirk (deceased), the latter featuring the ever impressive comic talents of Vic 'n Bob, so it is presumably smart!

i will endeavour to bring in new pics of James to upload for all to see next week!

be excellent to each other!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


i was browsing the web today and have discovered that yet another Saw movie is being released!!

the poster looks tasty (hee hee), but i fear that an original, creative film is about to have its reputation knackered by a series of sequels.

you never know, it may be good.

be excellent to each other, which means do not chain people to metal poles and give them a hack saw to sort it out with.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mani The Cat - a larger image

hello hello hello

same post as before, really, but just testing to see if i can publish a larger, better copy of the story.

by all means click on and download the pic to have a proper look!

cute cat story

hey everyone

well, cute and sweet stories about cats are a dime a dozen, but it is rare that one features a cat named Mani. i presume the cat is named Mani as a tribute to the most excellent bass player formerly with The Stone Roses, now with Primal Scream.


be excellent to each other!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The 21st Of The Spiros

hey everyone

my good friend, or, if you will, "bum chum" Spiros has very kindly scanned a range of vintage images and passed them on to me. here you can see me, several years ago, dressed as the construction worker out of the Village People as part of the celebrations of his 21st birthday. i must say i do believe i look rather smart in the pics!

right right right, it seems that verk has some interesting challenges at 7 in the morning, so let me tackle them with aplomb.

be excellent to each other!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Standing Tall and Proud!!


we had a number of visitors over the weekend, but only thought to get the camera out on Sunday when Katie came to see cousin James! sorry Spiros and Linda, one day we shall remember to get a pic of James and Robbie together to put up here!!

as you can see, the pair of them are coming along very nicely indeed!!

thanks Grant for fixing up the cabinet thing for the TV and all that stuff!!

James had quite a lucky weekend, as it happens, as he got to see Grandma on both days of it!

remain being excellent to each other!

James at 27 weeks

hey everyone

well, still no connection to the oracle at home, but i can still upload these most excellent pics from verk. at least i do not need a telephone line to transfer the pics from the camera to the the pc to a cd!!

here is young Napoleon at 27 weeks - growing fast, as you can see!!

otherwise, unless you want a lot of moaning and complaining about not having a telephone line at home, not a great deal to report on!!

be excellent to each other!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

James and the Giant Ribs


when not chewing on items like the War Of The Worlds soundtrack CD, James will try and demolish pretty much anything he can get his hands on as part of his quest to attain equilibrium with his teeth popping out. here he is busy with some rib bones after dinner last week. it would seem that James will very much be a meat man!!

otherwise, we had a long weekend down here in South Africa, which meant more unpacking. i unpacked some books. i can confim conclusively that i need a consiserable amount of new bookcases to finish that particular job.

Sunday was also my first ever father's day. i got a most excellent range of confectionaries, as well as a smart card from James, featuring a red hand print from the man himself. i look forward to the further exploits of his Mummy as he attempts to get the remains of that red paint off his hands!

righty-right, i am back at verk, and i seem to have some four days worth of reports to shift through to check that all the money is in the right place. have a more excellent day than i will be having, then!!

most importantly, be excellent to each other!!

James at 26 weeks (six months exact!!!)

hi everyone

well, the battle continues for connection, and it still looks like weeks, if not months, before i am online at home. i am debating a wireless connection in the interim, but that leaves me with a rather large bill and a 24 month contract. ho hum.

here is young Napoleon at exactly six months. those rosy red cheeks should tell you that he is going onwards with his teething! actually, his teething is coming along ever so well, and i believe James as a consequence reccomends the soundtrack for War Of The Worlds, as he spent a considerable amount of time on Sunday chewing that very box.

be excellent to each other!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

communication breakdown

hey everyone

just a quick one to let you know that, apparently, it will be another 6 to 8 weeks at the least before i have my telephone line back at home, which means no regular updates here!!

it's quite annoying, but what can one do??

James turns 6 months tomorrow!! i will do my best to upload the regularly irregular pics as soon as possible.

be excellent to each other!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

a most excellent album

a trend seems to be forming, and it is an excellent trend. more and more tv shows seem to be using music from Mezzanine by Massive Attack. in particular i was impressed by the usage of a sample of teardrop in a recent episode of Prison Break, the song that was also used and changed for the even more excellent series House.

if you do not have this album, or if you will "cd", you could do a lot worse than go and get it!!

James at 25 weeks (most recently)

hey everyone

well, here you go with the first pics of James in the new house, not that you can see much of the new house in them!! i promise i will upload pics of the house soon!

a bit of a scare yesterday - James had a high temperature, and so it was off to the doctor. it seems that he has a bit of a cold/flu thing. oh dear! anyway, he seems a bit better at the moment, and no doubt he will be fully fit soon!!

be excellent to each other!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

James at 24 weeks

here he is, in what i think is the last pic of him at our old house!!

the move, all things considered, went pretty well!!!!!

no access......James at 23 weeks

hi everyone

well, as a number of you will be aware, we have moved house recently. as a consequence, we have no telephone line installed as of yet, and thus i have no access to the oracle, so to speak.

we are rather busy at verk, but will try and give some belated updates, like this pic of James at 23 weeks.

will put the rest up now now!!

be excellent to each other!!