Wednesday, June 03, 2015

lynx fever under review

hello there

after the partial, unqualified success of my review of the disastrous lynx black deodorant / "body spray", i thought i would have another go at a different shade of scent that they offer. hence, look you see, the title of this blog post. this time, as you may well have worked out, it is lynx fever that i had a go with.

i was drawn, some might say magnetically but i would disagree, to lynx fever for certain reasons. a key one, undoubtedly, was it was one of three shades of scent that was on offer at a lower price than normal. of the three, one was that black rubbish, and the other is one that name escapes me for the moment, but as one had to purchase two cans to get the special, a review of that will follow and its name shall be revealed.

another reason for me being compelled to purchase this was that the tin, as you shall soon observe, was very shiny. also, the name 'fever' is, to me, exciting. fever is, after all, the key, if not pivotal, word used as a lyric in Desire by U2, with the song being rendered pointless if one removed that word from it. also, the flame motif that is on the tin reflects the lyrics of the song Desire, so i took it as a given that this deodorant was inspired, in some part, by Bono.

another factor that was exciting was, of course, the concept of walking around with the shade of a scent that suggested i might have a fever. to walk amongst the world emitting the sensual eroticism associated with life threatening, if not always fatal, disease and condition without risking actual harm or death is a rare commodity to access at the best of times, least of all as part of some ambitious "2 for £4" promotion. imagine, the people and the wildlife of the world taking it as a given that i might have cholera, plague, scurvy or similar for a mere £2.

how does such fever, in the eyes or if you like nostrils, of lynx smell? peachy. as in peach, or peaches. but not the actual scent of peaches. no, instead what they have created is that romanticised, fictionalised idea of how peaches smell in certain works of art when they want to suggest or blatantly state that something smells pleasant, alluring, attractive, acceptable and satisfactory.

real peach, of course, or real peaches if you like, smell of exactly what they are, which is the decaying corpse of an item grown, nurtured and rather ruthlessly discarded by a tree, a bush, some shrubbery or whatever the f*** it is one calls whatever it is a peach would grow, or if you like blossom, upon or on.

on the subject of death, my conduct and activities at verk during the day today took me towards a requirement to research gravestones, or if you like headstones. it was during such conduct that i found this image.

i was rather taken with the wording on this. taken to the extent that i endeavoured to investigate the person being commemorated on it. i could find no detail of them; perhaps the whole thing is fictional and created so as to promote certain items.

that someone, as testament or as fiction, would take the time to account for a person with the words "misguided in life" alone did, to a somewhat obvious extent (hence it being here) affect me somewhat. in isolation, the simplicity of the message conveyed is brilliant.on a practical, rather more human level, it leaves me with something of a heavy heart that those three words were all that could be spoken. still, they are probably words better than those which shall be spoken of me.

returning to the world of lynx fever, for some reason some of you believe that my blackberry phone has a special feature that captures the smell of things. technology, apparently, will one day allow all devices to convey this smell when a video of it is played back.

here, to that end, is a video of lynx fever being deployed. 

my thoughts, feelings and conclusions in concern of lynx fever? it's actually pretty decent. if this indeed how one smells when one is affected by some sort of plague, bring on the rats, i say, i am more than happy to be infected, for to my nostrils it smells nowhere near as rancid or as unpleasant as i always imagined it would.

my thoughts on the 'attract for him' shower gel is, alas, not quite so positive.

i have been using this attract for him off of lynx daily for a couple of weeks now. thus far, i have observed, it has not had any affect in the number, level or quality of men it has assisted me in attracting. there has been no fluctuation in any number or by any measurement in this regard.

so, to recap, lynx fever yes, very good; lynx attract for him use only if you are not actively seeking a way to attract him as it doesn't appear to work.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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