Friday, October 04, 2013

the seed and the sower

hi there

well, this all started off with me being sent to buy a few seedlings for the boys to plant at school. this i did, but the nursery had loads and loads of shiny things. well, sort of shiny. naturally shiny if you like.

having located the seedlings i needed to buy i took a stroll around and spotted some trees. most of them were young trees, that may or may not be called saplings i think (use google if you like, i cannot be bothered right now), all of which were having their growth assisted by a supporting pole.

well, all except one. "that's one strong, tough bastard of a tree" i thought to myself. it then surely merited a place in our garden.

the brightest idea i have ever had was not, as it turns out, deciding to dig a hole in rather tough African earth under a blazing, baking hot sun. that's why you have no pictures of me digging the hole or planting it, which may disappoint some of you, but there you go. the important thing, i guess, is that it is planted, and doing well so far.

what sort of tree is it? well, it's one of them sort of wood-esque with leaves growing on it. that's about as specific as i can get. although i did discuss the matter with my good friend Jonathan, who took some time out from redesigning the whole of Belfast (don't ask, but he has a hammer) to speak to me. as it is more or less the same height as my favourite character out of Game Of Thrones, we have come to the conclusion that this is probably called the Sex Midget Tree.

the tree was not the only thing i picked up and planted yesterday. oh no.

you all know what that plant is, so i am not going to insult your intelligence by telling you the name. yes, it's one of them ones that sort of purple like flower things grow on. looks nice, it does.

whatever assumptions you may have made about the above comments does not take away from the fact that i know the next one is called a lily, or lilium if you like the full names for things. except that The Who did a song called Pictures Of Lily, not Pictures Of Lilium. that sounds more like a song that Nirvana would do.

why a lily? because my (considerably) better half really rather likes them, that's why. they are nice enough plants, or flowers, or whatever the name is for things that grow. i am quite happy to get a bit of exercise planting one, possibly two, then!

more on the possible second one later, then, but for now here is something else that i planted, the name of which escapes me for the moment.

and yes, i appreciate that certain members of my family (hello, Dad) will be baffled by my attempts to have a go at gardening.

now then, on to that one that looks like a lily, but is probably not a lily, but may well be a lily or related to a lily and have a different name. possibly.

look, i don't know what it is called, it just looked nice and i thought yes, that will appear to be most splendid in our garden.

as you can see, it's certainly lily-esque, with a hint of something red on it.

there is actually a lot more red on it, but presently it hides away. here is a "peekaboo" type of picture of what i am speaking, or if you will writing, of.

i am rather pleased that all of this new growing stuff has survived at least one night in the garden. i would imagine with some watering and that they may last a little bit longer. bonus, indeed, if the tree lives quite a while!

it has been a rather busy week, looking at blog posts and things that were not blog posts. you will excuse me, then, if there's no updates for a few days whilst i just, as it were, chill.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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