Friday, October 25, 2013

ah, erm, oh, whoops. double the double disc

hi there

i got quite excited earlier in the week when an item arrived in the post for me. well, that's nothing new. it is always exciting when something arrives as it is supposed to through the mechanisms of the postal system. when one pays for a letter or item (or indeed items) to be delivered, it is always class when that actually happens.

i was particularly excited when i saw that the item, as you can see in the magic of Commodore 64 mode (with scan lines, since that's the one that the CCP likes the most and they are the only ones to have made an appreciative comment), came from amazon.

was it somehow possible that an exceptional miracle of the post office had happened? had my copy of Made Of Stone, the celebrated Stone Roses & Heaton Park documentary, landed already, only 3 or so days after it had been shipped?

this would indeed have been cause for celebration. i imagined blowing as many speakers as i could in the house with the sound of the bass of Mani as i opened the package. i then ceased such images in my mind when i saw what it was.

ah, yes. no, you do not have a case of deja vu, that is the same Frankie set i have posted a few times on and indeed have already got a copy. this second copy is now mine mostly thanks to my forgetful ways, but partially as a bit of research.

as some of you will recall from the original posts, this "best of" Frankie Goes To Hollywood is strange. it was released with no advertising, and the record label releasing it has no details at all for it on their site. on amazon it came up as "temporarily unavailable", but marketplace sellers had new and sealed copies of it very cheap.

as amazon saying something is "temporariliy unavailable" tends to translate as "we can get it but we don't keep stock on hand", i decided to place an order to see when they would get it. as it turns out, it was within 10 days (give or take) from when i placed the order.

there must have been more than me interested in this, as i see it has now moved from being temporarily unavailable to "usually ships within 2 weeks" on the site. it my comments and review has somehow stimulated that interest, whoops, but then again it's an ace set for a decent price - about £4 at the time of writing, which is roughly £1 less than the very good Frankie Said set and covers similar ground.

and you can skip Frankie Said for now anyway, as ace as the set and the pictures with it are. it is getting re-released in early 2014, packaged with a DVD.

what am i going to do with two copies of this set? proudly own two copies for the most part. however, if you look at the previous posts, the poster inside it is quite class. i may well see if some clever chap or lass who is a mender can have one of them ironed out and framed or blockmounted. it would look ace on the wall, that one would.

i shall probably give the first, already opened copy a play just now, it's an ace thing to have on the stereo. in the mean time, i thought i would do one of them "selfie" pics to show me holding the discs, and indeed give a hint of my new glasses to you. if you are for some reason interested. i, however, pressed the wrong button on the iTwat and made a video instead.

after that, though, i pressed the right button for pictures, after cocking with the touch screen thing for a bit, and did indeed take a picture as originally intended.

but, as you can see, i forgot to switch it on to Commodore 64 mode, so sorry that it does not look anywhere near as good as it could have.

one, or at least i (and my (considerably) better half), can only hope that the Made Of Stone set arrives in the post sooner rather than later, then. in the mean time, the sound and the smell of Frankie are perfectly fine to be getting on with.

i appreciate that i have probably said this before (cannot be bothered to check, soz), but i imagine this will be the last post on this particular CD set. as ace as it is. the last voice you will ever hear, if you like.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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