Wednesday, October 02, 2013

random confectionary on a well organized basis

hello there

well, this is one of those request posts. i do not mind requests at all, in fact they are rather exciting. if there's something out there that for some reason someone thinks i could make an interesting or mildly readable blog post on, that's fine by me. even if, as was the case here, the request comes from a most unusual interpretation of a previous post.

the child of the condiment phoenix read all the details of my train adventure (as you can by clicking here) and for some reason interpreted all the information as being valid grounds to ask if my day involved, at all, one of them 'curly wurly' chocolate bars.

it had not, as it happened, but as for some bizarre reason we had one in the kitchen (they are not widely sold here), i just said yes and forwarded the following picture so that it made the question seem worth asking.

this pleased the child of the condiment phoenix somewhat, but also inspired a request along the lines of taking pictures of the confectionaries available as and when i next went to the shops. as my business today involved shops, and i am better at having my blueberry on me than i am with lighters, this seemed like a relatively easy request to oblige.

my apologies that the glory of Commodore 64 style pictures do not beautify these images. as delighted as i am to entertain and fulfil requests for posts on this blog, i really do have better things to do with my life than to take an iTwat along to the shops for a couple of pictures of chocolate. it may well be that regular readers and people who know me would argue that actually no i do not have better things to do with my life than exactly that, but for now let's just agree there is some sort of truth in my view.

besides, admirers of these chocolates, and those wanting to learn, will probably appreciate the (erm) clarity a blueberry picture gives you over the artistic interpretation that C64 camera does.

here we go with the pictures, then.

i am not sure if i am to give a full detail of these chocolate, or merely a summary, or indeed if you like fancy words a sort of a précis kind of thing. yes, i had to google that word too. 

in the above, much to the delight of certain family members of mine, you can see something called Peppermint Crisp bars. they sit between those two rather more universal chocolates that are the Kit Kat and the Rolo. 

i could live my days without ever seeing a Peppermint Crisp again, to be honest, but those who like them really take a shine to them. 

since Kit Kats have been mentioned, and are indeed visible, i wonder if the story behind their packaging change many years ago is of truth or urban legend. the story was that they changed it when they discovered junkies were using the tin foil that it was wrapped in to melt down some smack, or whatever it is junkies do. i rather miss the tin foil wrap thing; not as a junkie but as someone who does not like how now Kit Kats always melt and go soggy in the cheaper packaging.

i am entirely unaware of any urban legends surrounding Peppermint Crisp bars, so it is time to move on to another picture.

yep, that's a row of chocolates there. you can't really make out much of anything i suppose, although i dare say anyone who has ever been in South Africa but away for a while would be able to, with some fondness one would hope, name most of the bars and packets you can see there.

and in trying to keep to the précis side of things, as a gesture towards the child of the condiment phoenix, on to the next picture then. an exciting one for certain people i know. 

and i in fact do know of a good story about Tempo bars. some will get this, some will consider this a waste of space. here, Tempo fans, test your memories. at school, right, a friend of my sister wrote to the makers of Tempo (it might be Cadburys, but also it might not) and simply said "i didn't feel it in my feet". the makers, or manufacturers if you like, promptly sent this friend a box back, expressing the hope that they helped them to feel it in their feet.

below the Tempo bars are Chomp bars. they are some sort of evil mixture of chocolate, biscuit and caramel, the evil stemming from just how addictive they are. i can point to a couple of the many kgs of my weight and say that Chomp bars are responsible for them.

below that are Astros. i leave Astros alone. they are little bastards, they are. small, coloured chocolate balls that you can just sit and keep eating right up until the point at which the paramedics kick your door in to loosen up a few arteries whilst suggesting you don't sit there eating Astros all day.

at this stage i kind of found myself at a loss as to what exactly the child of the condiment phoenix wanted or expected, or indeed expected to want, so i kind of gave up and just took a random picture of rows of toffees, sucking sweets and other such similar sh!t. hope it is OK.

what, you want me to say something? the toffees are for the most part toffee flavoured, except for when they are flavoured toffee type of toffee and then they taste like whatever flavour it says it is on the packet. the sucking sweets perform their function. whatever else is on display there probably does, too.

i would imagine that things like jelly beans, jelly babies and wine gums are universal constants and thus only the packaging which houses them changes around the world. not much i can add to a picture then, other than another of those précis things which appear to fascinate and haunt the child of the condiment phoenix, advising on the brands.

not sure if you can make it out, but basically the top two brands forthese mostly jelly based things seem to be Manhattan and Maynards. both are pretty good, really, for a jelly-based confectionary sort of thing.

and there you have it, as précis as i can be in respect of such things. it is my earnest wish that this was of even just the passing of interests to someone or other.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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