Wednesday, October 02, 2013

the rectangle circle is complete; the trilogy is at an end

hi there

just out of sheer curiosity, how many times have you dear readers heard the phrase "three part trilogy"? when you think about it, it does not really make much sense, for a trilogy is three parts anyway, otherwise it is not a trilogy. i suppose it's an extended phrase people wave about just to sound clever, because more words always make things sound more intellectual, do they not?

hey ho, and onwards to the point of this blog post. and let me see if i get this writing right. with the arrival of a third and final set of love bead enhanced toothpaste in New Zealand, a trilogy, for the parts were linked and a sequence of unrelated parcels were sent in the same timeframe, has indeed come to an end.

to celebrate this, my Dad has kindly provided us all with a picture of his most impressive, ten part collection of love bead toothpaste.

magnificent, is it not? seeing it all like that makes my efforts seem truly worth it. i am still, of course, left with a heavy heart about the fact that New Zealand does not sell toothpaste. i presume they do not, otherwise why on earth would Dad want me to ship it to him?

speaking of earth, i suppose i had better clarify the rectangle circle thing. well, the boxes are rectangle shaped, are they not, and the lid part, at the least, on the toothpaste, is a circle.

describing what sort of journey the toothpaste has taken is tricky, but i have taken to MS Paint and produced an accurate map of the world. this illustrates the path the toothpaste has taken.

as you can see, the toothpaste took a sort of a Z shaped route, really. i suppose i should have put "the Z is complete" as the title then, but that sounds crap. 

the route is not exact, of course - it misses off that the love bead toothpaste started off in a Tesco located, happily, outside of Newcastle. it also misses out the part where one of the parcels, the middle of the trilogy if you like, or the Empire Strikes Back of the story even,  got detained by customs. 

rights and licensing always seem to be a big issue with things on the internet, so with that in mind can i just say that any school or educational institution that wishes to use the map of the world i have created here are most welcome to do so.

and that, my friends, is the end of tales of toothpaste, love bead or otherwise, on this blog for a while. unless my Dad does something really interesting with it and sends pictures that are suitable to share here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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