Thursday, March 31, 2016

missed calls


i have noted with some interest that i have not had any calls for Stephen or Steven Carr, look you see, since i posted the telephone numbers of people calling my number for him. i am going to go right ahead and assume that this is a happy co-incidence, but you never know.

this post is indeed related to more calls, but of a missed variety. and, also, they are calls to my other, other phone. one of the many what Spiros gave me and, interestingly, one that has a number which i have only given to one person, my (considerably) better half.

yes, that is indeed a picture of the missed calls on the iTwat what Spiros gave me, with the picture taken with my trusty blueberry phone. what it lacks in Commodore 64 mode it surely makes up for in quality.

what two people have called me? well, both are from London, innit. the numbers are :



and if you click on them, you will get taken to a "who called me" page of results, where the people of the land file comments about what calls they got off these numbers. 

both seem to be used to reach out to people to assure them that they have had a car accident and they can claim, or that they have PPI compensation due, or some other such rubbish. i have no doubt that my iTwat phone number came into their possession by them just randomly generating numbers to dial. or perhaps the service provider that i have the SIM of in the phone gave it to them. i don't know, and in truth i am not even sure who the service provider is - i bought the SIM last June, shoved £10 credit on and have not needed to charge it since. 

so, anyway, if you've had calls off of either of these London, innit, numbers, if i were you i would not lose sleep over missing the call and i would certainly not bother about calling back. unless, of course, you've had some sort of car accident that you think they can score you insurance compensation off of - undoubtedly at a premium charge, to be sure. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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