Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the KFC power tower box meal

hi there

well, yes, i am still cross with KFC for selling fake, bacon-free double down burgers here. but it is stil The Colonel and so i still buy from them.

after conducing some brief business in, of all places, Randburg, i took the scenic route home. scenic involves time, and as the death of my journey came into being i was feeling rather peckish. fortune smiled on me somewhat here, for the pains of hunger stabbed as i was in the area of a KFC.

i really was hoping to get one of their ace cheeseburgers loaded with barbecue sauce, but it looks like they have decided to stop selling them again. why i do not know, for their barbecue sauce is amazing, and it's annoying that they only sell it for about a week every six years.

as it turns out, though, they had a new, new, new, older but new offer on the go in the form of the Power Tower Meal Box. and so, as you might have guessed, i gave it a try.

it might well be a box meal, but it's not a meal in the box as such, since the cup thingie full of Coke resides outside of it. this is no doubt some clever thing insisted on by a cocaine snorting, bowtie wearing creative exec at Coca Cola who wanted to make sure that KFC presented the subliminal idea of Coca Cola being something of a "think outside of the box", wow hey we are crazy zany sort of thing.

the street value of this here is R70, although it's not available on the street. you have to go into a KFC to get it. or get them to deliver i suppose. for our American friends this represents $7, whereas for those of you in the United Kingdom this is roughly or exactly £4.37, depending on what the exchange rate is as and when you read this.

what is, indeed, in the box? here you go.

a tower rounder burger, a conventional amount of chips (or "fries") if you like, a modest sized piece of friend chicken and one of them mash and gravy things. the last one is of particular interest, as it speaks of the liberal, cosmopolitan life of acceptance that KFC try to bring to the world, but often fail to by not including the bacon items in branches around the world.

KFC launched mash & gravy as a sort of meterosexual thing. whilst it's a fun item for children, the market sector for mash and gravy in a plastic tub is the designer conscious gay and lesbian population. by including this item in a meal that the advertising explicitly targets heterosexual males, some significant barriers are being broken down here. KFC are to be applauded.

having put the mash and gravy out of the way of harm, i tackled the rest of the meal.

it was quite good. i did not spill too much of the burger all over me and the small piece of chicken was as satisifactory as a piece that size can be. chips are chips.

will i have another one? maybe. would rather be somewhere that has the bacon elements to the KFC menu, though.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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