Monday, October 21, 2013

the car wash - a gift from nature

hi there

it would be dishonest to say that people have a go at me about my relaxed, not doing it views and thoughts on washing a car. no one does this any more, they have resigned themselves to the fact that i am simply not interested.

washing a car is one of the most stupid things you can do. you either have to do it yourself, which means time away from listening to Streisand, or you have to get someone else to do it, which means making some sort of payment. and for what? it does nothing to make the car work any better.

willingly washing your or any car is also a bit of an insult to the fine work done by people like the WWF (not the tights one), Greenpeace and UNICEF. nature provides all the natural cleansing a car could need, and it does so on a day like the day today.

yep, it's a rainy day. one of those it was cold, and it rained, so i felt like an actor days on the weather front. actually, it has been raining since Saturday, more or less. it sort of stops for ten minutes every few hours, but that's it. it's not even decent, hardcore African rain - it's that drizzle thing you get in England, which makes it odd and unusual for here, but circumstantially welcome.

the picture you see is probably the last time you see me looking like that, by the way. unless there are some older pictures that i have forgotten to upload. i will be going with a new direction and a new image quite soon.

in the mean time, this rain has of course meant that my car has been washed, and washed rather well i have to say. look, you can sort of see out of the window now.

nice one. all i had to do then was sit back and let nature do its thing. this has resulted in my car being "cleaned" to what you might argue are factory standards. all this without any fannying about myself or paying anyone to rub a cloth on it.

in one of the brief breaks in the rain i was able to take an image of the cleaned car so that you can see how shiny it is. i think this is off of the back of the car.

ah yes, that's the back, as the front bit is in the next picture.

every dream has a price, they say. even if you did not have the dream. the cost of this car wash has been the wet weather, and the wet weather means i am not going off to watch quite as much cricket as i had hoped to this afternoon. actually none.

if you are wondering if the rain, in collaboration with nature, did as good a job on the front as it did the back, the answer is, as you can see, yes.

you've already seen that the front window got a good clean, but i suppose you will also have an interest in the back window. i don't really have much on an interest in this element of the car, bar the class Mogga sticker.

the back window of a car is perhaps one of the most stupid parts of a car, right up there with all them belts, cables and wires that keep snapping. why is it that they think i want to see behind me when i am driving? i mean i, and i imagine no one else, has any interest at all in where we have been, only in where we are going.

the front window of a car almost makes sense. it's still a bit of a waste of perfectly good glass, however. if we just had some sheet metal on the front, like what Roger Daltrey used to make before he became a singer with The Who (or the Detours or High Numbers if you want to be pedantic) then the platform would be there for class cars where you just look at a Commodore 64 style monitor in the car to see where you are going. maybe even control it with a joystick instead of one of them circular like steering wheels too.

anyway, that clean back window, for people who think such things are important.

actually it's gone a bit sunny now, so i suppose any residual rain on the car will be dried off before i go for a drive later on. quite handy, that.

i trust that this article has helped some of you grasp a better understanding of the best way to wash a car.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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