Friday, October 04, 2013

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i would not say it's all that often i am impressed by the generic, mundane and royalty free images used for the most part by news websites. every now and then, though, a user generated content (i.e. contents for free) images is of interest, as is this one taken from this news story.

yes, you are seeing that right. someone has taken a picture of something newsworthy with their blueberry thing and taken the time, trouble and imagination to use another device to send the image along to a news site. perhaps there's a subtle subtext here, with the sender keen to show off their sophistication in having both a blueberry and either an iTwat or Omnibot phone. maybe it is that they like the idea of taking images via their blueberry, but are reluctant to test the patience of the technology within it by using it to send the image to anyone and simply don't like transferring files between devices.

as for the truth of the billboard, well yes. after being unable to understand why people would live over 40 miles and at least one dialing code away from where they work but nonetheless keen to ease the traffic on the busiest highway in Africa, the ANC spent two years looking at solutions. these included opening the emergency lanes (hard shoulders) for traffic during peak hours, setting up a high occupancy vehicle lane, printing out tens of thousands of questionnaires to try and facilitate car pooling, consulting businesses on introducing flexihours and asking companies to explore the idea of people working from remote locations such as home.

when every single one of those was ignored or rejected by the public at large, 5 years ago they announced they were left with no choice, as a consequence, but to start an incredible revamp of the roads that would require implementing a toll system to fund it. this was public knowledge, with comment being invited before construction began and no secret being made of the toll gates. but yet of course it remained the case that everyone was "surprised" that tollls were to be introduced, and so an expensive, pointless last minute legal campaign has been launched by people who should know a lot better.

i can understand the anger and dislike of the tolls, but the argument against them is misguided. protest and complaint should perhaps have come a bit earlier. also, everyone seems keen to tackle those that inherited this idea, and not a word is said about the exceptionally well travelled and very special kind of dickhead who opted to cancel plans for new highways that would have fixed everything, instead going with an idea of flying around a lot and not wishing to build anything which would have tampered with the foundations he laid for economic ruin. yes, he cancelled new power stations too.

no doubt the above will upset a few, for certain people don't like either facts or something being their own fault getting in the way of a jolly good crusade. sorry for that. and no, i neither particularly support the ANC and nor do i vote for them, since they are the ones who changed the law which prevents me from voting here. thanks for that.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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