Tuesday, October 08, 2013

stay in your homes

hi there

one of those limited interest posts, i fear, but this caught my eye today. i have borrowed it off of one of them facebook things that updates with news of home, and it seems they have borrowed it off of the constabulary.

at first it strikes one as being quite sinister, i guess, but a further read and a little think suggest that maybe it is not, and the comments i have seen suggest that it's a popular idea, if somewhat heavy handed here and there.

this is obviously directed at limiting the usual mischief one expects on that calendar axis of Halloween and Guy Fawkes, looking at the dates indicated. no bad thing, since one would reasonably expect all off attending firework shows, and indeed those of an age where doing "trick or treat" is the norm (Americans, only kids do it in the rest of the world) should be finished by 9pm.

on the one side it looks rather dramatic, what with the warnings of consequences for those who do not follow police instructions. unusual for the areas of Marton and Nuthorpe, i would have thought, but perhaps they've been having gang wars or something over these two dates. on the other, though, you can say "well at least those looking to cause trouble are warned", and how sinister all this seems is relative to just how much common sense prevails across the members of the Cleveland constabulary.

a lot of people have pointed out that Marton and Nuthorpe are, however, areas that do not perhaps need such special attention, in particular compared to other areas of Teesside. a bit easy to enforce and seem to be seen to doing something, one may speculate.

from my side, Tesco is usually open until about 10pm, as i recall, and i doubt very much i would leave early for no good reason. as usually i am abandoned to wander around Tesco alone, sensing how class it is, i suppose my activities would mostly be outside of the interests of the police.

behave yourselves!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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