Friday, October 25, 2013

the milk of destiny

hi there

for some reason the "spooky milk" i posted a little while ago interested some. well, it amused my (considerably) better half at the least, and that counts more for anything else. she tells me.

with that in mind, i could not see the milk producers of my choice celebrating another date on their bottles or jugs of milk without including a picture of it here.

remember, remember the 5th November, as the song, ditty or political chant goes. except any of our friends in America will read that as the 11th of May, owing to a misprint in their calendars or something. rather like that one Australians had which sees them put the wickets before the runs when giving the score from the only sporting event that really means anything.

as for the milk people - cow owners, i expect - it's pretty impressive and indeed to a degree flattering that they have decided to commemorate the date i got to see Tin Machine at the Newcastle Mayfair in this way. fitting too, with the 'BB' presumably standing for either 'Bastard Bob' or 'Big Bob', that they have observed it's also the date on which Robert Maxwell may well have died, after he fell off that boat and no one knows what happened.

that other thing happened too, with that guy and that building and the fireworks, of course. but that didn't involve Bowie, the Sales brothers, Reeves, a newspaper owner or a boat. actually, it might have involved a boat.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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