Monday, October 28, 2013

car mirrors

hi there

well, what can i say. after vowing not to upload loads and loads of pictures of my good (ahem) self ever again, here are a substantial number of pictures of me. well, in fairness if not defence, partial pictures. there seems to be some sort of demand or interest in these images, particularly over on that facebook thing, so here you go.

for some reason images of your humble narrator as he is reflected in mirrors that are attached to cars are proving to be quite a hit and indeed a talking point. here you go then, with the first few being ones posted on the network of socials, so if you have seen them there move on.

i am assuming they are getting on the whole positive comments as they all feature a lot less of me than my usual range of "selfies". it's either that or i have, quite by accident, hit upon some sort of arty thing with these.

this next one is one that my friend Jonathan, when not battling with tramps or motor authorities, believes is not so much me reflected in a mirror as it is me peeping out of a tiny cupboard.

is anyone really interested in these? i cannot think why. as a consequence i really don't have all that much to say, except to again stress that mirrors in a car are one of the more pointless elements of driving. for what reason would i or anyone else care to see where we have been? where one is going is surely the point of driving about.

this next one was taken in one of them underground parking things. i think it gives a nice, sinister edge to it. what a shame i had the Ray Bans on, and not my late 70s / early 80s b-grade movie assassin style ones, but i think it still looks good.

actually, a big plus to me mate Jayson, not the chief mechanic Jayson but the one in England, for correctly spotting this all looks a bit "end of Taxi Driver". one of my favourite films, that is.

if you want a sneak preview of a future post here, since a look at a previous post would be a review i guess, here's one from the train station car park earlier today.

yes i went on a train ride and yes i took a stack of pictures, so yes another monumental blog post about my adventures is in the offing. some of you seem to quite like the train stories, so there's something for you to look forward to. for those of you who feel physically ill at the thought of me and trains, well, you've been warned, then.

for a bit of a change, here's my attempt to capture my reflection in that mirror that's on the side of the car for no given reason. except to match the one on the other side, maybe.

for an even bigger bit of a change, here is a shot of Boro vs Doncaster from Friday night, a game which managerless Boro won 4-0. so it was player power why Tony Mowbray had to be sacked, then, was it?

oh yes, i did indeed take the picture of the match off the tele with Commodore 64 mode on, scan lines too, as you can see and admire.

and of course yes i did have a go at one of these mirror photograph things with the iTwat on Commodore 64 mode with scan lines on. would be rude not to.

looks quite good, that does. nice one, Commodore 64.

well, that's that. unless there is an insane level of demand, and quite possibly the offer of substantial amounts of coins of money, i don't think i will be taking any more images of me as relfected in mirrors that are stuck on cars. if you like that sort of thing, just carry on enjoying these images.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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