Thursday, October 10, 2013

garden survival

hi there

well, i doubt this is going to be a regular feature here. circumstance and sheer chance had it that earlier today, when not troubled by beds or Barbs, i was in the garden with a blueberry thing. everything sort of tied together, like a rug in The Big Lebowski perhaps, so pics were taken.

i dare say there are one or two out there reading this (hello, Dad) that are mildly-to-greatly amused by the idea of me and doing things in the garden, which is in no way, mildly or greatly, unreasonable.

one week on from the ceremonial (of sorts) planting and the tree that myself and my friend Jonathan believe is called the "sex midget out of Game Of Thrones" tree (probably 'los midgitos dos sextos un Thronos Gamus' in latin, or whatever language they name trees in. Greek, maybe. i am sure there were trees in Greece before it went bankrupt) and, much like Elton John in that most celebrated of songs of his, except the one he keeps writing about famous ladies when they die, it is still standing.

quite smart that it is too! i should hope so, the size of the hole i dug to accomodate its roots and that, but we have had a couple of major, major storms in the last few days. as i said at the time of purchase, this seems to be one tough bastard of a tree.

we are not doing that whole lilium thing here, for to my mind it still sounds like far too much in the way of free advertising for Nirvana. they have a dead singer, which is marketing magic, they do not need me to give them a push. if any artist does, really.

anyway, the lily is doing just fine, and i am sure the dot like things on a couple of the leaves are perfectly normal, although i may pick up some of that plant food stuff.

and around the corner, or i suppose within the corner, of the lily it's that one that looks like a lily and might be a lily but probably isn't. that one with the red thingie on it that looked quite nice.

well, whatever it is called - Jonathan and i have yet to discuss it - it's doing rather well, it would seem. except for that dotty thing on the one leaf, yeah maybe i will pick up some of that "plant food" stuff on my travels tomorrow.

except tomorrow it will be mostly me storing the remnants of the broken bed a bit better than they currently are, although for my money making a class Indiana Jones type booby trap in a room with a broken bed that was probably unacceptable to lay on as one listens to Barbra Streisand is no bad thing.

yes, picture. here it is now, of the red thing in the possible lily.

i wonder if one can buy this "plant food" business on a drive-thru takeaway basis? 

thus far Commodore 64 style picture enthusiasts have felt somewhat left out, i imagine, when it comes to my range of pictures of planted things in and around (well, in) the garden. it is time to fix that, with a look at los midgitos dos sextos un Thronos Gamus in C64 scan line mode.

will i do another update on all of this next week? there's every chance. these trees and things are wild, there is no telling what saucy things they may do that i feel appropriate to share here.

hopefully they are all standing by this time next week, and a lot less dotty than they are, unless they are supposed to be dotty where they are.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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