Wednesday, October 02, 2013

i only love my watch and my snakeskin shoes

hey there

some of you will recall, no doubt, the incident on Monday which was briefly discussed here in some detail. for those of you who do not recall or are simply not prepared to click the link, in short there was a slight disaster in that i forgot my lighter, bought a new one, became ever so slightly philosophical about it and was, ultimately, resigned to the fact that my (considerably) better half would steal it. which she did.

i have to ask just what crime it is that the stars have conspired to find me guilty of as i walk beneath them that they should bring this misfortune on to my life once more. yet again i found myself a lighter short, and so yet again i felt an obligation to purchase one.

in happiness or sadness, i must inform you, it was the case that the store no longer had those purple lighters as illustrated and discussed in the other post. happy, as it meant that whatever i got was unlikely to be simply stolen by my (considerably) better half, but sad as it meant i could not own one of them again, if even just for a short moment in time.

i just said "give me anything" then, which is how i came to own - for the same value as the other one - a snakeskin styled lighter.

it, erm, well it does the job quite fine, really. all that i have asked of it has been delivered. it, as a point of fact, works pretty much as well as the lighter that it turns out i did take with me, i had just dropped it down the side of the seat in the car.

it is a bit flash, i suppose, having two lighters flaunted there. sorry about that, it is not my intention to show off and seek celebration of how many lighters i have. you can if you like, but i shall not solicit such celebrations nor expect them.

and that's about all i can say on the subject.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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