Sunday, October 27, 2013

handing over the Cruise Ship Nurse book

hi there

for some reason the post i did about finding three very exciting books for my beloved mother-in-law was really rather popular. i have no idea why that particular post averages something like 50 reads a day, but it's jolly nice to know that i wrote something of interest or use to several of you.

anyway, after a number of cancellations, i was able to visit my mother-in-law today, which meant that of course i could hand over the books. easily the most interesting and exciting of those, for me at the least, was the one called Cruise Ship Nurse.

actually, maybe that's why the other post was so popular. perhaps loads and loads of people are on boats at the moment and need medical attention, so are rather using their iTwat to google for a cruise ship nurse instead of wandering the ship looking for someone in a suitable outfit or uniform. if that's the case, then i suspect my post might not have been of that much help.

well, i made my mother-in-law promise to take good care of this book, and this is something i am delighted to say that she has agreed to do. further, there is the suggestion that she might forward a review of it to share here, although at present the days for her are busy so this may not happen any time soon.

but why wait for a review? on there are two copies for sale right now, one at 41c and one and a slightly less reasonable $49.95. i probably wouldn't spend US$50 on it mind. and no, i probably would not have handed it over quite so freely to my mother-in-law if i knew i could fetch that sort of money for it.

ahoy sailors!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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