Thursday, October 17, 2013

yay! Angry Birds now available (legally) from iTwat SA!

hi there

first off, apologies - i am writing this on one of them laptop things, one of the devices that i do not particularly care for at all. why am i? doesn't matter.

as i was out and about today i was wondering why all of a sudden the PC versions of Angry Birds had been reduced in price here, from the absurd US$15 (now that they seem to be using dollars again) to the slightly less absurd US$10. still radically overpriced compared to the rest of the world, and it is little wonder so many stores here have so many unsold copies.

it seems the reduction is because, at last iTwat have condescended to put the Angry Birds games up for sale on the South African variant of iTwat Store.

and at a pretty sensible price, too - R7.99 works out at a lot less than one single US dollar. roughly 50p, for my friends in England. and Scotland, Wales and indeed certain corners of Ireland.

no official reason has ever been given as to why these popular games - the only really selling point for the iTwat devices, be they iPod or iPad, existing - have not legally been available here. rumours were that the SA Film & Publication Board were at fault as they would not give the game an age certificate. this is of course sheer bullsh!t, since the PC version was for sale no problem.

i suspect it was sheer greed, really - the company making the game wanting to sell CDs of the game at vastly inflated prices. i have no evidence or proof, but the decision not to sell here for so long clearly game from Apple and the game makers. you have been able to get it here for Blueberry and them Android things for a couple of years now.

why the change in heart? no doubt the iTwat store staff have grown tired of being called even bigger twats that usual for selling them a device and not mentioning that you can't actually get the only decent game for it here.

oh look, nearly downloaded, off i shall be going to play i guess.

up to now, the only way to get this and other "apps" and that was to either "jailbreak" your iTwat, which basically involves putting on a different set of software to install non-purchased software, or to set up a fake iTwat acc in the USA, usually using the address of a hotel or something, and buying (for an inflated price) iTwat vouchers from dubious sources and getting the games that way.

how jolly nice of iTwat to, then, let you just buy things for the machine they sell here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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