Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Boba Fett C-64

hi there

as i stroll past a certain calendar in our home i am reminded of how George Lucas, or whoever makes the Star Wars calendars every year, really does not care for people born in certain months. they really do not, for instance, care for people born in the same month as me.

for February you can guarantee that the Star Wars calendar will feature some generic rubbish. usually it's just a stormtrooper, but if the makers are feeling particularly vindictive they will but an Ewok on the February calendar. or a Gungan, specifically that Gungan.

people born in October get a really cool character this year, as they do most years.

yes, that's Boba Fett as he appears on the Star Wars calendar, or at the least Boba Fett as he appears via the magic of a Commodore 64 camera "app" for the iTwat.

this is all splendid for people who were born in October, but do they have to get the most excellent Star Wars characters every year? could you not spread them around a bit?

for some reason December always, always, always features Darth Vader for the month. i suppose that this is partially down to the fact that nothing says Christmas like Darth Vader does, but could they not put him if not in February then in January or August or something? just for a change?

yes, i have taken pictures of Boba Fett in all the different styles of the C-64 "apps" i have.

again i have to say i do not understand the reluctance of the Star Wars owners not to release loads of Boba Fett items. he may be minor, but he is a wildly popular character. and with no image rights or likeness to the actor to have to pay over, surely they would make yet more profits from selling Boba Fett related things to us fans?

and before a friend of mine gets all busy again, i am indeed aware that Boba Fett was, in the original Star Wars films, played by a chap called Jeremy. but all he did was walk around with a bucket on his head. he did not make the character cool in the way that, say Harrison Ford did with Han Solo, just the outfit Boba Fett had on made him cool. 

yes of course i took a picture of Boba with the ever popular scan lines effect on.

actually now that i have a look over on that e-bay thingie it seems the rest of the world, or the UK at the least (which in fairness pretty much invented the rest of the world in the hope of having someone to play cricket against), have access to bangin' Boba Fett figures. i guess, as amazon seems to also indicate, it is just that they never made it to the shelves here. oh.

at least, i suppose, i was able to buy that class Lego style keyring and torch of Boba Fett here recently. this was made because, presumably, nothing says either torch or keyring quite like Boba does.

go on then, here's a pic of that with C-64 lines on the go.

strangely, Boba's free-enterprise following father, Jango Fett, is equally difficult to find. i did find one, as part of a reasonably expensive set, but then again as i found it in the UK i suppose it does not count towards the moans and groans that i am doing here; ones that presumably you are wisely skipping just to look at the most excellent pictures.

and on that note, Jango Fett presented in C-64 mode with scan lines? sure.

i do dream of living a life where i can buy Boba Fett related items freely, where it's just a common, everyday thing and does not cause the excitement and merriment that happened in a celebratory way when i found the Lego thing. one day i shall live in a place where i can follow this dream.

perhaps they do wish to sell Boba Fett to people around the world but it's just that yet again the people responsible for choosing stock for stores here are total dicks. this is the case, as you will have seen in previous posts, with CD stores at the least.

i hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as i have!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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