Tuesday, October 22, 2013

purple package and miracle of the post office

hi there

before i get into the meat of this latest set of warped musings, i've just had a quick gander at the stats for this blog of mine. right now, amongst others, there's one person in Vietnam reading my site and one person in Brazil. let's take a moment to think about this.

i really used to love writing letters. i still do now, as and when i can. time does not permit as much as it used to, and if we are honest the internet has made even the most ardent letter writer lazy. what has the world, as such, got in return for this.

well, if back when i was younger, when a Commodore 64 was the only computer worth getting and it only connected to anything in the world of Weird Science, imagine i had got all excited about what bedding one should have to listen to Barabara Streisand properly and with the correct level of respect. imagine if i had typed it up, or handwritten it, twice. imagine if i had taken two envelopes, written "Brazil" on one and "Vietnam" on the other, put stamps and that on, shoved them in the post and hoped for the best.

i think sometimes we are all guilty of ignoring, forgetting and indeed abusing just what a miracle this internet thing is. from my side, i thank each and every person who pops past here for taking the time to do so, and for the most part apologies for the content.

looking towards the more traditional form of sending stuffs, then. i have prepared a parcel. i have prepared this parcel for a variety of reasons, for various purposes. it shall be sent off via the postal system soon, perhaps even tomorrow if i remember.

before it is sent, and before i add an address, i thought you might want to look at the magnificence of it.

no, the cigarettes and class snakeskin lighter are staying. they are mine and the recipient will not in any way appreciate them as much as me.

no, i had nothing to do with the superb, perfect wrapping. many thanks to my (considerably) better half for doing that; you can imagine what a mess i would make of it. i am responsible for the contents, though, and indeed the purple wrapping.

why purple? well, why not? purple is class, and if some stationery or general goods proprietor is going to sell it to me, for what reason would i not use it? there's the added bonus, of course, that if only in my imagination it makes it look like the parcel might have come from one of them sex toy lubricant place things.

who is it for and might they not be embarrassed about getting an item in the post that the postal staff who encounter it around the world might think it is some sort of sex thing? not telling and i don't care.

as for tales of future past, a miracle of the post office - that thing when they do what they are paid to, which is deliver mail in good faith and untampered - happened today. i know this as for some reason someone decided to send me a picture of this phenomenon.

i, in turn, decided to take a picture of that picture with my iTwat, Commodore 64 mode, scan lines on.

right, time to make the purple package pretty with an address and all that sort of thing. no, Gillian, it is not coming to you, sorry.

more insights, no doubt, later. unless i perfect the impossible ways of time travel just now and do it all earlier.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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