Friday, October 18, 2013

mr bump mug and spooky milk

hi there

well, i have two, possibly three rather interesting stories lined up to post here, the third depending on just how much more you want to read of efforts to impress Barbs with bedding.we shall leave it as two interesting stories, then, shall we, and one more post on Barbara Streisand, suitable bedding and similar.

my good friend Jonathan has intervened with any plans i had, however. he has recently, for reasons we will not go in to, purchased a mug featuring an image of one of the Mr Men characters, Mr Grumpy to give you a degree of precision. as he is looking for signs of solidarity in this regard, i have decided to share with you images of my own Mr Men mug, a rather splendid one featuring Mr Bump.

as i recall, my sister kindly arranged for this mug to be sent to me from New Zealand. there's one in the eye for Lord Of The Rings merchants right there. a lot of thought went in to the gift, which is probably why i got an sms or text message thing at about 4 in the morning one day, asking who was my favourite of the Mr Men Characters.

i answered Mr Bump because, for reasons i cannot recall, he was always my favourite in my childhood days. and, indeed, in my adult days, i suppose.

it's quite class as you can see, and if you are asking if it has anything printed on the back, or indeed on the front for the more left handed of you, the answer is in this next picture.

there are several other mugs on display, the details of which i am sure you can work out. the World Cup one is interesting, and should feature here again in the near future. why? because for some reason my friend Jonathan would very like a video of me making them vuvuzela noises as i drink from it.

whilst you contemplate just how exciting that is, here is a look at some spooky milk for you.

yes, it's best before date is 31 October, which is what makes it spooky. that and the ghostly white colour of it, i suppose.

and that's it on that, really.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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