Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the approaching storm

hi there

a rather odd trend here at the moment is that insurance companies have taken quite a shine to sending text messages to their client base as and when a large storm is likely to hit. whilst this seems to be a good bit of civic duty and reasonable PR, i cannot help but suspect the long term strategy behind it is to one day say "well, we told you the storm was coming, so it is your fault you did not dismantle your house and put your car in an underground nuclear bunker. so f*** you and your claim".

for the moment though it is a nice thing, and allowed one some time to get ready to take pictures of the approaching storm. this is something i did not do, and so when my (considerably) better half drew my attention skywards, i could only take pictures with the first thing that came to hand, which was the iTwat.

i have heard of the Johannesburg skyline being described as "atomic" in the past, and there's a compelling case to say this is the best way to describe it. it's beautiful, no matter how ferocious the storm which follows it turns out to be.

i appreciate that pictures of the sky are usually the users of something called "instagram". i do not know exactly what that is, but i do no enthusiasts of it are of the impression that no one else on earth has ever thought to take a picture of the sky before, so in order to make up for lost time they upload thousands of pictures that will never be looked at to, or quite possibly with, this "instagram" business. my apologies for stepping in to their world here.

all i know is i really like the purple shade. it's like Hendrix, man.

what makes the purple shade even better is, of course, using the Commodore 64 camera thing on the iTwat. it just makes the amazing look even more amazing.

the storm itself? came and went really. quite harsh for a few moments, or treacherous if you for some reason like using that word. 15 or so minutes of strong wind, heavy rain and the odd hailstone. and now it has passed.

scan lines? scan lines.

there's a touch more of the same due tomorrow, by all accounts. i shall probably not bother myself or trouble you with further images, for i have several other matters to be getting on with. it will be quite class if someone sends one of them text message things to speak of the storm, though.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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