Monday, July 25, 2011

single no; album yes

hey everyone

well, as per the post about Noel Gallagher a few days ago (and there seems to have been a few posts about absolutely everything of late) his debut solo single, The Death Of You And Me, got released to play on his interwebnet site today. i haven't clicked on and had a listen yet, but no doubt i will do later tonight. at the moment i am reading reviews featuring words like "country feel" and "brass section", mind.

i was rather hoping that as the song got its debut today that news would emerge of where one could place an order for the proposed 7" and CD single. alas, nowhere has such information, not even his official site.

over on the official site, however, are details of how you can order the forthcoming debut solo album in advance, which is something i guess. i'd rather be trying to order the single and get some decent music back in the charts, but it's not like i wouldn't be purchasing the album too.
it would seem that Noel is releasing the album in every format you care to name except cassette, which is a bit of a pity for my sister and her car - sorry Gillian, i shall just have to make you a tape. of the formats that are available, it looks the most sensible, going on the costs, to just purchase the full whack set of the CD, DVD, vinyl album and instant download, really. the CD & DVD combo set is something close to twice the price of usual for new releases, which is an odd way of tackling the market.

anyway, more news as and when i can find it in respect of where and when one can purchase this much anticipated single!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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